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Okay, 8 February 2012

Interesting, we liked the way the documentary moved about. The fighting lacked a bit of conviction but it still helped to tell the story.

HMS. (7S) We thought it would be more like an 8.5!

Some said it was diabolical but it was funny how Tony Robinsonn went to the burger bar and had tea. He said he was going to have tea to take away but actually stayed in the place!

The horses were cool and funny when they crashed in to each other.

We liked the way it used contemporary settings to reflect how much England has changed from the old days.

It was interesting to see what the peasants used to wear.

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Magnificent B movie of the highest calibre!!, 4 May 2006

Growing up in the eighties, it was all about renting out Comedy Horror movies on a Saturday afternoon with your pals. 'House', 'Troll', Friday the 13th all had viewings - but they didn't come much better than this movie. It has everything that people who love MST3K would want to see. I loved this film so much that during my early party days i would wake up hungover on a Saturday morning and watch this with a large coffee to recover.

Great hammy performances all around from true B-movie legends, great colours, cinematography, fantastic set designs, special Fx, brilliant creature creation - this movie is a beautiful weird world unto itself - highly recd'd for true fantasists!! Charles Band and Ted Nicolau at their finest!