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Best Ever - No Doubt, 15 September 2009

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The shock value of seeing this episode sticks with me to this day. There is no question that this is the best final episode of any comedic TV series to date. All others, no matter how excellent, just have not been able to live up the simple, disarming, and utterly convincing ending as he wakes up. The increasingly bizarre behavior of the cast over the years as the series matured, and especially the last couple of episodes, really sealed the deal.

Hearing Suzanne Pleshette's voice and seeing her and Bob in the bed was just way too hysterical. I laughed until I cried. I was watching it with my family, and everyone just went to pieces.

Well Played Sir!

Players (1979)
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Bad Movie, Wrong Release Date, 26 June 2007

Agreed with other reviewers about the abysmal quality of the movie. Even Ali McGraw's beauty was insufficient to cause this movie to have any redeeming quality. Dean Paul Martin as a tennis hustler who goes on to reach the finals of Wimbledon? Please, give me break. How about a tennis hustler who goes on to have his legs broken by an upset mark?

Given all that, it seems a pity to waste one more erg of energy on this loser, but I have to disagree with the release date. I saw this film on a flight to Japan in early June of 1978. There was no way this was released in 1979. So that makes it the worst film of 1978, not the worst film of 1979. Now, I suppose that they might have test-screened the film to captive airline audiences to see if someone would be so upset as to throw themselves out of the plane rather than see the dragging conclusion - I could not say.

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An atypical swashbuckler, 5 November 2006

Having seen this a number of times as a late-night or Saturday-afternoon movie growing up, I caught it again yesterday on television, and was pleasantly surprised. As other posters have commented on it's faithfulness to the book or as a historical setting, I won't comment on that.

Probably due to an excellent cast, the movie manages to transcend many of the (at least now accepted) clichés and is very successful. Having Welles and Powers in leading roles obviously allows them to sell the story line in a very convincing manner. I am a big fan of swashbuckler movies, but this goes beyond the bravado with good character development. The large-scale shots were magnificent. Lots of extras, animals, etc. I was drawn into the story and quite dazzled by the cinematography.

Although there is nothing profound here, this is an easy film to enjoy.

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Excellent exposure to the life of scientists, 30 July 2006

I vividly remember watching this show with an almost religious fervor. As I recall, there were generally about 4-6 shows produced each year during it's run, and each was always worth watching. Some ended up being fairly premature given more recent developments in various aspects of the science, but most were generally very well founded and provided new insights into some of the conditions of marine life and sea life behaviors.

Near the end of the run, it became more schmaltzy and wasn't as interesting as the early shows, but that could be just me growing from age 10 to age 17. It turns out that it also gave us tons of idiosyncratic and stereotypical culture references that various humorists have been using for decades.

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Worth seeing just for Santa Barbara at it's most beautiful, 17 October 2005

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During the time this was being shot I was spending a fair bit of time in Santa Barbara on a work assignment (tough duty, eh?). I never ran afoul of the movie crowd, but I saw their antics from afar and in the newspaper.

That winter, the California coast had been totally drenched by rain for many weeks. Landslides were abundant. By the time they began filming in the spring, the coastal area was as green as I have ever seen it. The film makers did a wonderful job of capturing that on film.

*****Minor Spoiler - The solstice parade was staged in the spring for the movie, and although it was sunny that day, it was unseasonably cold. You can probably see goosebumps on the people with fewer clothes on.


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A brilliant comedy with a new twist every minute, 3 February 2001

I have always liked this show, but I just viewed it again and I was struck by how well written, well photographed, and well directed it is. Of course, Steve Martin and Michael Caine are exceptional actors who make the film work to a very large degree. The rest of the cast is so well composed and plays to the context in such a way that the film is entirely believable. Frank Oz has succeeded here much better, I feel, than in most of his other films.