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Quigley (2003)
Terrible movie, never watch it.
4 November 2006
This is a really bad waste of your time. I would probably rather go watch some documentary than this; it's really that bad.

The acting is really terrible, and you can tell that the producers had a low budget because of the terrible picture quality. It's by far on the low end of the scale; don't waste your money on it.

I have a really hard time believing the person who made this movie that it would fare well. I had to watch it with the kids when my mother rented it because she thought it would be good for the kids. Even the kids (3, 4, 6, and 8) all thought it was pretty boring.

I agree with the other commenter, Spongebob would be a lot better to watch than this.

Overall: Just don't watch it. Don't. Don't.
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A documentary that gives an excellent illustration of the Civil Rights Movement
29 April 2006
This was an amazing movie.

It depicted a lot of footage of Rosa Parks, E.D. Nixon Jr., and many people who were related to Rosa Parks.

It gave me a very good picture of what it was like back in 1955 and during the Montgomery bus boycott.

The movie also came along with a booklet that had a copy of the original police records and also a copy of the Montgomery City Code.

It also had classroom-related discussions and questions that you should ask yourself/your class.

The movie had some reenactments; you couldn't really tell that it was not from the 1950's, as they used vintage cameras and the actors looked much like the original people.

I would definitely recommend this amazing documentary to anyone who wants to learn about the Montgomery bus boycott and the Civil Rights Movement.
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