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My son who is 8 & a half years now, has chosen these Animation films & tv series as the best ....he has been watching tv since age of 1 (my fault),has seen all these & many more...even has dislikes like coraline,monster house,christmas carol type scary films but got 50 listed below as his favourites...has seen these on dvd(tv) & cinema house both in 2d & 3d format accordingly....i fully agree to his sensibilities...though if u ask my favourites that would b the jungle book & looney tunes series any day....after all we all grew up on tom & jerry & then graduated to watch new forms of animations but still have our own memories & choices.
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hindi films & south asian....films about the land , people & their aspirations, happiness or fears.....jst putting the names as they come to my mind bringing back great memories...
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Some famous & not so famous Films which i Like to See Again & Again because they just didnt entertain or inform but made me understand life
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my love for moving images began with mtv music videos in mid eighties which developed into passion for music & cinema later .....i still like to c these videos as they take me into a relaxed state of mind...there r more dvds which i have to list here soon.