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Heaven (2002/I)
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Very strange, but also very good movie., 12 May 2008

This movie is a really strange one. It has a strange sort of atmosphere around it. The acting is very good, the cinematography is really special with some amazing, beautiful scenes that leave you in awe. Also the music is well chosen. It's not original music, but by Arvo Pärt. I'm not going to explain why this film is so strange. Watch it, and you'll see for yourself. It starts already with the strange, but really well done opening scene. Also the end is so strange. I liked this film, because the story stays interesting, but especially because of the strange atmosphere and cinematography that this film has. Watch it, it's nothing like you've ever seen before. This film is from director Tom Tykwer, director of Lola Rennt, Perfume, ...

Fitna (2008)
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Not a bad movie. Geert Wilders makes his message clear., 28 March 2008

There was a lot of fuss in The Netherlands about this movie before it came out. It was expected that this would a very controversial film about the Islam. But when I saw it a few hours ago, I thought it wasn't as controversial as I thought. Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician makes his message clear. Certainly not all people will agree with his message. I myself don't completely agree myself, but I dó think there are some points that he's right about. Just to make myself clear: I am nót a racist! I have friends from all over the world, from every continent, even some Islamic people. I don't mind what color of skin my friends have or by what name they call god. But, there are some Muslims that dó care about that. And I don't agree with these extremist Muslims. To come back to the movie, it's O.K., some parts are really well done. But in general, this isn't a really extremely controversial film. What I think about all of this: there are many people from Turkey and Morocco that come to The Netherlands (the same thing in Belgium) because these are rich countries and they want to look for a better life. Of course there's nothing wrong with that, but the problem is that many of them don't bother to adapt to the western norms. They don't learn our language, they keep talking Turkish or Moroccan, a lot of the (especially older) women wear head scarfs, there's a high rate of criminality. That is what troubles many people in Belgium and The Netherlands. We just expect that everyone that comes to our country does an effort to adapt to our norms, rules and regulations. Not all foreigners are like this (I don't want to generalize) but most of the Turks and Morrocans áre like this.

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Awful, sick, disgusting cartoon series!, 28 March 2008

I don't understand why so many like "Happy Tree Friends". I watched 4 episodes of it, and I had more than enough. It's simply a sick series. And it's supposed to be funny. Do the makers really expect that people would laugh at this? Well, unfortunately the makers were right, because there are a lot of people that like it. A lot of my friends even like it, but I simply found it awful. I really can't understand what is funny about this series. Apparently there are many people that dó like it... what I would like to know, is whý these people like it. I'm gonna ask some of my friends why they like it so much. Because I really don't understand why anyone would enjoy this crap.

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Very good and entertaining film by Michael Bay!!, 4 January 2008

Again, Michael Bay gives us a very good entertaining film from beginning to end. Transformers is a real blockbuster. It has everything necessary in it to entertain you from beginning to end: good acting, special effects, excellent cinematography, good story, excellent music,... Michael Bay knows how to make a movie, that's for sure! Shia LeBoeuf is very well cast as the lead actor, and also Megan Fox is well chosen because she acts pretty good and she looks nice too! The transformers are really well done. That surprised me,because I thought the robots would just be stupid fighting machines, but here the Autobots have actual emotions and that I really liked. I loved the interaction between the robots and the humans. The things Optimus Prime said about the human race were nothing less than beautiful and was one of the best parts of the movie. The film was also pretty funny sometimes. Now some critics apparently hated this movie, but I don't care at all. Almost everyone whom I talked with about Transformers liked it. And that is what really counts. Transformers is an excellent combination of action, romance, humor, emotions and CGI-effects. With all these things I still add the excellent cinematography and music and simply excellent direction in general. I've seen all the films by Michael Bay now and I'm really looking forward to Transformers 2 and 2012: The War For Souls!

Go and watch Transformers! It's really good!

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A masterpiece!, 4 January 2008

Black Hawk Down is a really intense, intelligent, violent, moving film. I can't think of anything bad to say about it. Or perhaps that there is maybe a little too much violence for some people. But this violence makes this movie very powerful. The score by Hans Zimmer is a masterpiece en really haunts you. Of course, I expected it would be good because of the director Ridley Scott. But still, I wondered what the result would be if Ridley Scott worked together with producer Jerry Bruckheimer. I can only say 1 thing about that: the result was amazing. This is a very very powerful film, which is well acted, has amazing, beautiful cinematography and has an amazing haunting score by Hans Zimmer. It's a very violent movie, but also very realistic! A true masterpiece!

