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Simply Appalling!, 6 January 2014

I've been watching the original series since it was first released in America. This "reboot" is simply dreadful. The actors are all accomplished, but are painfully miscast.

Bernard should be a little mousy civil servant and here, he's as big as a professional wrestler.

The two other male actors might work if they had switched places.

Hacker was always reserved and stodgy of the two.

Sir Humphrey was more emotional and animated.

The woman is just there to please feminists -- which is fine with me -- but those roles are usually hollow or superfluous.

Look at it again and see if I'm not right. It almost made me sick to watch five minutes of this rubbish!

Skyfall (2012)
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Just Awful !, 10 January 2013

This movie was so bad, the wife and looked at each other, got up, and WALKED OUT of the theater!

The plot is muddled and boring, the dialog is stilted, the characters are all cartoonish and ridiculous, the gadgets are old hat, the danger is laughable, the cinematography, editing and direction are awful, the acting is wooden and uninteresting, and so on...

Bond just ain't what he used to be. Fleming intended Bond to be a low-key, sophisticated, Gentleman spy. Sean Connery's interpretation was as close to that as any of the Bonds. Daniel Craig's Bond is just a low-class thug.

Ms. Broccoli... You have single-handedly RUINED the Bond franchise!

Bridesmaids (2011/I)
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Garbage! Run the other way from this movie!, 6 March 2012

It's another one-idea movie that isn't funny and has some really bad acting! It must be embarrassing for such a talented actress as Melissa McCarthy to be in such a piece of excrement. Kristen Wiig is untalented and not funny (like her characters on SNL). Maya Rudolph is as obnoxious as usual. The other girls are instantly forgettable (thank God).

Kristen Wiig's script is LOUSY. It rates right down there with Ishtar. They should have hired a real writer. The jokes are forced. They might be funny if you're 12 years old and get a giggle out of bathroom humor. And when is Hollywood going to realize that "Akward" character reactions aren't funny. They haven't learned it since Jerry Lewis did them all 50 years ago!

I can't believe I actually bought the Blu-Ray for my wife. I can never get those 2 hours of my life, or my money back. I wanted to walk out, but then I wold have been in my front yard watching the grass grow....which would have been FAR more interesting!

"Spyship" (1983)
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Intrigue worth watching (No Spoilers), 15 October 2004

This 6-part series centers on a male journalist and a female friend who are probing the loss of a British Fishing Trawler the "Mary Castor" with all hands on board. After interviewing the surviving family members and townspeople, the pair makes significant progress in piecing the puzzle together, only to find that things are not as they appear. They also begin to become a nuisance, and potential embarrassment to a group that would like to see their efforts fail. As their inquiries are hindered or blocked at every turn, the couple begins to understand the depth of the mystery, and are also terrified to find their lives are in danger.

I haven't seen this since it was shown in the early 80's. While it's not a great work, I remember it was quite enjoyable. As with most British fiction, it's a little slow in the beginning (by American standards), but gets rolling as the circumstances of the affair are discovered.

I also particularly like the opening song as well. It's a bit haunting, and reminds me of an old English ballad.