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LOVE this show...please tune in and boost the ratings!!!, 25 October 2006

Am very afraid that my new favorite show is going to be canceled by ABC because of the less than great ratings this is getting. If you haven't tuned in yet...please do! This is an intelligent show that has multidimensional characters who are not only real but smart, funny...I could go on and on. The chemistry betwn Anne Heche (Marin) and James Tupper (Jack) is so electric, you can almost feel the hum radiating from your TV. I have been using my DVR to catch this show so I can re-watch...ABC doesn't post the replay on this one online...but should!

Check out this charming, sexy, smart show that lots of folks are calling Sex and the City meets Nothern Exposure. The similarities are obviously there due to the setting and writer/creator, but the characters are much more likable and realistic. The Jack/Marin interactions are great, watching them find how they fit together is a well as the young/new love story of the adorable Patrick and sweet Annie. These two stories are just the tip of the iceberg.

I find myself grinning through every entire episode...and they aren't predictable/canned comedy episodes. There are twists and turns and realism that makes you feel like you're getting to know these "people."

Give this show a chance on it's new night Thursdays after Grey's Anatomy on ABC. We NEED to get the word-of-mouth movement going to get the ratings up on this one so ABC will pick up more seasons to come. I'm telling everyone I know to watch...tune in this week and get addicted too.

The Fog (2005)
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Don't waste your time on this...see the original, 8 May 2006

The ONLY redeeming quality of this flick is the ever sexy Tom Welling as Nick Castle. Although Tom Atkins does hold a special place in my heart (my favorite B-lister of my favorite John Carpenter movies)...this movie is devoid of any kind of story continuity or suspense. They seem to rely on the fact that maybe the viewer has already seen the original to fill in all the story gaps?? Really couldn't help thinking of the Disney Haunted Masion theme park ride while watching the "scary" ghosts approach the town. The original far outshines this "re-imagining" of a classic suspense film that was great in its way...that took a page from Hitchock-ian classics and let the viewer imagine the monsters...this use of FX only makes the movie campy and predictable. I also disagree that Selma Blair was a good addition to this mediocre cast...she has a face for the big screen but not a voice for radio. It sounded lack luster and was poor by comparison with Adrienne Barbo.

Let sleeping lepers lie! This movie did not need to be made.