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I thought it was an above average movie., 6 October 2007

I have watched several low budget, independent films. After watching Quick and the Undead I will have to say this was one of the better zombie films that I have seen. The acting of most of the characters was above average and the cinematography was very good. The story line was overall pretty good. There were both highs and lows in the story, some of which could have been improved. One thing in independent movies that really bothers me is the condition of the actors clothing and the background. In this movie as well as others, a lot of the zombies and main characters clothing was just in too good of a condition to be believable. Dirty it up a bit! Go to yard sales and used clothing stores to outfit your actors. Also make the props dirty and used looking. There is nothing more unbelievable as someone in a post apocalyptic world with new boots, goggles, tennis shoes, hats and other props that look as if they just came out of the box. The backgrounds needs to be in a more unkept manner. This movie had what appeared freshly cut lawns and exteriors of buildings that looked well kept. Dirty it up a little to make it more believable. I liked the fight scenes and the dialogue was above average. I would tell others to watch this movie and plan on watching others by this director/writer.