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Hollywood racism at its best
12 June 2009
I would rate this movie 0 if I could.

This movie has no substance, it is merely an instrument to dehumanize Arabs!

It is nothing more than utter racism and anybody who praises this movie is either void of intellect or is a racist themselves!

Arab civilians including a 6 year old child !! is shown to use a hand-gun to fire on the Americans and thus the indiscriminate firing of the American soldiers on the civilians is justified! This is what the movie is about, it is about demonizing and dehumanizing Arabs including women, children and the elderly!

Assume just for one second that the movie portrayed not Arabs as demons but Jews! Is that idea even conceivable without being labeled an anti-semite so how is it that these people, these Hollywood folk who are mainly Jewish are allowed to regurgitate the same anti-Arab propaganda time and time again and get away with this criminal behaviour? In this instance not even a child is safe from their wicked and diabolic imaginations.

Utterly appalling and deplorable!
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American propaganda delivered well by a British director
24 March 2009
Nothing short of American war propaganda. Americans are portrayed as like Jesus in the bible, sacrificing themselves to save the world, or so they'd like us to believe.

Somalians are portrayed as barbaric cave-men, who are killed like flies without a worry in the world or fear of any consequences, where as Americans are firstly injured then die a dignified death, thinking of their loved ones and families back home.

I couldn't believe that this movie would have us believe that herds of Somalians would walk into American fire, well after all they are savages aren't they, well at least that's the message conveyed in the movie.

Reality is Americans shot and killed Somalians indiscriminately in 1994. When their lives were in danger they used human shields to protect themselves. Even before the events depicted in this movie, the Americans blew up a building killing numerous Somalians, many of whom were elders from Aidid's group, gathered to try and negotiate a peace deal with the UN.

Facts don't account for much these days, especially when it comes to goading the world into an endless war that only benefits a selected few. Clearly Hollywood is certainly one of these selected few that I speak of.
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The Imam (2005)
The Imam - a captivating movie
1 May 2006
Overall a terrific and light-hearted movie; well-written, directed and edited, it is definitely worth seeing. I especially loved the role of the village-fool, his constant, erratic out-of-line and context remarks about the village-head certainly played well with me, I couldn't contain my laughter at one stage.

I guess the only criticism i can offer is in the way that an issue raised in the movie was left unresolved. I would have liked to see closure on this, but then again, it can be argued from an artistic perspective that some issues are best left to the imagination of the viewers. So despite my apprehension on this matter, this movie has left a lasting impression on me.
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