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I was pleased what i had seen, thanks for individual performances, 24 October 2011

First of all this movie made me 1) Use my brains and think positive 2) Laugh at least few times 3) Positive mood. So it's definitely not a bad movie! It makes you open your mind a bit, like Sandlers "Click" (but not that good movie IMHO).

Really the backbone of "Father of Invention" are actors performances... K Spacey and J Knoxville are the first ones on my mind, also H Graham performed well. I usually get easily bored by movies, but now i was enjoying the whole 90 minutes (thanks for Spacey). With b-class actors i probably would have disliked the whole movie.

Plot isn't anything special, it has already been used -feeling. I would have hoped to see more of "Inventor"-aspect as there ain't many inventor movies. I think it's possible to make a lot entertainment out of it.

Nice little movie to watch if you don't want anything too serious but no mindless/dirty humour either. By the way this is my only IMDb review so far, i had the urge to write it because i felt so much difference to previous very negative review. This tells something about the movie, i don't usually want to "defend" the movies i like.