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Metamorphosis, a pretty cool vamp-flick, 25 February 2007

Being a big fan of Christopher Lambert and of "traditional" type Vampires, I was delighted to hear a couple of years ago that 'Metamorphosis' was happening.

Although the writers of 'Metamorphosis' were enthusiastic to portray an "original" take on Vampirism like most modern movies featuring our fanged friends do, they are still beautiful, genteel ladies and gentlemen and not a street-gang speaking in "cool" Buffy-type slang.

Mostly shot in Hungary straight after Lambert's 'Day of Wrath,' Christopher clearly enjoys playing the bad guy here, and gives us a performance that I would describe as Lord Rayden in a nastier mood. As usual, his character is a mix of dark and light, but I wish the script had allowed a bit more of an insight into his character as the write-up on the official site indicated there might be.

Irena A. Hoffman is everything you could want in a seductive Vampire, and I look forward to seeing her in other things. Scenes with her or Lambert as the main focus are certainly the most enjoyable in the movie, as the three American tourists (in real life, one Canadian, and two English) aren't very interesting.

Corey Sevier is adequate as Keith, but Jennifer Higham and particularly Charlie Hollway are stuck playing irritating, unfunny characters.

The rest of the cast is filled out by some suitable looking Hungarians, and the production is assisted by the use of genuine medieval locations.

Metamorphosis is a little light on blood and Vampire action, and struggles a bit to keep it's plot moving, but I enjoyed it.

Shower of Blood (2004) (V)
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Hmmm, 16 March 2006

Hey, it's a vampire movie! And it's got 'Sindel' from the 'Mortal Kombat 3' game! Worth a look, me thinks.

However, things start looking rather ominous after the first scene when I discover that: a) Lia Montelongo isn't wearing her MK costume b) More surprisingly (hah!), the acting's absolutely terrible!

I've seen a hell of a lot of movies that people are keen on criticising in regards to the acting, but this is the first time I've ever felt inspired to mention it myself. That first scene in the car is probably the most poorly acted scene I've ever seen.

I generally appreciate nudity, but when the very un-erotic parts of the film showcasing massive fake tits kept hitting me in the face every 34 seconds, I had definitely labeled 'Shower of Blood' a heavy beer-drinking movie, for future reference. And the audio in the 'gum chewing scene' has to be heard to be believed.

It looks extremely cheap, and was probably filmed in the producers house, since it's a very ordinary looking atmosphere-free residence.

Things pick up in the second half, and the movie starts to become fun, and will undoubtedly improve on future viewings.

Make sure you have the beer handy!

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Shoot my darlin' Vivian!, 21 February 2005

Naturally I bought this movie to see Vivian Hsu, and of course I wasn't disappointed. She is her usual gorgeous self, as she we see her get chased after, kidnapped, shot at, sing a melancholy song, and get 'tricked' left, right and centre.

The movie's about her getting kidnapped or something... I'm not sure exactly what was going on in the end, and what the main character's motivations were - but oh well, it was a pretty average action movie, with bullets flying everywhere, and people looking serious.

The first half is probably the best, when Liwa (Vivian's character) and a tax-driver are being held hostage by her mysterious kidnapper, and they're trying to get rid of him. There's quite a bit of English dialogue in the movie, but none from Vivian.

Anyway, worth seeing if you want to see the leading lady.

The Lost Capone (1990) (TV)
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Great TV-movie, 26 January 2005

I went and bought an ex-rental, and saw that it was a 'buy one, get one free' deal. Thus, I grabbed this when I saw Eric Roberts name on the cover, but it sat unwatched for maybe 8 months or so, probably because the cover of the Australian video release doesn't make it look overly interesting.

I'm glad I decided to watch on a whim however, as it is well worth taking the time to view. The setting and story is very interesting, and Adrian Pasdar is very good as the 'good' brother (Jimmy) of Al Capone.

Eric Roberts doesn't get much to do as Al for the most part except do his usual menacing routine, but he is fantastic in the final scene.

Certainly worth a rental if you can find a copy of this at your local video store, and they haven't all been given away with other ex-rentals yet.

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a film for fans of the actors, 26 December 2004

I bought this movie to see Vivian! ...and she looks fab in her school uniform!

But moving on from that important fact, this movie is moderately entertaining, though it's 'borrowing' of scenes from other movies such as the 'Back to the Future' series, and 'Home Alone' is fairly obvious.

The first half hour is the most enjoyable, with an amusing opening sequence featuring a 'cupid's arrow' flying through the air at people. The scenes featuring the little kids are less appealing.

If you are a fan of Jimmy Lin, or want to see Vivian Hsu looking her usual delectable self, then worth a look! Those two actors would later be reunited in 'Chivalrous Legend.'

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decent period drama, 4 January 2004

'Chivalrous Legend' is a pretty good period piece set in Taiwan, which follows the young years of TenDin (Jimmy Lin) as he struggles to survive a Japanese invasion.

After a while it turns into a familiar 'Robin Hood' type yarn, but it's all fairly enjoyable.

I picked up 'Chivalrous Legend' mainly to see Vivian Hsu, and while she doesn't get any screen time till towards the end, it's worth the wait.

Worth a watch.

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interesting, 3 January 2004

'Millennium Mambo' is a surreal, enigmatic film exploring the developments in the life of Vicky. Vicky is young woman who struggles to end her miserable relationship with her abusive boyfriend Hao-Hao, who she's lived with since her teenage years.

I'm left wondering whether there are hidden meanings to this film that are above my head, or whether there is actually all that much substance there in the beginning.

It all managed to be fairly entrancing however, thanks to the magnetic performance of Shu Qi, who proved she is much more then just an extraordinarily beautiful face and figure.

She effortlessly keeps the viewer's attention during endlessly long takes where not a lot appears to be happening.

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Wow!, 1 January 2004

This has to be the perfect soft porn flick; Not only is there plenty of great sex with hot Asian babes, but it's a great story as well, with plenty of chuckles. And as other reviewers have mentioned, there are heartwarming scenes too, and I really cared about the characters.

Chun Chung is absolutely adorable in the lead role, and the little girl version of herself is cute too. Shu Qi is the first thing we see in the movie, and the fact that things manage to go uphill from then on is a testament to just how good 'The Fruit is Swelling 1997' really is.

US soft porn films are almost always horrible, with sex the only redeeming factor.

But 'Fruit' is so much more! A must see!

B gai waak (1998)
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entertaining, 27 December 2003

'Extreme crisis' is a pretty decent action movie that gets better as it goes along. Their are a fair few familiar plot devices (we have 2 minutes to disarm this bomb before we're all blown to smithereens!), but the action is tense and refreshing.

It's good to see an action film that is precisely that, and not trying to incorporate humour and drama everywhere where it doesn't belong.

I bought the DVD for Shu Qi's appearence, but her screen-time in minimal in the role of the newsreader/girlfriend.

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interesting period drama, 23 December 2003

'Iron Sister' is set in the 30's and is about a young girl (Shu Qi) and her father that take in an injured man who is on the run after killing a Japanese Major. Soon after, this man begins to tear their world apart.

A very dark and depressing tale, 'Iron Sister' is of main interest to Shu Qi fans like myself, as her performance is excellent.

Unfortunatly the bravely downcast nature of the story is almost ruined by a truly ridiculous voice-over thrown in at the end, which almost make me want to rip the TV screen apart.

The film is also misrepresented by the DVD cover, which tries to make you believe you're watching a soft porn flick.

While it's hardly a 'must-see', 'Iron Sister' is almost certainly a 'should-probably-see' for any Shu Qi fan

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