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Piranha 3D (2010)
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How desperately low in cash can a celebrity be?, 20 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't know whether I laugh or cry. Why in the entire world did Mr. Dryfuss and Ms. Shue accept to play parts in this movie? Maybe they just wanted to have some dubious fun. Maybe they were misled. Or maybe they just ran very low in cash and had to accept any movie thrown at them.

Mr. Dryfuss' character is killed by piranhas about one minute into the film while fishing in a boat on a peaceful lake, right after the murderous little beasts were released from the pits of hell by an earthquake. That of Ms. Shue's finds the corpse of the first partially destroyed by the piranhas from hell about five to ten minutes later.

Meanwhile, many gorgeous, young, "free-spirited" girls are partying during summer vacations. Not much later two of them start swimming together in, I suppose, the same lake. They jump in the water and... take their thong bikinis off, and entangle skin-naked (with flippers) with each other in a sensual underwater ballet. What ???!!!

Then I changed to another channel, thus the spoiler ends here.

Richard Dryfuss was so great in Close Encounters, Jaws and so many other movies. Elisabeth Shue is also a great performer. Now I'll have to add a stain and a red flag on their resumes...

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What Can I Say? I'm Sorry, but I Loved It!, 22 February 2012

I'll stand my ground in face of all the very bad reviews: I just love this movie! It's one of those that I can watch again and again every time is aired on cable TV. I can't get tired of it! Why? I have no clue.

Maybe because it has nothing of the things I hate in a movie.

Maybe because I don't know Seth from other movies, or because I just enjoy Seth's way as an actor.

Maybe because of the basic story (rich orphan boy becomes hero; side kick is a genius; wonderful gadgets etc.). Certainly the Black Beauty.

Everyone plays his or her role just as he or she should. Cameron is perfect. Kato's fight sequences are original and, yet, pay homage to the hero played by the great Bruce Lee in the Sixties.

The story is interesting. Lot's of things are really original, not the least the combat sequence within the newspaper's facilities.

The Green Hornet has a "yummy" quality for me, which I can't and didn't try to reason about. The are many movies that don't have this quality. Avatar is one of them: I don't know why, but once is enough...

It's just the popcorn movie I seek for when I go to the cinema...

As I said, I'm sorry, but I really love The (new) Green Hornet.

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The Movie, the Actors and Everyone Else Deserved Oscars, 30 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I must start by warning those who don't know it that this movie is a work of fiction - but what a fiction!

"The Untouchables" is one of those great movies which, I don't know why, didn't get all the load of Oscars it certainly deserved. Awarding just one to Sean Connery is a flagrant understatement of this great achievement of all those who made it.

The sound score is brilliant and inspiring. Cinematography is at its best.

The outstanding train station shooting scene surely and eternally ranks among the top ten or top five scenes in Cinema's history. It's one of my favorites.

Costner, Connery, Garcia, Smith and, of course, De Niro deliver great performances, no exception. All the other bad guys are excellent, too.

Again, in my view only one Oscar for this masterpiece is a clear understatement. If you don't believe it, just watch "The Untouchabels" and judge it yourself.

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Top Star + Tog Gun = Top Ten, 11 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"A Few Good Men" is one of those movies I never miss the chance to watch when it's aired on TV. It's such a great movie. It's so good, that all stereotypes and other possible flaws one might point don't prevent me to give it a perfect 10.

Jack Nicholson IS Colonel Natan Jessup, USMC. He IS! You can swear he has always been a Marine and nothing else. He delivers such a performance that you just forget he's the most Oscar-decorated male actor ever. Just amazing.

Tom, Demi, Pollak, Bacon, Keith, Walsh, Marshall, Bodison and Preston are great, too. I't's not so easy to forget that Tom is Tom and Demi is Demi, but not to the point of either impairing suspension of reality or immersion in the movie. Pollak IS a Navy lawyer, Keith IS a USMC Lieutenant, Preston IS a judge, and Bodison IS Corporal Dawson.

The script is intelligent; the cinematography, perfect - colors, shades, mood, everything; the sound track, engaging; direction, magical: speed, rhythm, flow, everything is in place.

The superb performance of the close order drill demonstration squad close to the movie's beginning cleverly acclimates the viewer to the military establishment the story is about and where all the drama will unfold. It reminds that the movie is about a noble entity - the United States Marine Corps - whose members abide to a strict code of perfection and fitness to perform its solemn duty to its Country, thus setting the stage for a story about the conflict that steel tempered men face when one of them under-performs and their difficulty to demonstrate, feel and act with any degree of softness towards their own.

The verdict is perfect in its moral, making the experience of watching this movie completely worthwhile.

There couldn't have been a better closing theme song than John Philip Sousa's "Semper Fidelis". It's a smart move: it absolutely pins you down to the seat and forces you to read all the credits right to the end.

"A Few Good Men" is one of the best movies of all times.

Thor (2011)
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Mixed Feelings About This Movie, 4 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

1) Chris Hemsworth DOES deliver. Perfect performance. Charisma, physical attributes, acting, character immersion. He IS Thor. 10 from start to end.

2) Sir Hopkins is great as usual, but fame and age makes it a bit difficult to forget the actor in favor of Odin. Not his fault, of course.

3) Gorgeous concept and outstanding rendition of Asgaard, the city of Odin and his people, and the heavenly night sky above them.

4) The rainbow passage is used excessively in the movie. It looks like a metro station. This vulgarizes the concept and diverts much of story's focus to the passage and its not-so-reliable Asgaardian guardian. Also, one can't avoid but compare the interplanetary shuttle device to a gigantic, upside down ice cream ball and its cornet.

