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This .... Now this it's what i'm talking about...... just hilarious., 7 May 2006

This two guys just rock, in a comedy way of course, please see this movie. It does miracles to your mood. I happen to watch this movie in a bad day, as the movie past i started to feel happy, i just couldn't believe a film could do such a thing on a person.

The argument doesn't seem very rich, but it all compensates with the colours the actors give to the characters in the different situations get them to a climax of fun, joy and great laughs.

Well folks to finish i will like to say John Cho and Kal Penn are made for comedy and they know how to make people laugh good. And the most notable of all is that the director attacked stereotypes but from a healthy natural and super funny way, so Danny Leiner in direction, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg in the scripts ..... Thumbs Up for you making "Harold and Kumar go to white castle" possible.

P.D.:The Cheetah scene RULES.(Watch this movie and see what i mean.)

Dr. Dolittle 3 (2006) (V)
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The first movie was great, the second OK, but the be not continued., 7 May 2006

At the beginning you see the director focusing on other character of the Dolittle family, the teenager daughter of Dr. Doolittle, trying to give the movie a fresh twist. But folks the only thing it did was make this film flat, with a very few laughs, no charisma and in a horrifying way of being predictable in almost of the movie, it's like you can see how its gonna end after you've watch the firsts 15 min.

In conclusion this movie its not even good to entertain kids, I don't

recommend this one, just skip it. The only thing i get from Dr. Dolittle 3 is that i miss Eddy Murphy's way of making me laugh until my lungs come out from my nose holes...