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Brookyln south, 24 June 2006

This is the best cop show to come on TV since Law & Order. I don't why they took it off the air, I did not no it was on in 1997-98. It has one if not the best shot out scenes at the start of the series of any show that has ever came on TV. The main characters of the show are all excellent and I had never seen most of them in movies before. The Desk sergeant who they call boss is so good that he must have had some great acting lessons or been a real cop. I have watch a lot of police shows and movies in my time and this one is equal if not better than most of them, I still can not believe they took it off the air after only one year but they did the same thing to the Blue Knight and look how great that TV show was and still is, there is no accounting for taste in this world some people do not no what they are missing in good shows!

Mirage (1965)
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mirage 1965, 21 June 2006

I feel this is a very thrilling movie to watch, I have not watch it for a few years but I am getting a copy of it and am looking forward to seeing it again. I do not no why the movie has not been shown more,it is not listed on the credits of Gregory Peck, George Kennedy or Diane Backer the main stars of the picture. It is a very hard picture to find, recommend it highly to everyone who likes good films! George Kennedy is his usual self doing a great job of acting, and I feel it is one of Gregory Peck finest films. It has a great plot and it keeps you on the edge for almost the whole picture. I have been trying to find this picture for a lot of years, I am glad I have found it again!

The Blue Knight (1973) (TV)
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the blue knight, 14 June 2006

I have read the book so many times I forgot how many, it was that good! I saw the TV movie when it first came out in the days before video staring William Holden and the TV show staring George Kennedy, Holden had the moxie that Wambaugh describe in his book but Kennedy had the build, Bumper Morgan weighing in at 275 pounds, the TV series was played down more than the movie was as far as attitude and Bumper way of thumping on people, but they were both excellent films and were way ahead of their time. You had to wait for Hill street Blues to come to TV before you got another true life cop show. Blue Knight was on TV in 1973 and 1975-76, Hill street did not come on tell late 80's I believe, that left a lot of years without good police shows on TV. now people are use to good shows with Law & Order and others but I remember a time when on a Saturday night at 7pm all you had to watch was Lawerance Welk, he-ha, and bugs bunny,! I choose the Bunny..