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Not about American Pies, Or whatever...., 15 December 2014

So,This has nothing to do with the 'American Pie' franchise and that is good,Haven't seen them but saw this.

This french guy is looking for love and doesn't find it at first but some hookers,pizza and a exotic notion later and he is in love with a Russian woman and 'The Way Americans consume,What they consume…wink,wink,nudge & nudge'.

This film is very funny and characters come off very real in absurd situations.

The title & art of poster worked very well to convey what anybody looking for something different,and script had plot points it didn't waste.

Lamb Feed (2014)
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Do not look up THE YEARNING on the internet...., 14 November 2014

Stars: Robert Mukes,Arch Hall Jr.,Michael Wainwright,Meghan Chadeayne, Kaci Hansen,Tyler Gallant,Luke Church and Melanie Robel.

A Michael S. Rodriguez flick.

This flick seems like 90 minutes as a short film in a good way,It turns your insides out and says like a Roller Coaster – ' Had enough ?'.

Wanna say something about Luke Church,He of the James Dean look,You can act my friend and carry the plot thru some amazing costars who amp up the situation and leave you the victim.

We have some Iconic Scare-actors in this film,Robert Mukes is action figure or better yet Halloween costume worthy and Michael Wainwright is like a Michael Berryman son or some such,Bravo you two.

To see Arch Hall Jr. make this his comeback was inspiring and then Meghan Chadeayne comes in and steals absolutely every moment she is on screen,I 'double dog dare' you to take your eyes off her !

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Really enjoyed this after Halloween fare,Scary & Funny !, 12 November 2014

Stars: Lynn Lowry,Bill Oberst Jr.,Jessica Cameron,Devanny Pinn and Melantha Blackthorne.

Directed By : Adam R. Steigert.

Taking place between Halloween and Thanksgiving gives this flick a inspiring step off point.

The premise was so original,the script opened up for performances that took the actors ( some very well known) to places we had not seem them go with humor no less.

At first the casting of Oberst and Blackthorne as parents,Blows the mind,Then you can see …Ohhh,This was a part that they don't get offered enough.

The comedy was pretty inspiring considering that the sheer horror moments,get more attention.

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Better than title suggests..., 10 November 2014

WWMM presents this telling of three tales,Is actually pretty good.

The acting and the scripts is above what is expected.

Hidden camera-Three girl friends are catching up on the drama with boyfriends and dating as a whole and things get conflicted and turn from sexy to uber violent.

Sweet mirror- Wow,The star has a Rumer Willis vibe and does things for a possessed mirror & to her mirror,That most geeks would trade their Magic The Gathering collection for.

Terror the bear-So,Charles Band dolls & puppets got nothing on this STEIFF ! The kills were awesomely thought out and the blond chick was very inspiring.

Jason Roth channels the Best of John Belushi acting skills, 27 October 2014

A Daniel Falicki/Sector 5 film starring Jason Roth & Matt Simpson Siegel.

Our headline is quite a compliment,Jason has all the unspoken finesse of a real actor like John had potential to be,When given a chance and Jason is given THAT chance here.

The DEVIL character was really scary and over in the 'Fright Department'.

The Succubi were amazing and changed the tone twice.

This film is done in that SIN CITY/Neptune Cinema verite that is prevalent in 'Artsy Fartsy' SYFY fare in the last couple of years,Blame AVATAR,Actually thanks James Cameron for opening the flood gate of awesome, no matter the budget.

Don't wanna be unfair to Matt's performance, He was sympathetic foil in a gentler 'Karl Urban' fashion.

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So hate the lead character in this greatly made flick !, 24 September 2014

Stars : Chris Dalbey Write & Directed by: Mike O'Mahony.

Let's just say,A Dark Place…is well made and filmed with tons of scares,gore,hopes for retribution and a villain that should be high on a list of villains OF ALL TIME.

The lead actor,Chris Dalbey brings a sense of terror,That really goes 'Balls to the wall' with sheer intense,vitriolic glee.

The women are awesome,for the brief moments they are allowed to shine,If you will.The co-worker was one I was glad got offed(spoiler ?).The parents ,Umm…well,ewwww.

The tools,devices,accessories of villain—are amazing in their use and put to use they are.

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Ain't your Mama's Found Footage Flick..., 17 September 2014

Stars: Ron Fitzgerald and Rinska Carrasco.

A Julian Grant flick.

So,Starts of as ANOTHER found footage flick,no matter the budget it's been done to death,Pun intended.

Then,With the 3 leads,Who are all awesome,Especially Rinska needs to work more ,Things go wild and wilder.

The ghosts,possessions and sheer villainy just runs rampant and leads into the last third of flick.

In the last third,we have HP Lovecraft icons galore,torture chamber items to boggle the senses and a scene …That will be added to THE GALAXY OF TERROR 'Giant Maggot Rapist' urban legends.

The ending was perfect,hilarious and numbing for all concerned.

OH,And don't come looking for The Batman…

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The way to GRIND a Zombie !, 17 September 2014

Stars : Tony Jones,Jonathan Moody and Crystal Howell.

A Robert Elkins flick.

from WWMM & American Eyesore.

So,This is a really well made tribute,We shall call it to all those '70s drive inn movies.

The girls are cute and embrace multiple stereotypes we always like to see in our ' Comfort Food' movies – The smart one,the dumb one,the blond one,the scared one and the 'McGiver' one that uses a PENCIL to defeat hordes,Yes hordes of zombies that move Very Fast ! The boys are also represented by a couple stereo-types we have expected,The smart one,the flirt and then their is the TONY JONES turn,A professor ( No,not like Indiana Jones or even the one from Gilligan's Island…finally a Island reference).

This professor carries a flask ,halliburton briefcase with what must be important things and a pipe and any way…He is a bad man.( period) We left out some cool nods to 'Shock Waves' and Paul Blaisdell tribute,That was so awesome.

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Really good effort,With some nice surprises, 8 September 2014

a Anthony D.P. Mann flick.

You know what,This was a pleasant diversion to our viewing needs.

Anthony as Holmes is no Robert Downey Jr,But Ironman has claimed Robert's public image and Anthony seems more like Sherlock should be ! The bad guys The Shadow Watchers reminds us of another fringe – flick of genre fare,DARK WATCHERS : Women In Black ' A kind of homage to Men in Black films'.Both groups are cunning and cool.

The casting of Sherlock,Mr Watson and the Inspector -Richard W. Kerr.

The Strangler as a bad guy is used as a clever pawn for the despicable well-to-do .

Finally the updated views of ' Women In Horror ' Films speak out !, 8 September 2014

A Reyna Young /John Gillette flick.

Stars: Lynn Lowry,Bianca Barnett,Christa Campbell,Sarah French,Adrienne King,Brooke Lewis,Seregon O'Dassey,and many others who were very well heard & seen.

In my collection is 'Shock Cinema' 1-4 from Brinke Stevens & JR Bookwalter and thought that was the definitive showcase of Scream Queens for ever,But,Then' Something To Scream About' came out and we added that to our 'Women In Horror' archives of DVD.

So,this year WWMM is releasing WELCOME TO MY DARKSIDE,and Reyna and her SQ bffs show us 'What is going on in FILMS …' now and how the show business of being a woman who likes horror,whether its creating it with a feminine angle or just being IN FRONT of the cameras and informing the males with cameras and scripts,That times they are changing …For the good of all.

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