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Intelligent Clouseau????, 24 November 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Being a fan of the original series, I had a hard time watching this movie. However, change all the character names and locations, and you actually get a pretty funny movie, that the only thing in common between it and the original movie series is that Clouseau is a klutz! Other than that, this version of the character is very intelligent and observant. That's how he ultimately solves the case. Things no one else would have noticed he did. This character understood Chinese clearly while having you think it all went over his head earlier in the movie. This is Steve Martin's interpretation. This is NOT him even attempting to be Peter Sellers, and thank goodness for that. In Fact, that probably saves this movie from being really bad.

If you are able to put the old series behind you, give this a try, but remember that this is NOT the same character you grew to love and laugh at.

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Some nice memories, but fails to be a serious countdown IMHO, 24 November 2008

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Yes, these were 101 nice moments. However, any list that fails to mention John Belushi performing as Joe Cocker WITH Joe Cocker on stage just isn't serious about finding the greatest and most memorable moments in SNL history. That moment isn't just a great SNL moment, it's one of TV's GREATEST MOMENTS of ALL TIME! Belushi's imitation of Joe Cocker is SO PERFECT, IT'S UNBELIEVABLE! Seeing them side by side just proves it! Heck, I'd even put John's spin on "Get by with a little help from my friends" above over 2/3rds of the list! I'm sure not mentioning Will Ferrell in a patriotic thong would not have been missed if replaced by this moment.

And Wayne's World #1???!!! Sure, it's a great sketch worthy of the top 10, but if I had to pick a skit turned movie as #1, it'd be the Blues Brothers by far, not because they were famous in their time, but they re-popularized a whole subculture of music that was dying out! And that didn't even make the top 10 (it was #11), but the Cowbell sketch AND Bradys vs. Partridges did? Ewwww!

My Top 10? 1) Joe Cocker meets John Belushi (MISSING!) 2) Rudy after 9/11 (#2 on old list) 3) The Blues Brothers (#11) 4) Wayne's World (#1) 5) Eddie Murphy doing the Cannon Commercial as Stevie Wonder (Come on! it's classic when he takes the lens cap off for Joe Piscipo! This replaces old #7 - Stevie and Frank) 6) Channukah Song (#8) 7) The Church Lady (#12) 8) Chris Farley vs. Patrick Swayze for Chippendales (#9) 9) Anytime someone "Crashed" a party (Streisand, Pesci and DeNiro, Arnold, Reno, Etc....) (#6, #88, #57, and #92) 10) Steve Martin and Gilda Radner dance (#82) Hon Mention- Shiller's Reel - "Don't look back in Anger" (#62), "Da Bears" (#75), "White Like Me"(#41), and Emily Latella - "Nevermind. (Missing!).

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There's more than 5 episodes, 16 May 2005

I saw the original set of shorts at the Spike & Mike festival in the village of NYC. The first episode left everyone stunned in silence and confusion. by the 4th or 5th, everyone in the theater was shouting "NO NECK JOE" when the vignette would come on, and the laughter was nonstop. By the end, everyone was disappointed that there were no more. Craig McCracken has since produced a few more episodes.

Currently, there are 2 DVD's and 2 videos each with a subset of the episodes (4 or 5 each), but with some overlap between them. It's a real pain having to spend $15 on a DVD just to get the one or 2 new episodes on a release. I really wish they would release the whole series on one DVD.

Honestly, you'll scratch your head at the first episode, but love it by the end. It grows on you.

The Yule Log (1966) (TV)
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A bit of NY History, 19 October 2004

Wow. I can't believe no one has commented on this program.

For those who don't know, the show is a video loop of a log burning in a fireplace while holiday music plays in the background. In the early days, there was an FM stereo simulcast as well. Today, with stereo and dolby broadcasts the norm, it's not needed. However, it's still history.

Honestly, it's a corny program.

Honestly, it's a great memory and a part of my life.

We were fortunate enough to have a fireplace most years while I was growing up. However, we would still have the Yule Log on while we opened presents, even with our own "Yule Log" in the house. It was a nice reminder of the good fortune we did have and we did give thanks for it. It left the airwaves in 1989, and I left the area in 2000. I have just learned it is back on the air in NYC, and I couldn't be happier for everyone there. It's not action, it's not a story. It's a program for a time to have families be families together. May it grace the airwaves for generations to come... even if it's corny. :-)

Seabiscuit (2003)
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Great movie, HORRIFIC EDITING, 29 January 2004

I heard great things about this movie before seeing it. I was looking forward to a classic telling of a real story. It was there, but seriously marred.

The editing is the worst thing I have seen in years on a movie that is considered classic, let alone Oscar-worthy!

