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"Vanished" (2006)
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Loving it., 25 October 2006

I really and truly love this show. It's a great mystery, crime, and thriller television program. The plot is so gripping, and every episode I always think, "Why NOW? Why did they HAVE to end it NOW?". Really annoying, but it makes the show that much more interesting to have a good cliff-hanger.

I like how it combines elements of crime shows like CSI with all the detective work, and the FBI. There's a lot of drama as well. Each episode, more history is revealed about the main characters to keep you guessing who's the culprit, who's innocent, and who's an accomplice. I honestly have no idea how anyone is involved with the case. And I'm an avid watcher. That's good though.

I definitely recommend it, though it might be hard to understand if you've missed the first seven episodes.