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Matchmaker (2006)
Agente Matrimoniale, 2 November 2008

Before all, I admit that the only reason cause i wanted to see this movie was the beautiful Elena Bouryka... Agente Matrimoniale (Wedding Agent), the first movie of director Bisceglia, is the story of Giovanni a guy who goes back to Sicily with Filippo, an old university friend who is an expert in making ends meet. Filippo offers Giovanni a position as partner in his wedding agency, ready to do anything, including lying to make its clients' dreams of love come true. Cause of a misunderstanding, Giovanni will know Aurora... The protagonists are young and nice and quite popular in Italy, especially Corrado Fortuna (My Name is Tanino) and Nicola Savino (famous Italian deejay). Good movie to spend 90 minutes in relax.

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Madeleine, anatomia di un incubo, 24 May 2008

Roberto Mauri ("Eva, la Venere selvaggia") was not a great director and this "Madeleine, Anatomia Di Un Incubo" is not even his most famous movie. This is a rare and obscure film, it has some nice ideas but the director doesn't follow them very fine and so we get a confusing plot. The end of this ambitious movie is quite original and interesting tough, if we think this is from 1974. I recommend to see it only for the surprising end. There is the usual Camille Keaton ("Day of the Woman", "Cosa avete fatto a Solange?"), beautiful woman but mediocre actress.

My vote is 6 on 10.

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Science Fiction from Italy, 15 September 2007

"Luci Lontane" is a simple Italian science fiction movie with a really good cast. Tomas Milian (Traffic, Amistad, etc) was very popular in Italy for different roles but here he does a great work playing a man who loses the wife. But his son keeps on seeing the mother... Plot will quickly turn in a simple science fiction story. Not bad also Laura Morante (La Stanza Del Figlio). Branduardi's soundtrack is melancholic and it gives some "maturity" to the movie. The only special effects for this movie are simple blue laser lights. Italians science fictions movies,as we know, were quite poor. My vote is 6 out of 10.

Luci Lontane = Distant Lights

The Root of Evil (2006) (V)
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Mediocre thriller horror, 30 August 2007

I am the first to comment this movie and i guess, it is because La Radice Del Male (The Root of Evil) is just a mediocre Italian Thriller/Horror. But probably, it is a little interesting because there are not many "gialli" anymore coming from Italy. The actors are not known, except for Zora Kerova (Cannibal Ferox, Lo Squartatore Di New York, Antropophagus and others 70/80 Italian horror movies). Unfortunately the acting is very bad and also miss Kerova is not in good formp. The begin of "La Radice Del Male" is quite original but the plot becomes too much simple too early. Also, the end of the movie is quite silly. A lost chance for an Italian horror revival? Maybe, but "La Radice Del Male" is quite entertaining anyway. I give 5 out of 10. Give it a try.

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Nothing new., 26 August 2007

This is another ghost story from Japan. Mariko investigates about the suicide of her sister who lived in this Apartment 1303... and do you want to know all the rest? Everything in this movie is obvious and after 5 minutes from the begin, we easily know what it will happen in the rest of the movie. It doesn't scare too much, maybe because i begin to be tired of these ghost Japanese children... Innovation is finished some years ago and there is nothing much to save about this plot: maybe just the last minutes of the movie give some "scare" . At least, the actors are decent. My vote is 4 and as you can guess, I don't recommend it.

The Mark (2003)
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Terrible Italian horror., 26 December 2006

Mariano Equizzi was the director of an interesting Italian sci-fi short movie named "Syrena". For this reason I was curious to see "The Mark" and believe me, I really wanted to like it! But, well, the movie is VERY amateurish and also very boring. It's surely influenced from the last Japanese horror movies (especially The Ring / Ringu) and it has not a single new idea. I have seen it just a week ago and i've already forgot the story. And better to not talk about the actors. I have often laughed...

As you can image this is a warning: avoid "The Mark", you will save money and time!

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Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo... again!, 26 November 2006

This is the stage show Anplagghed put on by the comedy trio Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo which has now been turned into a film to enable those who weren't able to personally attend the theatrical version of the trio's latest sketches, along with newcomer Silvana Fallisi. The show is directed by popular Arturo Brachetti and as usual, fun is guaranteed. I enjoyed the show on the big screen but i guess that theatrical version is even better.

In my opinion, these guys should get some attention also in different countries, so if u are lucky and u get a subtitled copy, don't miss the opportunity!

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Italian punk?, 5 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This Italian comedy tells the story of 4 teenage Italian punks in the first years of '90s. All the friends are named Antonio. Starting from this, we get a nice and not boring movie about "rebellion" in a small city while Gulf War is coming to change their life... The story is quite simple but it works fine. Flavio Pistilli is great as Antò Lu Purk (in the city slang, "the pig") and the others Antò are also perfect. "La guerra degli Antò" is not an usual Italian movie: someone could compare it to "SLC Punk!" but in my opinion, the Italian film is much better and realistic. What is sure is that Europeans will like it more than Americans.

La guerra degli Antò = the Antò's war (literal translation)

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Underrated movie, 21 May 2005

"Vesna Va Veloce" (Vesna Goes Fast) is a beautiful movie about hopes... it's the story of a 21 years old Czech girl who comes in Italy with a tour bus and who decides to not come back to her country. But her life in Italy won't be easy and she will need to prostitute to live.

We get a great interpretation from the lead actress Tereza Zajickova but strangely she has not done any other movie after this. Antonio Albanese is Antonio, a man who will take care about her when she will get in trouble. Antonio Albanese is a famous comical actor, but in this movie he shows to be excellent in a dramatic rule.

I have seen this movie 8 years ago and I've always thought that it's so sweet and delicated... Highly recommended