Now, the story was well told, and the acting, cinematography and directing was great, but watching it was like watching a classic movie that someone took an axe to just to shorten it for the theaters. I felt that the transitions were inconsistent. Sometimes they were smooth, and others they were so abrupt, it left my head spinning wondering how we got to the next scene.

I really hope that there is another more complete cut of the movie with much better transitions.

As much as I love everything else about the movie, I have a hard time recommending it because of the sloppy edit job. It really detracted from my enjoyment of the film. As a result, I just don't see this movie as being as great as everyone else.

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This is... umm.... interesting...., 5 November 2003

Words can scarcely describe this movie. Loaded with ridiculous stereotypes, a silly plot, and poor music, this movie lacks in just about every category.

Don't be fooled by the IMDB credits. This is not a Michael Dorn movie. He's a secondary character in the grand scheme.

Also listed in the Credit's is an actor named "Prince" - which makes me wonder if it's the same artist formerly known as.... Then again, I'm not sure this movie is worth watching just for that.

Big summary... bunch of teams... one has kidneys... one has $35,000.... one has an "Illegal Substance".... and one has $350,000. Add some confusion and mixups as to who needs to meet who, revenge on being taken, and such, and you end up with this mess of a movie.

Given a choice, I'd pass on this movie.

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Let's Give the show a chance!, 4 November 2003

I'm sorry, but I have to speak up here.

I think this talk about "John Ritter is gone, the show is going to die!" is very premature.

There is still Katy Sagal who is a wonderful comic actress in her own right, as well as a now established acting family at the show. I think before we start crying the death of the series, we should give the show a few weeks to pick up the pieces and see where they go from here.

The next few weeks will be the toughest for the series. Once they get past those, the show will then take it's new stride. At that time, if we want to sing the death song for the series, so be it, but I don't want to proclaim it yet.

It will never be the same series it was, but that doesn't mean it can't be as good. Who knows... the best may be yet to come.

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Unbelievable (and I don't mean that in a good way), 1 November 2003

OK. I have seen some movies where the setup is so predictable, but this movie was just rediculous. Father (Stallone) gets custody of son when wife dies. He's a trucker and needs a new truck to support the family as an independent trucker. What does he do? Enter the dark and underhanded world of the World Arm Wrestling Championship. The prize, money and a New Truck.

Yeah, there's also the plot about gaining the son's respect, but IMHO it was treated more as a subplot than winning the truck. That's where the movie failed. I mean, not all arm wrestlers are truckers, and I think its kind of presumptuous to have a truck as a prize. Forget having the blasted truck as a prize. It just becomes so obvious a plot device that it's disgusts me. Of course the baddies don't want Stallone to get the truck. I mean, come on!

You want to see the clash of blue collar dad and white collar kid, there are far better movies out there. However, if you love bad movies, well, you may give this a turn because there's a lot to make fun of here.

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It's biggest crime was it came AFTER La Vita E Bella, 30 October 2003

I heard a lot of critics complain about this movie. I absolutely liked this film. However, it had 2 major failings:

1) It was a remake of a East German classic that was award-worthy, and had a high standard to the art film critics.

2) A Beautiful Life (La vita E Bella) had won best picture accolades 1 year earlier, and the stories have many similarities.

Neither of these are the fault of the movie. They were just 2 insurmountable odds it had to fight. For that reason, the movie failed miserably.

However, it really is a good movie. I can't speak for the original version, but I can say that while this movie was good, it's just not great.

Robin Williams does a great job as the reluctant "hero" and the supporting cast was solid. When Robin is controlled in his performance, he can really shine and this definitely shows you what is to come from him in the near future for dramatic roles. There is still some humor, but it's directed and not totally off the wall.

If you are interested in this era of history, I would recommend this movie.

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Good, but not extraordinary, 12 July 2003

I find it comical (no pun intended) when people complain that fictional characters are not portrayed "realisticly". But enough joking

I had high hopes for this movie, but while I did like it, it fell far short of my hopes. Rather than rehash the story, I will just hit the highlights.

The Action was great, but the problem is it rarely stays on a shot long enough for you to see anything - especially with Nemo. What glimpses you see are terrific, but it's not enough to really enjoy or appreciate it.

Also, I felt like they put all their character development into one basket. It felt like a giant pause in the movie when you begin to learn about the characters. I wish there was some action inserts to keep things feel like they were moving.

While many feel the need to criticize certain unbelievable elements in the movie, I must comment "It's a fantasy! That's the point!". Who cares whether Nemo's sub should fit in the canal's of Venice. This isn't necessarily our world, remember?

In spite of my criticism, I did enjoy the movie a lot. There was a lot of good action and plot twists in the story. Perhaps character modifications were made to enhance the story (i.e. Dorian Gray, Mina Harker), but just accept them as "alternate versions" that the original novels are based on, and you will enjoy it more.

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