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Les Tuche (2011)
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possibility of a good french comedy but...disappointing, 17 February 2014

The film uses a recent phenomenon appears with the creation of national lottery games like "euromillion" with astronomical money gain for ordinary people.

A total change of way of life with his social differences are a good plot for a comedy, (maybe too much.) Here despite a very good team with Jean Paul Rouve, Isabelle Nanty, Olivier,... the film does not take off. The film uses all possible social "clichés" of this situation, without be "grotesque". The film is completely flat (or empty) and finally becomes uninteresting, boring.

Not 0 but disappointing

One of the best video games adaptation, 12 February 2014

One of the best video games adaptation 8/10

For resident evil 1 and 2 video game fans, and animated sci-fi horror movie fans. The others you can try, why not, it's a really good one of this different categories.

One of the best video games adaptation I've seen. Of course His format, technical choice (animation, motion capture,…) is the best choice for a video game adaptation. And here the technical result is brilliant.

For more appreciate this movie you need to know or to play at resident evil (biohazard) 1 and 2 (playstation 1), and with this experience, this movie is a logical extension of this first episodes (opus).

Sometimes the story bogged down ("loses") but we can forgive this point.

We seem to play at the video game (here it would be the third opus). It's really a very good adaptation and so realistic by his technical success so realistic (animation, motion capture,…)

A very good success like can be, for example, the Shinji Aramaki movie (apple seed, Albator,…) or Vexille (2007) or the final fantasy movie, this kind of fantasy sci-fi movie.

A must to see for all the fan of the video game and the fan of this kind of animation.

I have just the feeling that the film look like difficult to finish his story,...but...anyway

see you


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nice western, 30 January 2014

The unforgiven is a nice movie, western. That is a good story which find in this movie a good adaptation for the cinema. This story is about a Indian woman who live since she was baby with a white farmer and cattle and horse breeder family. and naturally with the impulse and the coming of an old man who know the true, the Indian Kiowa want to rehabilitate the girl.

The story is the opposite (inverse), contrary of the searchers (1956) with John Wayne and Nathalie Wood.

In the unforgiven the girl make a different choice for the issue of the story. The story is good because the mystery and a little suspense appear, and it is on the top with the Indians.

One of assets in the unforgiven is the photography. We have beautiful pictures in this film.

And we find a great Audrey Hepburn, who give something magic and mysterious anytime she is on the screen.

A nice western to see.


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Good surprise but..."far away" from perfect., 26 October 2013

Realized after "Star Wars" and with similarities, San Ku Kai is considered the "Japanese star wars". This film is not really effective with specials and technical effects like can be "star wars", we can feel and see too much the models and other special effects. But,nevertheless, the story is good. Except few sequences are particularly coarse (bad) in achieving (direction) and some actors. Note the good performance of some actors like, for example, Vic Morrow or like the famous Sonny Chiba.

If you have seen the series and you appreciate it, it's nice and interesting to watch this movie. It is funny too to note that the technical faults, mentioned just before, are the same in the series and the movie.

A good time despite his technical and some ridiculous sequences.

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useless and business, not a kid story!, 20 October 2013

The book (Pergaud's novel 1913) is now part of the public domain, that's why there're two films this year about this story.

No very big interests, It's looks like mainly and only as a business movie.

Despite a good mechanic and good kid casting and pictures (with a little bit too much works with numeric computer); the story is far from the film "la guerre des boutons" (1962).

The background of the WW2 become most important than the war between the two villages. This background is here only for a most efficient drama of the story, because they don't know written and do simple and efficient story and make movie like, for example, the old one "la guerre des boutons"(1962). They forget something with the money's attractiveness: It's mainly a kids story not adults story! (They're a parallelism between kids and adults but adults have just adults place in the original one).


Appleseed (1988) (V)
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A good and enjoyable anime and faithful (loyal, adequate) to the manga., 18 October 2013

A good anime and faithful (loyal, adequate) to the manga.

This animate movie, from the manga of Masamume Shirow "Appleseed", remains faithful. It includes the design, the characters and theirs characters, the tone and his comic, and one of the major story lines of the world of "Appleseed" are developed . Namely, through the city Olympus, the new world created for humans after the major global conflicts and their management by broods race created to manage and keep safe the humans. This "golden cage", as it's call in the animate movie, poses ethical problems through governance for the human world by non-human entities.

We can be a little unfortunate (disappointed) that the introduction out of the Olympus from the manga, is deliberately set aside to penetrate directly into the film's plot and probably to be consistent with the desired duration. But this shelving (lack) is recovered by a sequence in the film where the role (part) of Hitomi is explained about it.

The action, intrigue and pace (rhythm) of the film is very consistent. It's a very satisfactory achievement for this time and probably his budget.

The soundtrack is unobtrusive (discrete) but perfectly accompanies the action. A good and faithful manga.

The film is short (a little bit more than 1H) with a very good "rythm".

Cult and offbeat cartoon for informed public, 18 October 2013

First realization is surprising by its precarious and quirky side but quickly mesmerizes (hypnotized), then the type of design with big features, of dubious (doubtful) entertainment and a little trash of the first story is not to all tastes. But we quickly forget this prejudice as the history and background captivates us. We must put this cartoon U.S. in its time (1981 release) and suddenly found some quality and undeniable artistic cachet; Japanese animation , in the same period was to Goldorak and Harlock 78 when its design. This achievement is even amazing on certain sequences like the B 17 which is turned around, or even more than during the flight of the Taarna's bird.

