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Finally, a show about Nurses, 17 June 2009

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First, let me express my excitement at Jada Pinkett-Smith's return to television after 18 long years. The wait is over and this comeback is definitely a good one! Jada portrays Christina Hawthorne a nurse, widow, and mother still grieving over the death of her husband. In one of the first scenes you could immediately tell the devotion of this character to her patients as she takes a house-call from a patient attempting suicide. I have to say that it is a bit calculating because it's very easy to guess what an outcome will be; nonetheless, the show is very promising with a strong headliner like Jada. Yes, it's another medical drama that gives an ER-like feel, so many may feel it isn't original, but that is what I love about this show. No it isn't an original idea, but it gives audiences the chance to experience televised, hospital drama through the nurse's perspective. I also like the fact that there are many different ethnicities depicted in this drama which is also one of the reasons why I love Grey's Anatomy. I admit, my opinion is a bit biased because of my admiration for Jada, and medical TV shows, but in all honesty I believe this show is great and it is an excellent addition to TNT's already amazing lineup.

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Loving and Passionate Drama, 24 September 2006

Today this show premiered and I thought it was great! I love the relationship between the brothers and sisters, and the relationship between Kitty(Calista Flockhart) and Nora(Sally Field), because it is full of drama and argumentation, but when it all boils down to it they love each other so. I am looking forward to many more years of this show and I hope others enjoy it as much as I have. It has a wonderful cast starring Sally Field, Calista Flockhart, Balthazar Getty and Rachel Griffiths just to name a few. I also love how they incorporate politics into this family-oriented show, and they incorporate 9/11 as well. Everyone should tune in next Sunday to watch this show it is very enjoyable!!

Family Album (1994) (TV)
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The tale of a family's ups and downs through tragedy and break-ups, 12 September 2006

I loved this movie it was a great portrayal of a family who had it's share of ups and down, but in the end they knew that special love they had for each other. I have seen many movies starring Jaclyn Smith, but my god this was one of her best, though it came out 12 years ago. This movie contained an all-star cast, and what I loved the most was that it opened my eyes to see other actors who I haven't seen before. This movie was kind of long in length, but I enjoyed every minute of it. It is a movie that you can sit down with your family and watch, though we would have to cover the kids eyes a few times due to the discretionary love scenes. Overall I rate this movie a 10 out of a 1-10 scale. Lifetime does not air it enough, so if anyone knows what store sells it let me know because this is a must-have.

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An Inspirational movie for all ages, 19 August 2006

Fighting the odds was a very good movie, containing a great cast. Jamie Gertz did a phenomenal job, as well as Ernie Hudson and Sicily. This movie is a must see for not only kids with the same situations as the kids in the movie, but younger kids as well as teens. I felt really liberated as I watched this movie, I felt as if I should reach out to kids with similar situations in my city. Lifetime does not show this movie enough, and they should. Now that I've seen it, I'm going to get some kids at my school to watch it so they can maybe get some courage and see other kids going through what they are going through. So if you haven't seen it, now is the time to see it. It is inspirational, enjoyable, and for all to see.

The Gospel (2005)
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Great music, Great story, 7 June 2006

The Gospel was a good movie that deserves more credit than it received. When the Gospel first hit movie theaters I didn't think of it as a movie worth going to see, and I just recently saw it and it was actually really enjoying. What I loved most about The Gospel was the music because I am a fan of gospel music and I love most of the artists that performed. The only bad point was the voice that was chosen for Boris Kodjoe's character, which did not fit his persona. Nona Gaye did a bang up job in the movie, as well as Tamyra Gray, and Idris Alba. Although, I did not like the character that was chosen for Donny McClurkin, because to me Donny McClurkin's real life personality did not collide with the character he portrayed. Now please don't be mistaken, I understand that when you are portraying someone else that is exactly what you are doing, but usually actors merge their own character with the person they're portraying. So if you haven't seen The Gospel see it, you can even watch it with your family.

Heart-Warming, 21 May 2006

Oh I just love The Notebook. This movie brought tears to my eyes as well as laughter to my face. It took me two years to see this movie because I never got a chance to see it at the movies or buy it on DVD, but I finally watched and I enjoyed it. It is based on the love an old couple still endures for one another, with four wonderful actors portraying it. Gena Rowlands and James Garner(in their older years), and Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gostling portraying the younger version of Allie and Noah. With all the trials they had to go through to be together, they surpassed it. This movie has really inspired me to find love as they did. I am encouraging all who read this to please watch The Notebook, it is a beautiful, heart-warming and inspirational film about lovers who surpass struggles and trials to be together. It is even as loving as Romeo and Juliet.

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A wonderful family-oriented movie for all to enjoy!!!!!!, 3 May 2006

I thought this movie was well written and they couldn't have done a better job with picking the actors. I loved the relationship the family had with one another, it made me want to be apart of it. Diane Keaton did a bang up job, her character was really believable and her co-star did a great job also with his gullable personality. Sarah Jessica Parker, oh my god, bang up job. If I was apart of the family I'm sorry I would have hated her too, she had that irritating throat clearing problem, and she was just so fricking "strictly by the book". I so loved the way the family was so accepting to the fact that the deaf brother was gay and they loved his partner. I just loved the overall message of the movie, give people a chance before you judge and follow your heart. This movie deserved a 10 in rating and it is for all ages to watch.