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don't do what i did and pay good money for this dross, 8 March 2003

this is a personal plea to all the intelligent movie goers who may stumble on this site. Assuming that they may also at some point later, have the choice of whether or not to watch this film. DO NOT WATCH THIS REALLY REALLY TERRIBLE FILM! The plot is hopeless, the direction lame with dialogue about as funny as a cold bath. It is a romantic comedy without romance (there is not the slightest amount of chemistry between ANY of the stars) and it is not funny (not even one lousy line that lightens the gloom) Its over talkative, it takes far too seriously. It starts slowly, finishes really badly and is boring in the middle. There should be a law against people wasting talent like this. There are so many fine actors involved (Hugh Jackman in particular) we shoud have got, at the very least, a half way decent film. I want my 90 minutes of life back that i wasted on this dross.

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disgraceful, rotten, pretentious nonsense, 8 September 2001

I loved everything that Stanley Kubrick did, and made a special effort to see this. What a mistake! From the opening (Nicole Kidman on the toilet....was that really necessary?) through its endless over-talkative, pretentious so-called "twists" I remained totally bored. The only thing one can say about this tosh is that the only talent wasted on it was Kubrick's. Neither Tom Cruise or Nicole Kidman have talent to waste: both are greatly over-rated.

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Dated but fun, 5 June 2001

The Lovers! is not a great film, or even a particularly good film. It will never win awards. It is typical of the low cost British TV-based movies of the 1970s. It is really nothing more than an expended TV special. But for some reason, I have retained a copy and, every so often (when I need cheering up usually) I play this film. It has a certain innocence. Nostalgia for a age that has past. Both the leading actors are excellent and there is a host of good supporting actors. The script is hardly hilarious but there are times when the one liners bring a smile. All in all, it is a pleasant way to spend 90 odd minutes.

Dogma (1999)
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so much talent on display wasted on over talkative nonsense, 5 June 2001

So many good actors. A fantastic idea. At last, a truly black comedy against religion. Moreover, an intelligent film that didn't have to rely on endless special effects. It should have been great. So why then did I get so bored half way through? There was just too much talking, too my theology (they seemed to be trying to get a mention to just about everyone in the Bible ) The film moved away from the original idea,ie that it was supposed to be a work of ENTERTAINMENT. Half way through it stopped being funny and became a theological exercise. I almost expected that there was going to be a quiz at the end! All this, plus a truly appalling performance by Linda Fiorentino! Why did she act drunk all the time? I have always liked her but in this she was simply dreadful. At best, sadly, is a 4 out of 10

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Avoid this movie at all costs, 24 April 2001

It was another saturday night alone. The wine bottle was nearly empty and I had reached the giddy heights of being bored out of my tiny mind. So, I'll admit it! I watched this film. Worse, much worse, I stayed till the end. Oh, I was a little drunk and a little lonely but its not really an excuse. OK, so I once fancied Sandra Bullock! Even so, I shouldn't be admitting to having watched the biggest load of self-indulgent garbage that has ever graced my TV. Can someone please tell me what this film was supposed to be. A romance that was not in any way romantic (the two leads do not have the slightest chemisty). A drama that wasn't dramatic. It certainly wasn't funny! Watching any film with Gena Rowlands is bad enough but here, she is simply terrible. And she is the best actor in the film!! Please do not watch this film. It is a really slow moving, badly directed, badly acted, badly scripted load of tosh! After seeing this excuse for a movie, I have decided to "Get a Life". So should you