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The Guardian (2006/I)
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ladder 49 with water instead of fire...fortunately thats not a bad thing., 9 October 2006

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Mmkay. So all in all, this movie is good. To anyone who's seen 'Ladder 49', this movie is really similar. Just replace the fire with water, I guess. Both movies are mainly tributes who risk their lives to save lives every day. But yea. This movie is worth watch, imo. Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher both did well. Ashton obviously really wants to be taken seriously, wants to be thought of as someone other than Michael Kelso or the guy from 'Dude, Where's My Car?'. He's not amazing, but for a comedic actor trying dramas, he's pretty good. =] And Kevin Costner was also good. *shrug* This movie is like 2 1/2 hours long, but if you get into it like I did, it doesn't really seem like it. I had already read about the ending online, so I knew how it was going to end before the movie even started, but it seems like a lot of people predicted it. I personally probably wouldn't have. but yea. recommended, deff. 7/10. =]

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pretty good..., 19 August 2006

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OK, of course, when people think of Ashton Kutcher, they think of characters like Kelso from That 70s Show, and Jesse from 'Dude, Wheres My Car?'. Most people don't really think he can do much beyond that. But, in 'The Butterfly Effect', his first non-comedy role, I think he did pretty well. Nothing Oscar-worthy or anything, but he was bearable and believable. But, I don't have very high standards for acting, I guess. If they're not so obviously awful that it makes me cringe, then I usually kinda like them, pretty much. I thought the story was really cool. I've heard that this movie has a lot of endings. I've seen two. One on TV, and one online(the one i saw online was the one where he went back to when his mother was having him and yea..i don't wanna give it away even though I'm putting a spoiler warning on just in case). Anyway, I preferred the one I saw online. It was really dark, and I love dark, yea I'm weird like that. That's probably why I loved this movie, cuz it was really dark and a lot of horrible things happened. So, if you don't like really dark movies, then I wouldn't recommend this one. If you do, I would.

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funny, 19 August 2006

OK, the story wasn't brilliant, and the ending was predictable. There wasn't anything really amazing about this movie. But, I loved it. A lot. It made me laugh, a lot and thats all I really care about. Brittany Murphy and Ashton Kutcher were great together, they made a really good pair. I'm not a huge Ashton fan, but I do think he is funny, and this was probably the best movie I've seen out of the ones I've seen him in. Same with Brittany Murphy, although I really haven't seen much of her stuff. Like I said, the story is simple and predictable, but if you don't care about that kind of stuff then I'd recommend for a few laughs, nothing more, nothing less. =]

i love john stamos..., 18 August 2006

Yea. John Stamos is pretty much the main reason that I still watch this show. He is AMAZING. 'nuff said. The rest of the cast is pretty good too. Lori Loughlin's also great. Bob Saget was hilarious as the neat-freak Danny. Candace Cameron is a really good actress, I wish she acted more. Anyway, the one thing I really don't like about this show is Michelle. I know, I know, shes the most popular character. And yea, she was cute before she could speak full sentences. But once she could she became a complete spoiled brat. She was obviously the favorite, and it annoyed me so bad. Oh well. It's pretty cheesy, and I don't like that they always have a heart-felt talk with the dramatic music at the end of each episode, but its a good show that makes me laugh.

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awesome, 18 August 2006

This is one of my favorite shows. The acting is good, it's consistently funny, etc. But, it can also be very serious, and deal with some pretty serious problems, but it's not dark or anything, it's a funny comedy that people of all ages can enjoy. I especially love the later episodes when Eric becomes a complete moron. That was when Will Friedle really started to show what a great actor he can be. =] And Rider Strong is also amazing. Shawn, of course, had by far the hardest life of any of the characters, and Rider Strong is just..a really, really good actor, especially when he has to act serious or upset. William Daniels was perfect as Mr Feeny, there will never be another teacher on any TV show that will be as awesome as he was. All in all, I hope the reruns stay on TV for a long, long, time because this is one of the best shows ever. =]

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,,,,,horrible, couldn't even finish it..., 18 August 2006

OK, first I am going to say, that I usually disagree with the critics. I laughed a lot at flops like 'Kangaroo Jack' and 'The Master Of Disguise', and most of the movies the critics rave about I don't really like.

However, unfortunately, this movie was every bit as bad as everyone said it was. I'd heard nothing good about this movie, and when ABC Family was playing it, I watched out of curiosity, I didn't think it could have been THAT bad.

I was wrong. The 'acting', if you can call it that, was absolutely horrible. The story was bad, the characters were annoying, there is nothing good to say about this movie. It's pretty bad when a movie is so bad that I can't finish it, but I probably watched the first half hour or so and turned it off.

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hilarious=], 18 August 2006

I love this show. Period. I haven't been watching very long, probably only about six months or so, actually, but it is now my favorite show and probably will be for quite a while. I love all of the characters, except I don't really care for Donna. I'm not completely sure why. I just..don't find her funny, and I don't think Laura Prepon is a very good actress. Other than her, I find the rest of the cast pretty good. Kurtwood Smith and Debra Joe Rupp, who played Erics parents, were extremely funny. Topher Grace is also a great actor. Unlike a lot of fans, I did not completely hate the 8th season. I still watch it, and it does make me laugh. But, if you compare it to the shows earlier seasons, its..not good. Randy is horrible. The finale was decent, nothing amazing, but good. =] I do think it would have been better to cancel the show after Ashton and Topher decided to leave, but oh well. I have the fourth season on DVD, and someday I hope to have all eight seasons on DVD. Some of its most hilarious episodes, in my opinion, were 'Dine&Dash', 'Grandmas Dead', 'Red&Stacey', and 'Streaking', but I love every episode I've seen so far, which is most of them, I think. =] 9/10 stars, I would definitely recommend it. =]