The film is completely shifted (quirky) but the story, at least the storieS are exciting and captivating. Indeed, the history includes several stories, like the "Tales from the Crypt" or "Creepshow" or "quicksilver highway" (1997, by Mick Garris),…, here with a common factor: "the evil" incarnate by a green ball. This representation of evil reminds us of the movie "The Fifth Element" by Luc Besson (1997) with the taxi and unexpected girl passenger in distress. As heavy metal music and atmosphere and the presence of John Candy reminds us some scenes of "Spaceballs" by Mel Brooks (1987).

The soundtrack is a reference here, as the heavy metal parts and the high quality philharmonic.

This is a high quality film! It is true that there are already talents in this production as Ivan Reitman or Harold Ramis, John Candy , ...

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Conspiracies and succession of Henry the 2°., 17 October 2013

The lion in winter.

The lion in winter is a historical film about a specific period of " Plantagenet empire " and the legendary historical figures as Henry the 2°, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Richard, Jean ... We towards the end of the reign of Henry the 2° and it is therefore question of his successor during a celebration of Christmas at Château-Chinon, the family are together and conspire with Philippe, the young king of France. The choice of this moment in this family is a good idea because it is a period where you can see all the motivations, claims and acquired of each character. There must still be a minimum of historical knowledge about these characters to fully enjoy the film. The movie takes place in major part behind closed doors in the castle, which increases the tensions between the characters, but overall is too stuffy and too few outdoor scènes, we need breath sometimes outdoor. The characters and their conspiracies are supported by a lot of sequences of discussions and then we can feel a certain lack of actions. But one of the highlights of the film is its cast, Peter O'Toole, Katharine Hepburn, Anthony Hopkins, Timothy Dalton,... reinforces and gives credibility to each character. The film based on the characters he is happy to see these great actors. A very interesting point is the reconstruction of the medieval era, for example, in the courtyard where everyone turns to his task, especially in the costumes and other decorations of the royal court . In fact we are not in a universe filled with splendor and opulence of wealth, which seems much more believable that we usually see.

An interesting point of view and beautifully served by its actors, but the film can be disappointing, especially by a lack of action and characters that can be annoying. (Be careful on this last point, the French version I watched is not very good, but it is a legitimate historical interpretation of these characters).

Red Sonja (1985)
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a little bit technical disappointed fantasy movie, 18 June 2013

This is a important "culte" film for my very personnal universe, but...what can we say? "red Sonja" looks like a Conan 3. Indeed it is done just after the second episode is an adventure independent, Kalidor looks like Conan but it will eventually Red Sonja (the original title). It remains in the spirit of Conan the Destroyer also directed by Richard Fleischer, a simple action film in the barbarian fantasy universe. Despite the promising features such as the introduction superbly served by the theme music of Ennio Morricone, the film is still disappointing, in the tradition of Conan the Destroyer elsewhere.

Red Sonja warrior wants to avenge the theft of an artifact to excessive and destructive powers and the death of her sister. Kalidor who have just enough time to bring Varna (Sonja'sister) to Sonja, will travel with Sonja to have this revenge. By the way they will encounter a couple slightly loufouque a young prince insolent child and his faithful servant, who go to avenge the destruction of their city kingdom. This group of four raiders will travel to the palace of Queen Gedren to avenge her.

The plot is fast. We quickly found the palace And very quickly to meet the wicked queen and the four raiders. A very fast action and fighting clumsy especially in the interpretation of stunt or figuration with a great reinforcement of the decor that smell strong cardboard a inanimate sea monster and the atmosphere of the film resembles a large series B to moderate budget.

This movie is disappointing despite the talents involved. But all fans of barbaric fantastic and simple fantasy films must watch it because this universe is too rare in a movie.


The Invasion (2007/I)
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thriler sci fi action, 8 July 2011

This film is more a suspense / action movie than a "pure science fiction movie"

In fact, the alien virus arrived on Earth in a sloppy screenplay (not so much looking for another way some "big facts" of reality). The virus came so simple as the crash of the space shuttle; source timidly criticized handling (manipulation) of the introduction of the pandemic, the virus then, only serves to justify the action highlighted in this film and to feed the beautiful and idealistic but still simplistic poor and childish main idea defended in the movie . "Take any newspaper, for better or worse we are again human. Imagine a world (...) where every crisis will not lead to atrocities. Imagine a world where human beings cease to be human. "And the way to end the movie with this resumption of dialogue makes us feel too" big "release researched which is weak and unsuccessful (and here the viewer is going to say wow! yeah!).

An allegory that raises fears today: terrorism and infections. This view is interesting but the film is content just to quote and make it appear he did not dig, he just basically favors the action that follows.

An introduction a little bit too long for the development of the "depth" of the main plot, one or two scenes are too much or maybe too long. There is a false rhythm.

Despite a final cut not always wise, as the pre introduction to intensify only the announcement of the film's title, or as the use of a fitting cross cut on events close in time and experienced by the same characters, and may eventually need confuse the understanding of history, this figure of speech completely abandoned when the action is more intense where there the linear reading of events is used. Often artificial cut that gives us the feeling that this cut is just made to be highlighted and do not necessarily serve the story. However the desired action of the film, the heart of the film, is generally well done, its ambiance is good and like its main objective to keep the viewer well "awake."

Atmosphere that is reminiscent of the sci-fi movies of the 50, of course as "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (Don Siegel) that this is the fourth remake, or even "War of the Worlds" (Byron Haskin ) ... or more recently "signs" (M. Night Shyamalan) by the dominance of sensations.

The actors are empty flat, it really does not attach to the characters except may be for heroin well played by the lovely and good looking Nicole Kidman who takes a lot of the movie on his shoulders.

A very poor film which can be O.K if you want the thrill of the action, otherwise you can go your way without regret.


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