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Prey (2016)
I'd rather watch Lion King, 18 May 2017

I haven't watched the movie yet. I have just seen the trailer. Don't judge me. I am an old school audience who likes to see real deal on the screen, not the CGI cuties.Especially when you dealing with a wild beast, the computer effects kill all the pleasure. You know that (unless you are a teenager or small kid) it is made on computer. I do not care how much money spent on those effects. It just does not make sense. This is the reason I also hate "I am a legend, War Z and all similar stuff". In an era where you can watch "real" gore videos and killings and all abundantly on the net, I don't understand what these film makers are thinking. One day if I become a movie director I will make a beast movie using a real lion or even en elephant. It does not matter I will use quick cuts, screen cheats, just like the Seagal movies. But the audience will have the taste / adrenaline of the real monster. In short; If I want to watch a cartoon about lions I will watch the lion king.

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A huge step backward, 1 August 2016

One would believe that everything improves and gets better with the time. This is not the case with Hollywood. It gets worse and worse with every single and each sequel. In short; Do yourself a favor and watch ID original, not this unworthy sequel if you don't want to regret.

I watched ID Resurgence in fast forwards. And there wasn't much fast forwarding either. I finished the entire movie in a couple of jump and that's it.

ID was heavily criticized for its cheesy plot line,however, it stands as an eternal Academy award winner in compare to it's underdeveloped child.

There is no Will Smith substitute. Jeff Goldblum is an old and depleted man here. He even looks older than his Father now. There is no single character you either root for or feel sorry. The aliens are even the most boring.

The first movie used CGI's in a very realistic and balanced way. When you watched the sequel you can't help but feel like you are watching an animatrix movie made for elementary school kids.

The story does not put anything new to the original. Old wine in the old bottle.

Huge waste of potential of the original.

Singham (2011)
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Typical Indian Young Angry Man movie, 23 July 2014

Hell of an entertaining Bollywood action movie with the "young angry man" theme. This time our hero is not a commoner, but a police officer. It's weird as generally it happens vice versa with Indian movies. Again, as you pretty much guess there are corrupted politicians as always. I wonder when will Bollywood make a movie about some decent politicians anyway.

If you look for entertainment, Singham is 100% a good choice as it never fails to give you fun. However, if you are looking for a reality movie pass this one as you will see, throughout the movie, flying cars, men, all in the air.

Rambo III (1988)
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Can be watched as a comedy, 15 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am not saying Rambo 3 is a bad movie. From the action movie standards, it can be above average. Those looking for entertainment will not be disappointed. However, to me, Rambo 3 looks rather a comedy movie. There are many scenes that is plain funny.

The accent of Moussa makes me laugh throughout the movie. "You arrre not soldier you arrre not scientist! Who arr you? Arr you a tourist?" And Rambo replied snarling in anger "I am not Tourist"... It's a classic.

The Russian accent of the lead villain is also very humorous: "Drop yorr wepon! We are not gonna hurt you!"

Well, apart from silly dialogs, the action scenes are also at par with Hot Shots! Rambo and his sidekick fight an entire battalion of Russian armored vehicles, tanks, howitzers, helicopters and get away with no scratch!

I think the US is wasting its money by making nukes and war planes. All he needs to do is just send Rambo and his ole buddy crenna to take care of the matter.

Detention (2003)
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Complete nonsense, 14 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is not worth of writing a review about. This is just to warn you before you somehow sit to watch it.

I can understand some poor chaps put some money together to burn for making a rubbish movie. Everybody is entitled to do that. What I don't understand is what the hell Dolph Lundgren is doing in such a low quality movie? There seems to be no director assigned to this movie. My guess is the cameraman both shoot and directed the film. There is no script so they made the movie just improvising on the set.

Forget about the stupid plot, worst unknown actors, non existent directing. One thing annoyed me in this movie a lot: There are four bad guys with semi automatic weapons and unlimited ammunition. Yet they are unable to shoot anybody from 20 feet distance. What the hell? If you see this movies cover or DVD just call 911 for emergency.

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So good and so bad., 4 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I liked Total Recall. Not because it is a great movie. Because it is extremely entertaining and funny. Especially the one liners from Arnie. The plot is interesting, the cast is superb, the action is acceptable. All in all e great entertainer, you can watch again and again and it never gets you boring.

