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Interesting danish film
23 July 2003
A totally unique film in Danish film history. A post-apocalyptic science fiction film. Only a little more than 3000 people saw the film in the Danish cinemas, but it´s not really that bad. It's a mixture of Italian "Mad Max" rip off´s, Andrei Tarkovsky´s films, Lars Von Triers "The Element of Crime" and Luc Besson´s "Le Dernier combat".

The theme is your responsibility to do what is right, even though you have been ordered to do something else. It's a film which in many ways are very similar to Kristian Levring´s other films. It´s also about isolated people under enormous pressure, and how they react under these extreme circumstances.

This film tries to both be an art cinema film and an action film, but do not succeed completely in any of the genres. But still it´s not uninteresting. The biggest problem with the film is the really bad sound work, which means that the lips are not in sync when the actors are speaking. Steen Jørgensen, the singer of the famous danish band Sort Sol plays the films bad guy "Gule"("Yellow"), but Sort Sol has not delivered any of the music to the film.
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A shocking film
1 July 2003
This is a film which was shown to doctors and other medical staff to get them to volunteer to go to Vietnam. It's the most bad taste commercial you will ever see, and you really have to see it to believe it.

Throughout the film there is a voice-over telling us about how great it is to work in an army hospital in Vietnam during the war. The voice-over is telling us how great the scenery in Vietnam is, and how good it is to work in the army hospitals which are air-conditioned and very modern. He's also explaining how many different kind of exotic wounds and burnings the doctor will meet when working in Vietnam, stuff a doctor never will meet when working in a normal practice in USA.

While the voice is telling us this, we also see some of the badly wounded soldiers getting treatment. In close ups we see all kind of wounded American soldiers getting treatment. Among other things we see a guy who nearly had his head shot off by a grenade miraculously getting fixed by the doctors "so in only a few days he'll be ready to go back in combat". We also see a soldier who's been hit in the head by a big bullet which the doctors somehow manage to pull out, and a afro-American soldier who has been badly burnt by a napalm bomb, getting treatment. And it's all real documentary footage, and very, very ugly to look at.

This is absolutely not for the faint at heart. I saw the film in a small film club, and though the audience thought they new what they were going to see, and were used to see all kinds of gore, more than half of the audience left the screening room.

If you see this film, it will haunt you forever and make you lose confidence in the judgment of medical authority.
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I, a Woman (1965)
Danish erotica
24 July 2001
An underrated early Danish erotic film. Beside a small masturbation scene and a little nakedness, there isen´t much sex in the film but it works on other levels. It´s beautiful shot in black and white, has a "new wave" kind of editing style, good acting and a lot of humor. Radly Metzger imported this film to USA and earned a LOT og money on it. It started his attention on what could be done economically and artistically with the erotic genre.
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Menneskedyret (1995)
A very enjoyable film
26 March 2001
Because this is a film for adults with a child as the main character, it has never really got the attention it ought. But actually it´s a very subtle and touching Danish film about a child´s loss of innocence. It was the first film of Carsten Rudolf and won the two main Danish film awards, the Bodilprize and the Robertprize for best film.
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nice danish comedy
30 January 2001
A both touching and very funny danish film about a group of Danish men who takes on a drinking-trip to Poland. They drink vodka, fool around with the polish woman and behave totally crazy. In Danish reviews it has been regarded as a bad comedy, but this is not all true. It also has more subtle layers. Well known danish actor Peter Gantzler gives one of his first screen-performances in this picture, and he is really good. >
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