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Corruption (1933)
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Not bad, not great either, 6 August 2007

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Pretty standard programmer starring Preston Foster as a lawyer who gets picked by a political machine to run for mayor. Once he's elected he wants to actually live up to his campaign promises and clean up City Hall.The machine won't have any of it and gets him framed on a murder charge to get him out of the way. Alls well that ends well and he gets his job back in the 3rd act. And he gets the girl of course. Not bad but even at under an hour it felt like a two hour film. I kept thinking that if this script had ended up at someplace like Warner Brothers instead of Poverty Row and somebody like Bogart had been assigned to it it would have been a better film. Not necessarily a classic but still better.

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In the tradition of " Cannonball Run", 25 May 2004

In the tradition of " Cannonball Run " and " The Great Race " " Safari 3000" tells the basically simple story of a African continent road race. It's not a classic and there aren't any great stunts but all the actors ( Stockard Channing and Hamilton Camp in particular) look like they're having a roaring good time with the silly dialogue and consequently so will you. There are a couple of raunchy lines that will go right over the kiddies heads so it's one for the entire family. Lots of wild animals and some natives who are aren't as primitive as they appear, actors having a great time, all in all a fun way to spend an hour and a half. Of course, as in all low budget movies there are some unintentially funny moments, like the African used car dealer at the beginning who only gets his accent down in the second half of his scene.

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Best watched after a few beers, 29 March 2004

I've seen this film 3 times now. The first two times I absolutely hated it and only rented it on DVD the third time because I had just read the original book by Ian Fleming and wanted to see what , if anything, was retained from the actual plot. The answer is nothing. Basically this is just a spoof made to cash in on the James Bond craze during the sixties. It has a lot of silly sequences performed by some big stars who at least all seem to be having a good time. It's also the inspiration for the Austin Powers films so if you're an Austin Powers fan ( which I'm not) you might actually "get" this film. From what I understand they're going to remake it and once again all they're keeping is the title. Why that is I have no idea. The original story written by Ian Fleming was very entertaining and hopefully one of these days we'll actually get to see it on the big screen.

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Eh, 20 February 2004

Based on the short running time of this film I think the real purpose of it was the studio's desire to see if Marilyn could actually act. All the film proved, however, is that she was extremely photogenic which they had probably already figured out from her walk on role in "The Asphalt Jungle". She's not horrible or anything but most of the performance is in her eyes. You don't really get the impression that she's really inside this character's skin. Widmark is really the one to watch here. He gave much better performances over the years but was always a lot of fun to watch and this film is no exception. Anne Bancroft also turns in a good performance. I don't know if she actually sang or not but if she was dubbed it's hard to tell because everything about her in this small supporting role was right on the money. 5/10

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Great book, awful movie, 1 February 2004

Larry McMurtry's wonderful story of the early days of Gus McCrae and Woodrow Call has been transformed by the Hallmark Entertainment team into one of the worst film adaptations I've ever seen. All the blood and guts and dramatic intensity are gone. The scene where the boys have to ride through the buffalo herd to invite Buffalo Hump to parley is all of about 2 seconds long with no excitement whatsoever. In the book it was a nail-biting chapter that went on for about 20 pages. Don't waste your time. Just read the book instead. You'll be glad you did.

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Surrealistic Mystery shot in Rio De Janeiro., 25 December 2003

" The Daughters of Yemanja" (Yemanjen tyttaret) is a surrealistic mystery shot in Rio de Janeiro concerning a Finnish woman's quest to solve the mystery of her sister's death. Alternating between Portogese, English and Finnish , with no subtitles ( the Director's intent), we follow the girl into the slums of Rio de Janeiro where everybody hates her because she's a white European but where she does finally solve the mystery with the help of practicioners of the Santerria religion. Not a bad little mystery whose understanding of it depends on how much of the dialogue you understand but which also forces you to really look at the characters faces to try and figure out what everybody's saying. Hand-held camera work and Brazilian music also add to the surreal aspect of the whole film.

San Pietro (1945)
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It's all in the perception, 22 November 2003

While I agree with another reviewer here that " All Quiet On The Western Front" is one of the greatest anti-war films of all time I don't see this documentary as anti-war at all. San Pietro was of strategic value to the Allied Forces and yes we took it at great loss of life and yes nobody wants to die in some war in a foreign country but these brave young men died for a good cause. To try and use this film to argue that wars should never be fought does a great disservice to all the young Americans who died to free Europe from the Nazis.

Woodstock (1970)
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Over-rated, 20 November 2003

I've seen "Woodstock" a few times now and basically its underrated. In my opinion the greatest rock documentary ever made was the " Isle of Wight Concert" which unfortunately hasn't been seen by many people. The only things outstnding about Woodstock were Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker and the incredible amount of people who showed up. I'd be interested in knowing what happened to some of the attendees who are interviewed during the film. I suspect they're either long dead from OD's, living in a cardboard box on one of America's many skid rows or they grew up and got their act together and are now Republicans, like this old hippie is.

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Michael Moore sells out, 11 October 2003

This really isn't an anti-gun movie unless you're somebody who's absolutely opposed to anybody but the police and the bad guys owning firearms. I don't own a gun and have never fired one but the Michigan Militia men interviewed at the beginning of the film all made perfect sense to me. People should have the right to protect themselves from the bad guys without having to always rely on the cops. This is also a film that never should have won the Oscar. It's no different than any of his other ambush interview documentaries and there were far better choices the Academy could have made. The reason I say Mike is a sell-out is because after watching this film the only conclusion one can draw is the reason we're such a violent prone country is because of the violent movies and violent video games we're bombarded with but instead of going after Hollywood Moore goes after the Government because after all, if he had gone after Hollywood he would have had a really tough time finding a distributor. The DVD has a number of goodies on it- the book signing and the speech he gives are like watching a left-wing version of Jerry Falwell . His empathy is completely fake and just an act. There's also his bit where he explains his Oscar speech which is quite hilarious in its blatant re-writing of history. No, Mike, nobody was cheering you and the booers weren't booing the cheerers. They were booing you as you rightly should have been booed. In fact they booed you right off the stage and they were so loud in their booing that the walls in my apartment 5 blocks from the Kodak Theater were shaking. And no, Mike, it wasn't just a spur of the moment thing. You gave an interview right after the ceremonies where you said the whole stunt had been pre-planned.

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Decent thriller ruined by sloppy shooting, 3 October 2003

" The Glass House " is a decent thriller ruined by extremely sloppy shooting about half way through when the little brother, who had obviously been worked past the legal child labor law limit and been sent home for the night, mysteriously disappeared from the car his sister was driving and then miraculously re-appeared in the next scene back at the house like he'd never left. This could easily have been shot around without insulting the intelligence of viewers who were paying attention. For this reason alone, I give this film a 1 out of 10.

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