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Ike: The War Years (1980) (TV)
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Great dramatization of a great man, 4 June 2006

A wonderful film about a great man. Too much of Kay Summersby as another commenter noted. The drama and difficult decisions required of Ike are presented well. His conflict with Montgomery and the great character of Churchill are presented in great fashion. His concern for the common soldier and interaction with the common soldier are heartwarming. Americans need to know about "The Great Generation" of men and women who volunteered for WWII and of the trials they endured. The film also denoted clearly the interactions between the leaders of the war effort in a realistic fashion...not in the usual Hollywood bravado fashion.

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Simple but good, anyone who loves to fly needs to see this, 28 April 2006

I guess I'm the happy ever after kind of person. The movie was fairly simple with no great deep plot. The flying was excellent and I expect that was one of the important intents as it was made for an I-Max screen. I loved the characters as simple as they were. The video was a shift back to the days when the good triumphs over evil and the good guy gets the girl. I liked the way the actors played their parts...the whole thing made me feel good. I'm a commercial pilot and everyone who loves to fly should see this video. I've known pilots who see flying as a job. This film is not for's for the kid, like Zac, who dreamed of flying from their earliest recollection of childhood times. I also know a girl just like Laura which made this interesting for me.