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hindi films & other south asian films... about the land , people & their aspirations, happiness or fears.....just putting the names as they come to my mind bringing back great memories... have included masterpieces as well B Grade stuff too...but tried to keep it original and tried to include as less remakes from hollywood ;))...this appx 500 films compilation is painstakingly done both genre wise as well as actor wise.... but first 100 are definitely my first favorites...
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Some famous & not so famous Films which i Like to See Again & Again because they just didnt entertain or inform but made me understand life...i have deliberately not included films which made their way in IMDB Top 250....for that see my next list about 100 fav from IMDB top 250 ..
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IMDB has a top 250 film list where by default , films with most ratings get a slot..out of these i select/choose further as my 100 favourites
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My son who is 9 now, had chosen these Animation films & tv series as the best since when he was 5 ...its updated now, .he has been watching tv since age of 1 (my fault),has seen all these & many more...on dvd(tv) & cinema house both in 2d & 3d format accordingly....i fully agree to his sensibilities...though if u ask my favs that would b the jungle book & looney tunes series any day....after all we all grew up on tom & jerry & He Man or Spiderman on DD then graduated to watch new forms of animations now but still have our own memories & choices.
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my love for moving images began with mtv music videos in mid eighties which developed into passion for music & cinema later .....i still like to c these videos as they take me into a relaxed state of mind...there r more dvds which i have to list here soon.
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