5) Action on planet Earth pales in time allocation and intensity when compared to those developed on the other worlds. Original Thor comic books are about defending earthlings and Earth against outstanding threats.

6) Compared to Thor, his semi-god friends seem a bit weak...

7) A few scenes are a bit longer or a bit slower than adequate for this movie genre.

8) Finally, Natalie Portman... Plain and clear exploitation of her name and fame. She doesn't look like trying to immerse in her character. She's just Natalie, that's all. Very dull most of the time, very exaggerated in other occasions. Or just poorly directed, or a poorly developed script for her.

9) No! I almost forgot it: What is Rene Russo doing in this movie?playing the mute mom of Thor? Were they two or three lines she said the entire movie?

Notwithstanding the shortcomings, I'll certainly watch this beautiful movie of supernatural wonders in Bluray, or when it becomes syndicated.

Rio (2011)
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Beautiful but Stereotyped, 3 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'd rate this movie a 10, but the prejudice it displays prevents me to do so.

There is a recent trend in the movie business to tell stories about Rio de Janeiro's slums. Such is the case of the last Hulk movie, a good part of which was set in the Rocinha slum.

Not everything in Rio de Janeiro is a slum. There are slums everywhere, as there are high, middle and low class, non-slum neighborhoods.

And not all bad things in Rio happens within slums. Bad and good people live in and out of slums. So "Rio" displays double prejudice, about Rio de Janeiro city as a whole - it's much more than slums - and about the slum's inhabitants - bad people exist inside and outside the slums.

Of course, no movie about Rio could forget Carnaval and football. That's OK. I'd just add that Carnaval doesn't happen only in the Sambodromo or in the slums.

As for the rest: (a) The story is pure fantasy, where animals think and act as humans in disguise. But this is what fables are for: conveying human messages in a playful way. (b) Rio de Janeiro is pretty accurate geographically, except for the remote, jungle airport from which the bad guys take off to take the stolen, hero birds away, as there is no such airport anywhere near this city.

Please, film-makers: when you consider making a movie about Rio, try to provide a balanced instead of a prejudiced, biased view of my worldly famous "Wonder City".

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How can one not love this movie?, 22 April 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Seriously, how? It's truly a very engaging movie, beautifully conceived and performed. It's one of those movies I'll watch again and again to be delighted, to learn and, of course, to feed my eyes, my heart and soul with Paz Vega's perfections. It's showcase that demonstrates why she and Morgan are GREAT. Everyone else add their talents to make it the gorgeous movie it is. Only Jim Parsons could deliver those brief but tremendous lines. To watch Morgan learning to sell house cleaning stuff, washing and polishing cars, and doing many other ordinary, common, earthly things, create a relaxing and intimate atmosphere that makes you join the cast and travel along with its two main characters. The finale couldn't be better in its message: respect, honor and character are still alive, and remain as valuable as ever. From start to end, a story made to sooth and heal sensible, tired and hurt souls. I love it. It is certainly good use of time. What else can I say? Just watch and see.

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The Noble Role of Arts, 6 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This masterpiece shines among the movies which the cinema industry produced to help us humans to gain consciousness of the madness of the war doctrine known as mutually assured destruction. We will probably never be able to assess how much "On the Beach", "Dr. Strangelove" and other movies covering this most important theme contributed to world peace - or to nuclear peace at least, but they certainly influenced all who watched them.

"On the Beach" is art performing its noblest role: educating people for the highest good of mankind. And what a movie! All actors and actresses perform admirably, no doubt about that, but it must be said that Anthony Perkins and Ava Gardner are absolutely fantastic, both exploring a full range of emotions that few actors can cover. The plot is just perfect; the film is skillfully constructed from start to end. Watching it is a great experience.

Needless to say, we remain very much in need of movies like "On the Beach" up to this day.

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You Gotta Be Kidding..., 23 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

1. The little actor plays EXACTLY the same part he played in "The Day Earth Stood Still": a VERY annoying, disrespectful brat who lost his father and so has a reason to be VERY annoying and disrespectful. Exactly the same role as his previous movie! He doesn't come a thousand mile close to Ralph Macchio. In the original K.K. series, I did like the kid, notwithstanding the absolute implausibility of the story (a few karate classes turning him in to a karate champion - impossible, period); this is not the case with this sad remake. The character is not funny, nor likable.

2. The wushu championship: what kind of parents, relatives and friends are those who cheer when their beloved ones throw a punch on the face of a knocked-down opponent? WHAT KIND OF LESSON this miserable movie intends to convey???!!! And those were NOT the bad guys cheering: they were the "good" guys' moms! I can't believe this happens even in China! I was forced to explain to my nephew that that is not acceptable by any known civilized standard!

3. The "training": no comments...

4. "The final": after just a few weeks of training, the child manages to launch a Bruce Lee loop kick to win the match, after having one of his legs almost destroyed. They managed to produce a remake even more absurd than the original K.K.

A very bad movie. Period.

Surf's Up (2007)
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A Masterpiece Second to None, 12 October 2010

I have NO doubt that Shakespere, Beethoven, Da Vinci and many other great artists of the past would be amazed seeing the huge amount of wonderful artwork packed in this gracious, lovely movie.

No amount of praise would suffice to pay due honor to all those involved in the creation of Surf's Up. I can only thank you all for the superb inspiration, work, sensibility and craftsmanship.

Everything is in place. C.G., score, storyline, humor, mood. Lighting, colors - amazing colors, amazing score.

Surf's Up is truly a masterpiece, second to none.

That's the kind movie that really makes you feel joyous, that makes you realize that life is worth living, if not for anything else but for experiencing moments like those I experience whenever I watch this beautiful animation.

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