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In Treatment (2008–2010)
I'm hooked
29 January 2008
I just watched the very first episode and after it was over I just sat there, silent, amazed at what I had just seen. It's dialog and character driven. It's simple and yet complicated. Gabriel Byrne seems to be the perfect choice for the therapist character. He's an actor who says a lot with his face and his eyes. Frankly, I can't wait to see what happens with these people.

Very engaging first episode. It drew me in with just two people sitting in a room talking. There really aren't many things out there that can do that. Definitely give it a chance, especially if you enjoy most things HBO.
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what an odd little movie
17 December 2002
I think I liked it... I kind of had to think about it for a while after I saw it. It was on IFC and I was bored so I decided to just give it a try, plus Daniel Day Luis was in it. I ended up being surprised by the love part of the story, It sort of kicks you in the head and wakes you up a bit. Daniel Day Luis resembles a much nicer looking Vanilla Ice, but manages to stay quite handsome. It was an interesting take on racism and emigration. I would recommend it to anyone who likes odd little movies with a little spark of something magic in them. The only complaint I have would be the ending, I felt like things were a bit unresolved so I was somewhat unsatisfied, but looking back on it I did enjoy it overall.
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Thoroughly Enjoyable
30 July 2002
Well, to say the least I "thoroughly enjoyed" this movie. Having only watched it on TV I may not have seen it in it's entirety but what I did see I liked. Ewan McGregor just can't be bad in anything I suppose, or at least I haven't seen a movie yet where he didn't steal the show with his dazzling ability to become his character. The movie itself had quite a beautiful look to it and the odd loveliness of the daughter in the movie really gave you a funny sense all throughout it. It's not your ordinary tale, but the writing was wonderful and the acting superb. If you like odd love stories with a twist, this is the perfect example. And it doesn't hurt if you like Ewan McGregor, he absolutely shines.
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Beautiful and Kenneth Branagh is amazing.
17 January 2002
I've seen him in few things, but all that I have seen him in has been good. This includes "Hamlet," in which he was brilliant. That showed that he can take Shakespeare and make it his own. This movie was no Shakespeare, but I was drawn into each character, wanting to know what was going to happen to them each second of the movie. As someone else said, there was a visual appeal also, but they failed to see the beauty in the characters' many flaws, especially Kenneth's character. I failed to see any plot holes, but I could be blind to them, and I was moved by it's message which you may figure out for yourself. If you don't like Kenneth Branagh, this movie and "Hamlet" might just change your mind.
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Invader ZIM (2001–2004)
This is so insane!
3 April 2001
This cartoon is great. It's insane and at the same time hilarious. I recommend it to anyone with wierd nonsense humor and who loves dark yet humorous cartoons. Especially those Jhonen Vasquez lovers like myself. "Radioactive rubber pants!!"
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