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Really watched it just for the Kings of Leon ......, 10 November 2008

This was a rather funny episode with James Franco, but the 9 stars are for the two fabulous songs performed by the talented Kings of Leon. They are so far just such an underrated band. Hopefully, this new album of theirs will help them and not spoil them. "Sex on Fire" has to be the most catchy and original tune by any band in a few years. They are also very easy on the eyes without being sissy-boybandish looking. There was also one short but very funny sketch of John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men" with an alternate ending. I was surprised that James Franco was as funny as he was because he is usually so serious in his movies. Overall, REALLY GOOD SHOW !!

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What a great Christmas movie to watch with young children...., 17 December 2007

This was one of the best Christmas movies made recently. I really enjoyed watching this movie with my family. It is SO hard to find quality films that are not offensive (really) in any way, but this "Booky" hits the mark. Megan Follows is one of my favorite Canadian actresses, and she does her usual fine job, so no surprises there. My thanks to CBC-Windsor, Ontario, for airing this excellent movie, and I hope that they will consider rerunning it for Christmas or the New Year. When a movie like this can capture the attention of two young teenage boys, someone must be doing something right! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008 to everyone!!!

Mr. Brooks (2007)
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Keven Costner's star shines again!!!, 1 June 2007

I saw this movie with high hopes to see a good performance out of Kevin Costner. He didn't disappoint in a movie that very well could have failed--but didn't! I liked the idea of a 'nice-guy with a conscience' serial killer theme, but serial killer movies have been done to death. Costner and the script writers manage to give new life and a refreshing twist on this movie theme, and William Hurt's performance as his evil alter-ego is first-rate. This arrangement was better than just a run-of-the-mill voice-over by Costner's character. It reminded me a bit of a modern-day version of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," which is one of my favorite novels. I'm happy to see all of the actors in this film finally get a good script and story to work with after many disappointments for them and the movie-going public.

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I LOVED this movie...and I really hate Japanamation!, 28 May 2007

I watched this film with my teenage son last year. It taught him more about the sad truth of the bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima more than anything else and kept his attention the entire time to boot. This gem of a film taught him more than he ever learned in school about this piece of history, and it was probably told in a more accurate and heartfelt manner than any history book could have presented it. We watched it on the Turner Classic Movies Channel. I was dreading watching it with my son that evening (he is an anime fan), but Robert Osbourne (the host of TCM) said to stay tuned to this movie and really give it a chance even if you were not a Japanamation/anime fan. I was absolutely floored, as was my son. It really touched both of us, and it is difficult to reach teenagers in this day and age. It made tears come to our eyes, and we still talk about this movie rather often. This film is a masterpiece and could be used to teach the horrors of war and the innocent victims who have no political vote or voice at all. I hope to God that Ted Turner knows what good work he has done in saving this wonderful film. I hope that I can find it on DVD one day, as I have not been successful in doing so yet.

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Not bad for a digital movie from Canada......., 28 May 2007

I saw this movie in 2002 (I think) on CBC-Channel 9-Windsor, Ontario across the Detroit River one day as I was flipping through the channels. It intrigued me because, in my own opinion, bingo is a waste of time and money. I was pleasantly surprised to see how the game and the people who frequent bingo halls were portrayed as total losers. I laughed a few times. Barry Newhook is kind of cute, and Lois Brown was rather funny. They both seem talented, and they should work again as an on-screen couple. Movies like "The Bingo Robbers" are more interesting than the usual stupid, predictable high-budget-type movies. Movies made about normal people who don't have great jobs or a lot of money just seem more enjoyable because regular people can relate to these kinds of movies better.

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This cartoon is one Nick's best cartoons ever!, 16 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love this show! Mr. Blick, Gordon, and Waffle are cats so different from each other, yet they refer to themselves collectively as 'brothers.' I often find myself trying to imitate the tired, sighing accent of their butler, Hovis, or even the Scottish borough of Gordon. There should be more episodes made about Human Kimberly. The episode about the cats disguising themselves as pre-teen girls to gain admittance to Human Kimberly's slumber party in order to get their thirsty paws on their favorite drink, Rootbeer, is a hilarious classic. We can't drink rootbeer in our house now without either doing the Catscratch voices or the Hanson Brothers from the movie 'Slap Shot.' Future classic. Where can I get the first two seasons on DVD??

