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Boring, not interesting, rip-off...., 4 August 2007

Just watched this and I must say this is terribly overrated. Everybody was saying this movie was SO HILARIOUS!! But damn, they sure was wrong. The humour was very low and I laughed probably 1 or 2 times. Even though the second half of the movie was much better than the beginning still it was terrible.

This movie does remind me of Zoolander. Both of them is about a sport/job that most men think is for females and gays. And most of the jokes was making fun of the occupations. In B.O.G. they made fun of the "tricks" while in Zoolander they made fun of the looks and the expressions.

But there was one BIG difference between B.O.G. and Zoolander. Zoolander was funny and interesting. Not to mention it was the original. And yes I know Will Ferrell was also on Zoolander.

And as you can see I gave this a 5/10 after all. Well the second part of the movie saved it from an even worse rating. If I was only going to rate the first part then that would be a 2/10.

Anybody who want to name some of the best jokes in this movie and what was so funny about them? Because I couldn't really find any great jokes. But I find lots of lame "haha look how ricidolous he looks"-jokes.

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Unlike The Series You Can Only Enjoy This Once, 30 July 2007

I must say I'm disappointed with this movie. First of all it was just 77 minutes long, minus the credits. Second of all there were very few jokes and probably just one or two of them made me laugh. It seemed like the writers of this movie tried to make it among the main audience and didn't care about the hardcore Simpsons fans.

I was expecting a lot of hidden jokes just for us hardcore fans but I couldn't find them. There were just old Homer-makes-a-dumb-mistake jokes. I would like to see more parodies of movies. And I don't mean new movies but old ones, let's say from 70's to 90's. There were some, like the Titanic parody in the beginning, but very few.

I'm also disappointed that the smaller characters didn't get that much space in the movie. I would really like more Moe, Krusty, Willy, Apu and Wiggum. Since this movie was so short I guess they didn't have time. But that could have been solved by, let's say, making this movie 30 minutes longer? I read a interview with Matt Groening a couple of days before the premiere of the movie which made me really optimistic about the movie. He said that there were so many jokes they wanted in the movie but they only chose the best ones. But I guess they only had decent jokes.

Even though it was a disappointment still this was a touching movie and it had humour. But unlike the Simpsons episodes I guess you can just watch this one time and then it's enough.

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A crap version of CB4, 2 April 2007

I usually love comedies which gets bashed by the reviewers but this time I agree with them. This movie was so bad that it even wasn't funny to laugh at how lousy it is. I didn't pay for it but I still regret that I saw it because I wasted time on crap.

In 1993 Chris Rock did a movie called CB4 which also was about superstars rise and fall. That movie was pure genius. But this movie had a script which even a 10 year old kid could do better. There was some characters which were lovable but a disadvantage was that the main character didn't have any charm at all. I didn't have any feelings for him. He wasn't funny, interesting or likable. The jokes in this movie was all the same over and over again which just was annoying.

I think Chris Rock is a hilarious comedian and I even love his movies which flopped but this one... it sure was crap.

Tha Westside (2002) (V)
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Interesting material but used in a bad way!, 31 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Although this documentary included most of the important things about the Westside there's one BIG thing I'm not happy about. Why did they never talk about Eazy-E's death? They were talking about him a lot in the beginning but later they didn't even mention his death. This movie is supposed to be about Westside but they talked about Biggie Smalls' death and not Eazy's.

Some of the ones who were talking were great like Doug Young. He was really talking about it like if you actually were there and saw it happened. He was in Welcome To Death Row too, he's really important if you are making a documentary about West Coast-Hip Hop. But some of the other guests like Doggy's Angels were laughing all the time and it made you think this documentary isn't serious. But there were some other guests who were also good like Kokane and Mopreme Shakur.

This movie had important and interesting things to tell but didn't use it on a good way and the balance in the documentary was just awful. But since I am almost addicted to West Coast Hip-Hop this documentary was still enjoyable and if you also like West Coast Hip-Hop then this documentary is a must-see!