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There is more to love than collecting pennies(you will have to see to understand), 1 May 2006

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I just saw this movie the other night at Mia. Gay/Lesb Film Fest. This was not our center feature film but it should have been. This movie is a feel good movie about being gay, being in touch with yourself(at some level) and relationships...... The characters are real, alive, and the insight into the experiences and emotions are through the main character "X". The narration by "X" tells you what you need to know and nothing more. It's like reading a book but there's eye candy. There should always be some mystery, some unknown factor and that's the rest of the story. The story is of a relationship that is being suppressed by the two people who need and want it most, but can't or won't confront it. I know you're wondering how can the be relationship if it's suppressed? Ever wanted to date a friend but was afraid to take that next step to tell them how you really feel? Take them to this movie...We all needed some intervention at sometime in our lives.