The Chiefs (2004)
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Excellent, truthful film about hockey and real life................, 3 February 2007

I watched this movie with my teenage son. Every parent of a kid who aspires to become a hockey player or just plays hockey should watch this film and take notes. We both thought this movie had some very funny scenes, but it wasn't a comedy. The hard life that semi-pro and minor-league hockey players live due to low wages and tough travel schedules is downright heartbreaking. The way hockey players are used and discarded like yesterday's trash after accomplishing what they were traded or brought to the team to do is sad beyond words. This movie shows the 'win-at-any-cost' mentality of some owners, and the consequences it has on players. The sport is not as brutal as the insensitive and greedy owners are. We wish all of the real-life players and their families in this movie all the best. This film brings to mind the proverb 'All that glitters is not gold....'

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WOW!! What a beautiful movie!, 22 June 2006

I just bought this DVD for my 13-year old son today. We watched it together and , WOW, what a beautiful movie! This movie can be enjoyed by anyone of any age, and the cinematography was great. Loyalty and keeping promises seemed to be the central themes of this movie. Dogs are definitely man's best friend. Paul Walker was solid as the leading man, and very easy on the eyes in an outdoorsy, rugged way. The dogs were handsome and stole the show. I am so sorry that we missed seeing it on the big screen at the theater. I would have gladly shelled out full-price to see this one. It was a humid 87 degrees outside today, but this movie cooled us down with the scenery of the great Antarctic. Some of it was filmed in Norway and Canada but, nonetheless, it was 'cool.' Definitely worth buying the DVD.

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Not even the Hanson Brothers could save this one............, 8 June 2006

The script for Slap Shot 2-Breaking the Ice should have been thoroughly reviewed over and over with a fine-tooth comb before they started filming. It was up against the awesome classic original and the writers and producers knew very well that fans of the original Slap Shot were just thirsting for a really funny and good follow up if one was going to be made at all. A control group of viewers who saw the original back in 1977 at the theater should have been consulted (Me, for one.) I'm only giving this movie a generous 3 stars out of 10, one for each of the Hanson Brothers. They deserved better than this. The message of hockey becoming too antiseptic and "entertainment" instead of sport was lost in the mess. I did NOT like the "hockey chick" thing with Jessica Steen playing the new female coach, and she had the personality of a doorstop. Stephen Baldwin must have come very cheap, but doesn't do the worst job. The skating sequences were all blurry and slow-mo cheesy, and NOT using Johnstown, PA, instead of Vancouver, B.C. for the shooting location was more than sad. By the way, didn't the team move to Minnesota at the end of the original Slap Shot??? They could have written something hilariously funny into the second one about the Hanson Brothers going home to Minnesota. (Note to readers: Steve Carlson and Jeff Carlson were born and raised in Virginia, Minnesota. Dave Hanson was born in Wisconsin.) If the writers and producers of the original "Slap Shot" want to brainstorm for another truly funny and more accurate sequel, they should consult with fans for ideas. ($100 dollar bills raining from the sky will happen first before another sequel ever does thanks to this one.) The bottom line is that moviegoers want more of the Hanson Brothers and old-time hockey than this. It would also increase the bottom line $$$, especially if it would have a theatrical release, and not be released straight-to-video (kiss of death.)

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This was one great Afterschool Special..........., 8 June 2006

I remember sneering at most of the ABC After School Specials back in the 1970s. I used to dismiss most of them as nauseatingly preachy, and I used to laugh at the ones that tried to be the most serious and "very special." I saw this one when I was probably about 15 or 16 years old, the same age as the kids in the movie. Nobody but Wendy Jo Sperber (God rest her soul) could have played this whiny, overeating, yet emotionally neglected teenager better. June Lockhart (Mrs. Robinson from Lost in Space) played her upper-middle class mother who freely gives Dinky almost anything she wants, including all the food she can eat to fill the emotional void due to her own disinterest in Dinky's emotional upbringing. Mrs. Hocker is much more interested in her pet charity projects with getting teenage smack (heroin) addicts clean and "rebirthing" them. Dinky decides her mother loves them more than her and devises a befitting "revenge" on her mother at the end. This movie was pretty close in staying true to the novel.

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