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A lot of great special effects, ruined by a dumb thesis, 29 August 2017

Like many classic films, the pace is slow and takes awhile to get going. There are some amazing special effects for the era. But ultimately, like the Canticles of Liebowitz (novel), it's undone by the final act that reveals a very old, uninteresting idea. Only goes to show how much anguish, fear, and suffering the world comes from people believing in the most far-fetched stone-age ideas. Totally unnecessary.

Ex Machina (2014)
This movie is not about AI, 27 August 2017

Yes, the dialog is a bit stilted but not as revelatory as you may expect. But once you realize what the film is really about, everything will make sense, and the ending that leaves so many viewers dissatisfy will turn out to be far more perfect, and far more twisted, than they realized. How much you understand this film depends on how gender biased you are. There's an excellent explanation of the film (with SPOILERS, of course) on Quora dot com that you can easily find through your favorite search engine (). But you will SPOIL the whole film if you read it before watching the movie.

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Not like the Godfather. Better., 25 March 2016

OK, the plot, the directing, etc. aren't as good. But it sticks with reality and paints a lease glamorized vision of the mob than Hollywood it the streets like to depict. The ending is logical, doesn't flinch from either side. It's almost funny the mobster review slammed this film as government propaganda. Obviously he doesn't have a brain or just skipped the last five minutes.

I'd like to remind everyone that no federal eyewitness who followed protocols have ever been killed by the people they informed on.

The only quibbles I have are with the actions being pushed towards the end, so the climax was a bit rushed. But then, that is what happens when the Family finds out that it's found out.

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Romantic movie for the religious, 22 November 2015

I had a feeling this movie wasn't as good as some people made it out to be. You really have to be religious to enjoy this movie from beginning to end. It's very simple, predictable, even vacuous, if you're a bit skeptical.

The brilliant female surgeon, who spots an angel, was made to renounce all her scientific beliefs, even training. She was reduced to asking what her roles or actions meant if people died on God's schedule.

The answer may have been glossed over a little, but the movie did not offer any alternative. The answer was most emphatically not much.

That's the kind of attitude that you need to enjoy this movie. Otherwise, stop after the first half an hour.

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A children's movie (is the book like that?), 6 September 2015

I have a feeling, although this movie is more philosophical and only mentions God a little, that religious people may find this film revelatory, despite the extremely simple messages that you've heard many times elsewhere.

The poetry's nice, the songs melodic, the animation's pleasurable, and the voice-over is very well done. So it's worth a view on TV or something, and maybe the book (which obviously don't have the songs) is worth a read.

But the movie itself really has only enough materials for children or the simple-minded.

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The plot is so sweet, 1 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm sure there are flaws, but besides praising the plot, can I just say, Laura Holt was so smitten at the end.

And that makes me forget whatever imperfections there were, if any.

The way Laura wanted to know if "he" will call, and disappointed when told "he won't". The way, after she ushered the client into "Mr. Steele's office" and hearing him greet "Mr. Steele", she was so happy she didn't know what to do, and her smile when she saw "Mr. Steele" sitting at the desk.

It all seemed so perfect a start.

Wow, I'm smitten too.

Agora (2009)
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This is a work of fiction, 6 February 2011

So it's comedy to accuse it of "inaccuracies".

No one ever has claimed this is the true story of Hypatia. It's not perfect, and it's not for everyone, but like Agora said, question everything. Including this movie.

It's not like early Christians didn't slaughter women and children of the unbelievers. It's not like they didn't chase out the Jews. It's not like they didn't murder one of the brightest female (and human) minds ever.

If you're so focused on defending your faith, maybe you've missed the whole point of the movie.

So get over it.

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Forget the "Lifetime Movie" tag, 10 October 2010

Lifetime movies have a certain reputation, and when I saw it in the name of the movie, currently available on Hulu, I was going to pass it up. But the title was atypical and intriguing, so I looked it up on IMDb and saw a good review (although I thought it was rated 5 at the time, and now it's apparently at 7; mystery). I decided to give it a try, and was very pleasantly surprised.

The acting was, for the most part, fantastic. The camera-work was competent, and the story intricate. The dialog is well-written and when I thought I figured it out, there was another twist. It was very well worth the time.

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Controversial - actress forced to perform for film?, 26 June 2009

According to the article at, one of the actors in the film, Carina Lau, was forced to appear in this movie for free. She was the victim of an infamous kidnapping shortly before this movie was made, and later photos of her in distress were published in a magazine, which has since been forced to shut down and its publisher sent to jail. The actress denies she was assaulted but there was a movie leaked on net that allegedly showed her being gang-raped. (The Hong Kong press, out of respect for her, has mostly refused to report on the incident, but google will turn up a few articles about it.)

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A must-see for the American public, 26 April 2009

Character-wise, this movie doesn't have the complex figures of the best political thrillers. Dialogs are the brightest. Editing is great and the music's appropriate without being too prominent. But those are small quibbles when it comes to one of the most honest major features to come out in a long time. You'll hardly know where the facts end and where the fiction begins, because so much of it, barely obscured by a change of name, is real. As much a fiction this movie is, it may as well be a documentary.

I watched this in a mostly empty theater on a Sunday night. Americans, they told you so.

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