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A last chance for the new generations to root for Rocky!, 19 January 2007

When rocky V came out a few years ago I said: "you got to be kidding". 5 years after rocky IV, Stallone's character is retired but still willing to fight. Weell, that was in 1990. Last year when I found out that a Rocky VI was about to come I said: "no way, Stallone really needs the money.

I'm writing this just as I arrive from the Theatre and I'm still whistling the Rocky tune, thats right. All the people that came out from the cinema were singing, whistling and even trowing punches.

When I sat in my chair I was waiting for something crappy, when the credit for writing and directing appear I knew I was going to see a very bad movie, I could'n have been more mistaken.

The story is: you know, a Rocky story. He was remembering those good old days. Well the story is good, as those good old days when the first part of the six-o-logy came out in 1977, thirty years ago. But there is something about the movie that is better than the story itself, the phrases Rocky tells to his boy. Those are worth for writing them down. Those phrases are good to say to your own son even if you are a former two time champion of the world.

As we were used to in the Rocky movies the fight is great, fine film-making by Stallone who was as stubborn as his character to film this movie as rocky was to fight a final fight.

A film worth seeing, that gave a chance for all the people who were born in 1990 or were to young to see a Rocky movie in those days, to root for the first time for the boxing idol!

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Technically, awful, 10 January 2007

This is the first film I saw this year. I wanted to see this movie because the beautiful Ana Serradilla was in it and let me tell you something, she is indeed beautiful, the movie is NOT.

The story is a very used story about a heartbroken girl who dates a lot of men until he finds the man of her dreams right at her nose. As I don't like to give spoilers that's all I'm going to say about the plot, that is not awesome but is a decent history.

Miguel Rodarte's character is wasted, I mean he is a great actor that plays a gay man in this film, but he could do a lot more there wasn't enough writing for him.

Technically this film really sucks, the editing is not bad, it is worse than bad, I can't believe that this kind of editing goes to the movie theaters, I have seen freshmen who edit better than this, you can actually see some takes during a sequence that are filmed in different days or different time, you can say that after the sunlight.

If you want to see a good Mexican movie please don't see this one, if you don't care about the technical aspects of film-making then watch it.

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I wish for world peace, do I?, 22 December 2006

I am watching for the third time the X Files now, one episode after another. It isn't until now, that I have study a little about screen writing that I understand a lot new things an some other I understand better.

The script is the soul of the episode, without it It would be like a zombie or something like that. Well Vince Gilligan is an unsung hero. It was his writing that placed the X Files where they were, as the No. 1 Television Drama for a long time.

When I first saw at the beginning of this episode that it was written by Gilligan I thought It was going to be a marvelous episode, I wasn't mistaken.

When it come to writing, It's not the story itself, it is how you tell the story. So we can watch a lot of movies with a Romeo & Juliet spit but there are only a few that are good enough to be discussed at reunions. The same thing happened here. A story of a Genie, yes the same Genie, different place to live, but a Genie anyway. The story was great, watch it, live it, admire it.

Way to go Vince!

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Vince Gilligan does it again, 18 December 2006

The best thing about the X-Files writers is that they can build a history out of nothing or maybe just with a simple thing as maybe a Dog, a novelist, an Erlenmeyer flask, etc. This time, Vince Gilligan wrote about something that everybody has suffer, hunger.

The thing with hunger in this episode was: How to make it an X-file?, Mr. Gilligan mast have been very hungry to write this one because is one of the best of season seven. This episode is not as dark as The X-Files are used to, but even with almost all scenes filmed in daylight it just keeps getting better and better to the very end that is one of the best of the whole series.

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X files as it's best, 15 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When it comes to baseball you have to do something brilliant, like Field of Dreams. This movie was nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award. This episode deserves an Academy Award only if those were given to television episodes.

It has been said that all superstars, no only from sports but all superstars, are Alien. In Men in Black even George Lucas was from outer space. In this episode, Arthur Dales tell Mulder a story from Roswell in the late 40s when he had the mission of guarding a black baseball player that happens to be an Alien.

The story is magnificent, the way it is told sometimes makes you think that you are watching a movie instead of a TV episode. Wonderful performances by Fredric Lehne and Jesse L. Martin, just wrap it up.

It is ironic that one of the best written X- Files episode just have Mulder and Scully in in for a few minutes. If you like the X-Files and you like baseball like Chris Carter do, you must see this episode, but not just one, but over and over again.

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He wanted that..., 14 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After a very bad episode "Alpha", Trevor is a very good one. First of all you don't know why this episode is called like this until almost the very end. This is not a story about a convict or a murderer that escapes out from prison, this is a story about redemption and forgiveness, even a story about the great love a father can feel for his unknown child.

A guy that can walk through walls may be a cliché but the way this story is told is so different from any other that can be alike. Dark as most of the X-files episodes, this is a quick one that goes faster than a blink of an eye, a must see for X-Files fans even than it's just a Monster of the week show.

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Not everything has to be perfect, 14 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Although season six from the X-Files in one of the finest of the series not everything had to be perfect. I think this episode was one: "what do we do next" and it turned out to be a very mediocre episode in a series filled with excellent writing.

I don't know if the idea of a man turning into a murderer dog was an original one or was taken from one of the Harry Potter books. Maybe with a little more time this episode might have been OK, but just OK. Beside the continuous darkness of the photography, the excellent music from Mark Snow, and the acting of Gillian and David, there is nothing good to write about this one and since my mother told me that if I had nothing good to say about someone, don't say it, that's all I'm going to write, I you are watching the DVD's in order this is an episode that you might want to skip.

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Demon v.s. Demon, 11 December 2006

While Mulder is working on the X Files undercover behind Spender's back, Scully is doing some background checks. Mulder visits a couple who had their baby abducted.

This is an episode that make us be in the shoes of those who had lost a baby, no matter how. It also shows us the power of a blind love from a wife towards his liar husband, and also how coward men or demons sometimes are.

Incredibly, the costumes are very bad in this episode, very bad at least for a series that stood out for it's special effects. The plot is, on the contrary, very good. Terms of Endearment is an episode that shows how evil can be anywhere and that evil can find some greater evil even in the most beautiful things.

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A must see even for everybody, 11 December 2006

For the first five years the X-files didn't have a Holiday episode. This is one of the best Holiday episodes that I've seen. I'm not going to write about the plot that I can say is marvelous. Let me tell you the the acting that is great, the music really wraps you in the mood for the episode, the lightning is very good, and yes: The plot is more than good. Wonderful performances by Edward Asner and Lily Tomlin spice the episode. Just four characters in a mix that really made a Merry Merry Christmas.

Mulder and Scully find themselves in a situation where they need to thrust themselves and maybe they have to find out about how much they care about each other and maybe how much they love each other. Of course the plot wouldn't have worked without previous knowledge about how Mulder and Scully think. Maybe if you see this episode as your first X files episode it wouldn't make sense, but if you are connected to the characters you will love this one, one of the best of season 6 an one of the best of the whole series.

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The worst picture i have ever seen, 13 February 2001

This is the only picture in which i fell asleep. I don't know why Robert de Niro Accepted this. The story is pathetic, the characters are more stupid than any other character i have ever seen. The only thing that survives the movie is the animation of the moose and the squirrel. This is the worst picture I Have ever seen, and I have no more to say about it.