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MIB 2 - A Waste Of Your Time, 29 November 2002

A strange thing happened-- when I looked at the timer clock of my DVD, I had watched 45 minutes of the movie already, and it felt like it was only 10 minutes. And that's not because it's 'so good that u don't feel the time passing'... These 45 minutes went this fast because the whole movie is SO EMPTY! Till now, I cannot believe I watched the whole thing, from beginning to end. It's a total waste of ur time and money. MIB 1 didn't deserve this, and neither did we. DO NOT GO FOR IT.

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A waste of time., 28 November 2002

First of all, I totally agree with that user who said that Davis Caruso should leave his ego behind. His seriousness is nothing like the amazing Gil Grissom's, in CSI, the original show. So if you can't portray it perfectly, change ur style or change ur job. Second of all, I think it's needless to say that this show is inferior to the original CSI. Not only the 'head' of the team is a sucker, but that blonde actress... look at the SIZE of her hair. Don't u think it should cross someone's mind that that huge amount of hair may disturb the crime scenes? Or doesn't it bother when she's trying to work? It shouldn't be a surprise if in each crime scene they ended up collecting a blond female long, long hair. Another user even made a comment on her wardrobe. Of course! This shouldn't look good, they should be all dressed up, they should BE good! I didn't like CSI Miami at all! And CSI, the original CSI, is my favorite show of all times-- simply flawless. Too bad CSI Miami didn't follow it.

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Dear God, 27 September 2002

It couldn't be any worse. I had the impression that this cast and crew found me stupid, cause the scenes were just unbelievable. The production was so, so, so bad that the bad guy would murder people 'just because', and how thrilling can that be? After 14 years, the man who raised D'Artagnan remains exactly the same. Worse: Stephen Rea and Tim Roth? R u in need of money? Out of ur minds? Friends with the director? Now, really, after 30 minutes I was sleeping like a baby, and it was 9pm.

Angel Eyes (2001)
Talking about Caviezel..., 22 April 2002

I rented this movie on friday and watched it both on friday night and sunday night. I loved it. But reading the users' comments here made me wanna say a few words. It took me months to rent this movie, cause I already had a bad impression on jennifer lopez and jim caviezel. I absolutely hated her as an actress in 'the cell' and 'the wedding planner'. It looked like all she could do was whisper with an annoying husky voice! -- especially in 'the cell'. After watching 'frequency' -- which I also loved --, Caviezel also got in the list of actors I hate. He was so... slow, apathetic. But in 'angel eyes', he's just perfect! J. Lo doesn't get it right yet, but Caviezel played Catch just the way he should be. You actually feel that Catch could only act like that, look like that and react like that. The whole time he seems perfect. So it bothered me that everyone only commented about J. Lo and completely forgot about someone who did a great performance in this film. Adding to that the director's performance, we do have a great great movie. It's one of my faves now.

Tremors (1990)
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Why would you miss it?, 28 March 2002

What would you expect from a movie which tagline says "The monster movie that breaks new ground"? Nothing, right? Right. But that's where the whole 'charm' is! One of the reasons I HAD to comment it was to -- once more -- try to convince people that "Tremors" is actually a nice movie! I swear to you you'll have fun. But there's a secret to that: stop thinking, lay back on your expectations and forget you once said that cinema is only and all about Allen, Kubrick, Truffaut and Fellini. You don't always have to watch a masterpiece to have a great time.

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go for it!, 28 March 2002

"From Dusk Till Down" is actually that kinda movie that surprises you all the time (both in a good and a bad way) but doesn't make you sleepy at any time. And it doesn't last after you watched it either. BUT it's far more than an simple average movie, know what I mean? I just loved it. It's fun, funny, unusual. Nothing remarkable like acting, directing, scenario, but I watched it about twice and would definitely watch it again. I can say for sure that this is not that kinda movie that underestimates you, it simply doesn't promise anything at all, and so it won't be responsible for eventual "disappointments". Go for it with no expectations and have fun!

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:-P, 27 March 2002

Thank God there are a whole lot of other people who think exactly like me! I was beginning to feel like an ET wondering why was everyone so absolutely hyped by this movie! Just because I could make a (long) list here with real masterpieces, I can imagine the serious displeasure of so many great directors and writers when they see this bunch of people getting crazy over a movie like this! And not only 'the lord...' isn't even a comparison for actual good FILMS, it's not good at all! I think the book might have so many characters (and monsters) that peter jackson made whatever he could to fit them all in this 3 hour movie. The result: I just didn't laughed when ANOTHER weird named monster appeared, cause I wanted to cry for the money I had spent on the ticket! It's stupid, a big waste of time, and a sad proof of how low-cultured the whole world is lately. As I said: it's sad.

true delight!, 27 March 2002

Woody Allen is such a comediant! That because he's so very very intelligent and, thank goodness, also a brilliant director and writer. 'MMM' happens to be very good proof of it and, even better, it's real fun! The first time I watched it, when the movie was finished I remember I watched it all over again. And I had the same fun! Now, every time I watch it again (cause I do, again and again), I discover a few more clever little details that hadn't came to my attention before. I LOVE Diane Keaton and Alan Alda, and Anjelica Houston is perfect in the role of Marcia Fox.

I honestly hope I help u renting this movie. It's a pleasant journey through the best of Manhattan, with the company of some of the best actors Hollywood's ever presented us with, Woody Allen in his best shape and a selection of good old jazz songs that's a delight.

I don't know what this movie will do to u, but it made me want to go to Cafe des Artistes and ask for rum cake ;-)

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unpretentious..., 26 March 2002

I might be a little suspicious when talking about this movie cause Abby Barnes happens to be my alter-ego. I just loved it. It's more of an unpretentious movie, very sweet, nice ironic jokes (from Janeane Garofalo's character, surely), nice performances. Nothing outstanding or very special, though. 'The truth about cats and dogs' is that kind of movie that makes you feel exactly like one of the characters in the big screen. And doesn't it always feel just good?

Citizen X (1995) (TV)
Superb!, 25 January 2002

I'm talking here about a masterpiece. It's not only a film with actors like Donald Sutherland, Stephen Rea and Max Von Sydow. It's a movie that teaches u history, photography and the real 'how to make a movie' thing. I'm not kiddin', if u didn't see Citizen X yet, u're missing too much!

Not only all and each actors seem to be playing the characters they were born to play, but the time line shows you how was evolution in old URSS when the communism was fading. First u see a (beautiful) poster of Lenin on a wall on the street, miserable people living in miserable houses (including the detective played by Rea), really really poor soldiers in the 'police force', who don't have a single winter coat to wear and a HUGE burocracy that stops the case on which this movie is based from progressing. Than, as the communism falls appart, you get to see: the people actually acting as a community, participating the politics of their cities, the police force all formed and organized, Rea's character living in a better place with his family and owning a car, the case making real good progress (which ends with Chikatilo busted) and, of course, no posters of Lenin on the walls. It's superb.

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