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Megaforce (1982)
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What I remember about the eighties - Band Aid, Thatcher, the Cold War, Megaforce., 4 March 2001

The eighties. Band Aid, Thatcher, the Cold War, Megaforce. Why? Cos the good guys always win - from the Miners' Strike to Ronald Reagan. (Note - the winners always rewrite history, so the good guys always win.) Anyway, the film. I am fortunate to say that I have a copy, albeit a betamax to vhs copy. But that only seems to enhance the qualities of the film. Let's take a closer look. The president of the USA (Barry Bostwick, Spin City) a former Miss India (Persis Khambata) the director of Canonball Run (Hal Needham) a mafia boss (Henry Silva, Ghost Dog) in the kids action film to end all. Not to mention amazing special effects - the victory roll on the motorbike (remember 1-2), bombs that miss their designated targets but still destroy them, and a shrinking ray? (both the nighttime raid).

Oh, and then theirs the classy dialogue and the 'we can do it just as well as you egalitarianism' where Persis wins Barry's heart (Meet you at the Lion's Head Hotel, London). However, this all pales into insignificance in the character development of the two stars. Ace & Duke. Seperated at a young age where they took seperate paths, because Duke is betrayed by his superiors, but are bonded together by friendship. (When all looks lost for, lets face it the fascist Megaforce. "We don't have rank except for the commander Hunter"...compared with the revolutionary forces led by Duke. Emblematic of US foriegn policy?) And a lighter. In arguably the best scene where Duke flies in to tell Ace the bad news and rattle the CEO of Knight Corporation. A metaphor perhaps of the shared times together. Of course there are there are shortcomings. No planes bar two transports, and a bike, even though they have silent running engines and light sensitive material. How many kids must have used those tricks playing with GI Joe and the like.

So where was I? Oh, the best film of the eighties, better than the Empire Strikes Back? Probably.