Well, having said that, I have to come down to the business. Do not look for a logical plot in here. How can be a planet with no air can turn into a place with the atmosphere as the world has in seconds? Come on! Why would Martians build an engine to add Mars an atmosphere and left without doing it? How come did those funny looking mutants come up?

The story line is confusing. When I watched TR first time, I understood nothing. Absolutely confused. It took me two or three watching to get who is who and what actually happens.

Another weak point is special effects. Most of the effects look terribly bad and not convincing.

In total, it is not a bad movie. Has lots of re-watching value. Do not expect a logical SF with brilliant FX. Just enjoy.

Kolpaçino (2009)
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Not bad, good for passing time, 4 November 2011

As being a harsh critic on Turkish movies (especially comedies) I would love to say that Kolpacino is not a bad movie at all. Well, it is not an Oscar Winner either. The important thing is it is good enough to glue you to the screen until the finish and makes you lough. And the end. I guess most funny part is the ending. (Watch and see).

This is a movie for those who like light weight-time passing- Turkish comedy with lots of foul language. You need to be familiar with Turkish culture and slang to understand the jokes as most of the humor depends on street slang. I find the acting okay. The plus point is the performance of old comedian Aytkin Akbas who was the king of Turkish Porn Movies back in 70's.

If you look for artistic depth or an Oscar performance, this film is not for you. When you are in a bad mood and need some smile give this a try.

Tin Cup (1996)
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Very very boring, 3 November 2011

Tin cup is one of the most boring movies I have ever seen. (Only comparable to Phenomenon of Travolta) Put aside the last ten minutes of US Open scenes, the whole movie is full of dull and boring dialogs and sub plots. I slept most of it. The movie force you to doze off involuntarily and makes you wake up here and there probably due to a high pithced Dolby sound when the actors slam a door or ingite a car to drive.

The only redeeming value of the film is the beautiful look of Rene Russo despite her age. The lead hero is disgusting and not one to root for. Never seen Kevin so desperate and shabby like this.

Good as a sleep pill, otherwise hell of a boring movie....


China Gate (1998)
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Excellent to sleep or walk off, 3 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I do not blame Indians, as they have a very unique taste for movies. But, even for Indian movie standards China Gate is an absolute wreck.

I do not mind the plot is stolen. But, I could tolerate this crap only for the first half than I walked off. Why? Because nothing at all happened in the first half except the fantastic belly dance show of Urmila that has also nothing to do with the film in any way. (Believe me, many of the audience was just there to see only this part). The entire first part of the movie was full of silly dialogs and "keep dragging scenes".

One of the fallbacks of the movie is "the cast" also. One dozen of so called action heroes are actually at their 70'ies who need a stick to be able to walk properly! Seeing bunch of Alzheimer driven heroes trying to figth a notorious gang just make me sick.

Anyway, since nothing significant happened in the first half I walked off. Do not think I troughly watch the first half. I slept most of the time.

Most of the Indian movies have good scores even though the plot is stupid. However in this movie there is not much belly dance show except the one in which Urmila shows her talent.

Maybe the movie picks up in the second half, I do not know. But looking at the lame direction in the first half, I can imagine how idiotic the second half with the action scenes the old men in it.

A huge waste of three plus some hours. Do not come even any close.

Tarkan (1969)
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Skinny Turkish Connan takes on the World., 2 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Tarkan's adventures are fun to see as much as his competitor Cuneyt Arkin's (Kara Murat, Malkoc Oglu & Battal Gazi series). As a matter of fact, Tarkan is once famous comic hero who lived in Hunnic time somehow similar to Connan the barbarian. What he has more is a scantly clad tiger fure which is not long enough to cover his dark color slip underware. His sidekick, a wolf lookalike stray dog that's name is also kurt "wolf".

Tarkan singlehandedly deals with the enemies of the famous Hunnic Emperor Atilla. A natural born swordsman, archer, horse rider and a handsome casanova, Tarkan keeps conquering lands as far as Vikings and China.

Acting wooden, reality non existent, bad screenplay, bad stunt, bad everything. It is so bad actually it is good.

Do not miss.

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