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He looks at the cabinet, moves toward the cabinet, gets closer to the cabinet, now he's opening the cabinet, 19 November 2006

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I almost want to give it a ten for being so perfectly horrible but the fact that he takes this so seriously makes it so bad. I can't help but watch it. It's great! I'll be waiting for the next 2000 chapters, but he calls it "hip-hopera". There is no movement to the music after a chapter ends, he rhymes the same word several times in a row. It's plain awful from a musical standpoint but the fact that it's a farcical, unintentional laugh riot, makes it totally awesome! My favorite line is when the midget (and i love that he's referred to as "the midget") says "oh god, I think I just shitted on myself. How could he sing that line with a straight face?