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Wes Anderson... what can I say?, 16 July 2012

Just like every other Wes Anderson film, I loved Moonrise Kingdom. I fall in love with each of the characters and I wish that there was a way that I could live in one of his stories. This latest film is no exception. Rather than living on Ping island, I now want to move to the island off the New England coast in the summer of 1965. And I want that vintage look. In his previous films, such as The Royal Tenenbaums, Fantastic Mr. Fox or The Life Aquatic, Anderson created enigmatic miniature worlds, from treehouses, to boats, to tents. In Moonrise Kingdom, he does the same with an entire island. The film has every hallmark of a Wes Anderson movie, but it's his characters and extreme attention to set design that win me over, every time, within the first 8 minutes. After that, I melt in my seat and let myself be entertained by the wit that comes from the repressed angst of the characters, their old-fashioned values , their indispensable kind nature. Aside from being visually gorgeous, Anderson's familiar compositions and hilariously funny scripts are all I need from a cinematic experience. Still, every film can be watched over and over again, and you would find that you have missed some symbolism or stunning visual, hidden in one of the beautiful corners of the film.

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Wonderful film!, 17 August 2010

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I can't understand why anyone would not like this film. It's hilarious! The first 5 minutes are, admittedly, awful. I was cringing... But then Tom Cruise starts killing people to the track of Santa Maria by the Gotan Project and Cameron Diaz starts babbling to herself in the mirror of the airplane that they are both on at the time. From then on the film gets better and better and Cameron Diaz is perfect all the way through. It's over the top, but it's meant to be. I usually don't like Tom Cruise, but he is definitely growing on me. First Tropic Thunder, and now this! Oh. And it's a feel good film. Go and see it on a rainy Sunday night, and you'll be less gloomy about work on Monday. Trust me.

- With me

- Without me.


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Don't do it! Don't see this movie!, 10 June 2010

I normally only review films that I really liked, but I disliked this film to such an extent that I need to put it down in words. I am hoping this will be cathartic. I love movies and watch everything. I really do. But this film was as pointless as Eyes Wide Shut and I am sorry that I saw it. It is disappointing when a film doesn't live up to your expectations, true, but I wasn't even expecting that much from this film. Someone told me that it is reminiscent of a Linklater movie. As a Linklater fan, I feel insulted in his stead. This film is incredibly annoying and boring at the same time and I only stayed until the end because it would have been awkward leaving the theatre. The characters are pants, the story is pants and the director should simply stop making films. So there. I feel better now. Phew.

Mr. Nobody (2009)
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Beautiful film. A gem!, 18 January 2010

I saw Mr Nobody last night in a jam-packed theatre. I guess that the main reason for this is that I am in Belgium and the writer/director is Belgian. The response of the audience was amazing. I was in Flanders and so the film wasn't dubbed.

The film is magical and surreal. And yet it makes sense. Not many have achieved this, but Jaco Van Dormael seems to have done it with ease. It did take him 13 years however. If you liked Toto Le Héro, you should love this film too. Switching between the UK and Canada works brilliantly and Jared Leto, Toby Regbo and Juno Temple steal the show. Ifans and Little are also fantastic. Diane Kruger's strong German accent is unfortunate as the film needs no unintentional surrealism added to it. I think her role needed a stronger actress (she looks very beautiful though).

In all I recommend everyone to go and see it. The only reason the film gets an 8 (and not a higher score) is because towards the end it seemed to go on a bit. I will go and see it again however. The story really draws you in and I need to go back to search for some answers. I also want to see it again because it is so beautifully filmed. Van Dormael is an artist.

I enjoyed this film as much, if not more, than a David Lynch. And that truly is a compliment.

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This film will be forever in my top ten!, 11 January 2010

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I am sorry that some didn't enjoy this film. I loved every minute of it and embarrassed myself in the cinema by laughing uncontrollably through many, many scenes. I loved the concept, the story and of course the superb acting by Clooney and Bridges. The ending is FANTASTIC. I hope that Goats + Inglorious Basterds win every award this year as we really haven't been spoiled recently. I recently met a couple who didn't like The Big Lebowski (nor The Royal Tenenbaums for the matter), yet they seemed so normal to me. I daren't suggest this film to them. They should stick to Dumb and Dumber methinks... Anyhoo, I agree with The Irish Times: "Clooney shines in this remarkable story, based on actual events...Clooney is now pretty much the sole bearer of the 'classic movie star' tag, and once again, he injects a performance with a Coen brothers level of quirky. His twitches, his more ponderous moments; you buy this character because it's Clooney, and he's exceptional here."

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Grief Grief Grief, 2 August 2006

I stopped watching at "Grief, Grief, Grief". This is the worse film imaginable. Pretentious, boring, simply awful. I would have sent the Director to the Gulag just for the 30 minutes I was unfortunate enough to see. It is astonishing that this film has received so many positive votes. I watched the film with a roomful of film buffs and everybody was hurling abuse at the television after just 15 minutes! I had to switch the film off as I was afraid someone would throw it out of the window. Parajanov obviously really liked the poet that this film is an ode to, but unfortunately it doesn't change how I feel about it. He is no Tarkovsky!