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Awful action movie targetting the heavily intoxicated, 3 February 2001

Awful dialog, a plot that makes no sense, speeded-up car chases, gratuitous explosions, paper-cutout characters (not substantial enough to be cardboard). A German-Indonesian co-production in which the actors speak whatever language suited them, and then all the voices were badly dubbed at the end.

Nothing about this film appears credible; you may find it unintentionally hilarious, or you may just wonder why they (and you) bothered.

Wrong Number (1959/I)
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Odd but likeable, a bit stagy, 3 February 2001

An experienced gang have held up a post office van, but this time they killed one of the guards; a little old lady dials the wrong number and calls their hideout - will this be their undoing?

A curious detective story that is presented in a very plain, matter-of-fact way that seems quite stagy - almost like an old educational documentary - but nonetheless held my attention when I stumbled across it on Saturday afternoon TV.