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Please don't waste precious time out of your life, 19 September 2003

I had a comment/rant that went on and on as I drove home from this film...but I refuse to waste any more of my life than neccessary.... To sum it all up: Lots of fantastic opportunity - all lost, no thrills, no mystery, no build-up, two hours of limp backstory to finish in a single camera shot that you've seen before. If you're looking for a "creepy house" movie, go watch Amityville Horror.

Disappearance (2002) (TV)
Big answers, 21 April 2002

Like suspense thrillers we've seen before: Happy-go-lucky family ends up in the wrong place in the wrong time, Everyone speaks in riddles and innuendo, They ignore it all, get separated, find eerie and unexplainable things, etc, etc, The ending is,......................................................................... ............................................................................ ............................................................................ ......... Fill in that blank, or watch for a few hours and THEN fill it in because TNT didn't do it. If you want a satisfying ending to this eerie tale, you'd better write one yourself.

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S....L.....O......W, 14 May 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I rented this movie due to the high rating (8.2 as of this writing) and with names like Hackman, Coppola, Cindy Williams, Teri Garr and a very young Harrison Ford, it sounded like a great film. Well, if you think that, you'd be wrong.


The twist at the end was a nice thought but it comes too late and seems terribly manufactured as part of the audio tape (that we've heard at least a dozen times by then) suddenly has stress on a different word in a sentence. They had to do this or anyone would have figured out the ending the FIRST time they heard it. The technology hardly seems cutting edge (this is a 1974 film) and Hackman's character is bizarre based on 30 year pro in the surveillance business that suddenly has a conscience over a conversation that to most would be a routine "couple having an affair" situation.

I kept believing that Coppola had something great in store, but it never came about. Possibly if they had given us more about his involvement with a previous case where his work had cost people their lives, (which is briefly touched on but not flushed out very well) it would have made us feel some empathy for his character, but to me he just came off as socially inept and paranoid. The only real question he left for me was why did he not take action in the hotel, instead of turning up the TV and freaking out.

Hackman gets a much better character in a similar role in "Enemy of the State". Rent that and I'll bet you'll enjoy it much more.

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Deceit and evil? Yes. Pillowfights and T-shirts? NO!, 14 May 2001

Look at the 4.2 rating and that tells you a lot about this film. For those that put comments here including the words "hot", "steamy", "Intriguing", or "perfect" need to watch a few more movies or they are just too generous. While Jamie Luner and Alyssa Milano are both beautiful and do a fine job of working with what they have, the script is a montage of cliche.

1) Spoiled rich girl, hates everyone, does evil to all who won't kneel before her. 2) Good girl in love, hides family shame, doubts boyfriend, forgives and love triumphs 3) Girl gets pregnant, boyfriend leaves her to deal with the shame and problems, boy returns to "do the right thing".

and last: 4) Audience, desperately pressing "FF" button on remote trying to find a partially nude scene or the relief of rolling credits signifying the end to this terrible waste of film.

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Excruciating boredom with no hope in sight., 28 April 2001

Oh my gawd!!! The only reason this isn't listed as the worst movie on IMDB is that few will admit to seeing it (only 29 votes as of this writing) and fewer have lived through it to tell the horrible tale!! It's like watching a dead horse decay in the desert sun, only it's less fun and has a much worse smell! Rented on the premise of "whores in the old west, how bad could it be?" a friend and I sat stunned as this story stagnated on the screen, much like someone watching their own entrails slowly being removed; but then they might CARE about the ending. This film is so depressing it could drive Disney characters to a life of heroin and suicide. It makes Deerhunter and Apocalypse Now look like Saturday Morning cartoons. If you are ever forced to watch this, plead with your captors to kill you in any manor, or give them whatever they want, turn on your country, kinfolk and God, but DON'T watch this movie!! P.S. the one person that gave this movie a "10" rating must just be a sadistic madman who wants to lure you into his twisted, cruel world.