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Contempt (1963)
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Dull, Dull, Dull., 13 March 2005

I'm going to stand out like a sore thumb here, although I take a crumb of comfort by finding at least one similar comment here. As I say above, it's deathly dull. A couple of hours of pretentious idiots complaining and arguing. Quite frankly I would have preferred them to have shot two hours of themselves lying on the nearby beach sunbathing. I'm possibly missing something, heck, I make no assumptions I'm the most intelligent chap here, but I'm lost completely to what people see in this film. 'A Bout De Soufflé', now thats a Godard film. Seemingly nothing much happens in that film either, but the sheer joy, romance and ability to put a smile on my face like a great pop record, that comes out of it, make it a pleasure not a chore. Oh how 'Le Mepris' cries out for a girl and a gun....

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Welles in "Better than Citizen Kane" shocker!, 3 December 2001

This film is simply one, if not, the best thing i have ever had the pleasure of seeing. I spent every minute of it with my jaw on the floor in simple astonishment. The camera work is stunning, the script is lean, taught, and without a shred of waste. The cast is perfect (Janet Leigh gets to practice her 'Psyco' role in a eerily similar situation). It simply reeks of class for every second it runs. See it and you will feel the same. I defy you not to be impressed.

Superb horror animation, 18 September 2001

This review contains SOME PLOT AND DESCRIPTIONS, but DOES NOT spoil anything.

Being a fan of manga (I hate that word), and animation in general, I was drawn to this as it has garnered several awards in the industry. The animators have chosen to mix computer generated elements along with traditional hand drawn characters, rather like Titan A.E. and episodes of Futurama on T.V. (There are trains and 'planes that are too clinical to be hand drawn, but they look scarily real). It works, as not one scene of this looks dull or uninteresting, and most of it is simply mesmerising eye candy. The lighting effects deserve special note...

The story concerns a young girl who has the role of demon slayer, who is sent on a mission inside a school at a U.S air force base in 1966, to slay (what else?) some demons, that like most, have taken human form. As the film is only around 50m long, there is little time to build characters, know who they are or who they work for. If you take it that it is probably some secret goverment agency, akin to the X-Files, you will enjoy this a lot more. You are very quickly thrown into the action scenes, which are in turn exciting, fast and blood heavy. But the title should have told you that.

The film to its credit manages some quiet scenes which help to ratchet up the tension, and some great parts that will make you laugh and make you jump out your seat in equal measure (just wait for the fat black American...). Because it is Halloween when the action takes place, the background character fail to belive what is going on, helping the tension along. There is two almost surreal scenes that won me over to this, when the slayer makes her first killing, and the school nurse goes into the Halloween dance hall. Tension with a lazy jazz sound track anyone? It works! Because of the short running time though, the ending is rather lazy, and you will finish it, blinking into the light and wondering is that it?

Despite this minor niggle, I would definately spent the time out to see it, as the ride itself is lots of fun. One to see for horror and animation fans alike, or even better animated horror fans. I give it about 9.2, so it got a 9 in my vote.

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Go get this movie..., 16 September 2001

You will just have to take my word on this. You have to see this movie. Animation fans will be blown away by the cool '50s look, everyone will enjoy the great story, funny lines (harry connick jr is superb) and kids will love the giant, his antics, and how he saves the day. Even i cheered the end, and im 26. I used to work in a video shop, and when i recommended this to parents, they looked at me blankly ("it aint Disney, it can't be that good") but i forced them to take it, and when they brought it back (several days late most of them) they thanked me. Not only did the kids love it, they could not stay away either. Proof enough, now go, rent it. Go on, you know you want to. 10 out of 10.

High Noon (1952)
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A great start for a Western novice, 21 June 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I came in to this film knowing little about the western genre, but came away realising that simply dismissing a film because of its type is a big mistake, in the same way that Crouching Tiger... did for me and the martial arts picture.


The film starts out slowly, but wastes no time in setting out its story with a quick rundown of the characters and their links with each other. Basicaly, the man our hero Kane sent away to be hanged for murder some years ago has been pardened, and he's coming back. With friends waiting to help avenge his jail term. Before to long you know whats at stake, what it will cost, and why Kane feels he has to do what he is setting out to do. "I just gotta, thats the whole thing..." Once this is set in place the tension screws are steadily and constantly set in motion. His foe is on the 'noon train, and he's going to drive him out of town, with the help of the ungrateful townsfolk he's served faithfuly (and his new bride), or as it transpires later, without.

The dramatic use of clocks in the film (there's one in just about every scene) provides a simple but effective way for the director to ratchet up the tension in just about real time. Its getting on for 10.45 as we join the film. As 'noon arrives its Kane against them all, and a cracking action sequence ensues. Justice is restored to town, but Kane leaves, understandably upset at the lack of help, his new (and now trusting wife) at his side. Cheers alround, "THE END", fade to black, goodnight Vienna!

The film is simple, moralistic, and highly effective. The realism seems just about all there, guns actually run out of bullets and people take more than one punch at a time, not reeling around crashing into matchstick furniture. The camera work is stricking without the use of fancy tricks, and the theme music that runs through it will have you whistling in no time, despite trying its best to give away the ending in the opening credits.

As said above a real eye opener to the western genre.Give it a go!!!


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See for the attack, nothing else., 13 June 2001

As i say above, this is really only worth seeing for the attack itself which just about tops Titanic in the effects department. (In one small scene it just about tries to replecate it with the sinking of the US Arizona). I still have yet to find anything to top Saving Private Ryan or Thin Red Line on this score, but a very commendable effort.

But the rest of the film severely lets it down. The love triangle is very clumsy and overcooked. Cuba Gooding Jr couldnt have played cornball any better if he'd tried. Although the score is a great piece of music you just know it was designed to try and crank up the emotional aspect and eek out a few more tears. Put simply, cut from its three hours to a leaner two hour all out actioner would have been wise.

Pi (1998)
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If this guy is doing Batman next, then great!, 7 February 2001

This was a strange choice for me but the video box made it sound really intresting. The subject matter is handled very well and not in a manner that would be off putting to non maths people. In fact it may send you away wanting to know more. But the main bulk of the story is concerned with one man trying not to cave in to his madness and the outside world that wants a piece of him for their own ends. Shot in black and white the print stock ranges from very fuzzy to crystal clear, but mainly medium, at all times reflecting the mood of our main character at that point. Claustrophobic scenes of madness are highlighted by seemingly unnatural, almost blinding whites against empty blacks. This is certainly a great way to start any study in to colour usage in film, or black and white more accurately. Ive heard that the director is doing the next Batman movie which on this effort alone seems the perfect casting choice. Seeing the dark, comic book origins of the character in this mans hands loks very appetising, possibly more than Tim Burtons debut effort. Well worth a look if you want to know what your in for bat fans! His recent Requiem for a Dream shows his talents in camera technique also. A director to watch...