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Excellent, emotional film!, 2 December 2007

A Walk To Remember has a special meaning to me, it is my girlfriend's favourite film and I saw it the first time with her! And, I must say, I was very surprised! I think this is an excellent film! The further the film goes, the more serious it gets. In the beginning, it's not that memorable, but the film gets better! The acting is very good by Shane West and Mandy Moore, Mandy Moore who also sang the songs in the movie. This film will really touch you, I can guarantee that! A Walk To Remember is an excellent film by Adam Shankman. Everyone should check this movie out! It's amazing! Don't be mistaken, this is not a romantic comedy, it's a romantic drama.

The Island (2005)
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Beautiful, amazing film! A masterpiece!, 2 December 2007

The Island is a sort of special film for me. I don't know exactly why, but it is one of my favourite movies. Well, actually I dó know why: everything in this movie is very good! The story, the acting, the music, the cinematography, the direction in general! The story is really intriguing and interesting; the acting is very good by Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor, but Djimon Hounsou and Sean Bean are even slightly more amazing. The music composed by Steve Jablonsky is amazing and fits very well with the movie. The cinematography is also brilliant. It's amazing how much beauty can be found in this film. Respect for the director Michael Bay! I liked all his previous films too, but this one is even better! I heard that it didn't do so well at the box office, and I think that's a shame, because I haven't seen many films that are as good and that had such an impact on me. There are many beautiful scenes and the end scene is really excellent. There are 2 véry small negative points: at some moment in the film, the action is a little bit too much and there are a few silly scenes. But these are only very small things that actually do not matter, because, like I said, this is a masterpiece! If you haven't seen it yet, go and see it as soon as possible! You won't be disappointed! Objectively speaking,this film doesn't have a bad rating (6.9/10) but it's still very underrated! If you watch it, try to watch it on an as big screen as possible. This movie is the best when you watch it in the cinema.

The Rock (1996)
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Very good, entertaining and a bit over the top (not meant negatively) film by Michael Bay, 11 November 2007

The Rock is, like most other Michael Bay films excellent entertainment! Michael Bay succeeds again in making a very good film. I don't understand why there are people that hate all his films. Anyway, this film has everything that is necessary to be entertained: good acting, excellent score by Hans Zimmer, Nick Glennie-Smith and Harry Gregson-Williams; excellent action scenes and a beautifully done cinematography. In many films the action scenes can be a bit boring, but in a film directed by Michael Bay, the action is mostly pretty good. Some shots in The Rock are really beautiful. But I'm not going to go in detail. Just watch The Rock, you won't be disappointed!

There's still 1 thing I want to say: I don't care what many other people say, I like Michael Bay. He's a good director!

300 (2006)
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Nothing like you've ever seen before., 9 November 2007

300 is really a special film. It really looks spectacular. The visuals are amazing. The movie is (except for the actors) almost completely computer-generated, so of course visually, this is amazing. But this didn't come as a surprise to me, because I had heard a lot of things about the film. But what díd surprise me, is that the acting and the screenplay were also good. Gerard Butler is really excellent and the dialogs are actually quite intelligent. The music by Tyler Bates is also good, sometimes even excellent. The story itself is not that good, but it's enough to keep you entertained. Sometimes the battle/fight scenes are a bit too much, but they were really well done. Zack Snyder did a good job directing this film. Good entertainment, but not more than that. It's not a masterpiece.

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Some parts are good, but it's not a completely convincing movie, 9 November 2007

I don't really know very well what to say about this film. The acting was good, the music by Air generally too and the cinematography sometimes too. But one way or another, this film didn't completely appeal to me. Director Sofia Coppola has talent I think, because some scenes in her movie were beautiful. But this is her first film, so it's quite normal that this film isn't entirely convincing. The main problem with this movie -I think- is that the story wasn't developed well enough. The basic story seems interesting, but it simply should have been developed more. In general the acting was OK, especially Kirsten Dunst (from whom I think is a very good actress) did a good job. If you don't have too high expectations, you could perhaps enjoy it, but for me, it's a bit disappointing.

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