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Thrilling First Episode, 30 August 2007

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I was a little skeptical when my friend asked me to watch the premiere for Blood Ties with her. My first thoughts were 'another vampire show'. It certainly proved me wrong. Not only does the heroine not have any sort of magic power, she is also losing her eyesight; and the vampire isn't the tragic emo i was expecting either. The villain was wonderfully done, all the actors were excellent. Christina Cox is a sassy Vicki Nelson, and Kyle Schmid realistically portrays the vampire Henry. Dylan Neal and Gina Holden are excellent in their roles as Vicki's ex-partner and lover, and her new client. The first episode was thrilling and kept me watching until the closing credits and instantly addicted me to the series. The special effects leave something to be desired but the acting, script, and plot are definitely worth it. A perfect 10/10.

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Sweet Movie, 17 February 2007

This movie totally made my childhood Halloween! Even now when I watch it I think its a bit lame but its still a sweet movie.

The acting is alright, but in a movie where the stars are under 10, what else can be expected? Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are adorable as the girls in this movie. Despite their age their acting is as good as any 20-something star on a daytime drama and no one really complains about their acting.

Some scenes still make me laugh with my sister when we watch it, and we always rent it for tradition on Halloween. Seriously, it doesn't deserve the bad reviews. Its a sweet kids movie, if you want intensity and drama go watch something else.

"Alborada" (2005)
A Masterpiece, 20 June 2006

After watching Ramona and loving it, I decided to watch Alborada. I'm glad I did. Everything was spectacular. The costumes and scenery transported you back to the time, the acting was phenomenal and the script was amazing; full of little details to add more humanity and realism to the story. Lucero (Maria Hipolita) shone in her role, and Fernando Colunga couldn't be a better Luis. I really enjoyed watching the minor touches done by the other actors: Diego's laugh or Marina's wide-eyed innocence toward everything that happens around them. All the characters were perfectly drawn out, given depth with people the hate, love, befriend, and care about. All the characters had a good AND dark side, making them real. Everything from the villains to the romances were beautifully done. A perfect 10/10.

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Great movie! Portrays the gang culture excellently, 9 May 2006

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I saw this movie after reading the original book Party Girl and i was pleased with it. Although the movie doesn't fully go through everything in Kata's transformation from badass homegirl to trying to escape the life it did a good job in the time it had. The lead actresses were fantastic in their roles, although some of the other actors could have been better. The movie really makes you feel what these girls are going through, and that nothing is black and white. It's heartbreaking to see Ana trying to tell her mother she's pregnant and then being killed. Personally, i think Jay Hernandez (kikicho) should have had a bigger role but overall the movie was very good.