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27 December 2009
This "christmas" comedy film is just awful and dull. From the first scene on, there is nothing interesting going on, and when you think this movie can't get any worse, it does... They start singing. And the graphics; well it looks good in theory, but in film it just look morbid and dark. Why did they have to make it so realistic? Just look at "Up" by Pete Docter, it looks very cartoonish and silly, but soooo much more fun then this piece of garbage. Well I must admit, after hour and a half I stoppes watcing, so maybe the last half hour is much better, and my critic is therefore non accurate, but I really don't think so, since as i recall, this movie got all worse, not better with progress. By the way i like both Zemeckis and Tom Hank movies, and i love 3d cartoons. But this one; well, no thanks... Stay away.
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Avatar (2009)
well, great effects...
23 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
OK I just saw this movie yesterday in 3d cinema. I had to comment it, cause every ticket was pre-sold and everyone seemed to really enjoyed this film. I never saw any movie in 3d before, so naturally in first hour or so I was blown away by the effects and colors of the film. They are just amazing, even more with those awesome 3d effects. Also the story in the first hour was quite good and quite original (well not completely i must say). But after that is just cliché after cliché after cliché. i mean come on? !? How many times we saw a outcast good guy becoming a leader of a group, and a girl who finds him khm lets say less attractive, and then off course falls in love with him, and movie does not miss all those good guy-bad guy (off course portrayed black and white; good guy is just all good, and bad guy has only bad qualities). I became so bored trough the film that i thought that i will fall a sleep. It's very obvious that Cameron did not want to experiment with anything, he made this movie for money, so nothing new did he want to show us, just so that he doesn't lose any audience. He made a film trough formula for massive gain.

The story without those clichés and non existing character development has a great potential, however it was totally unused due to all the money they invested in this, so they were sure they will not lose any.

Well all being said i enjoyed those 2 and a half hours, in the middle i was bored like i said, but then i just stopped thinking to much and just enjoyed the visuals. All those wannabe heart warming clichés didn't touch me a little bit. And trust me I am a guy who easily cries with movies :).

I believe however, if i had 15 or mostly 16 years I would very much enjoy this title. I give it 6 out of ten for the thrilling effects.
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The Postman (1997)
a good movie
28 December 2007
I really liked this movie. I found it very original and watchable. I really have no idea why it is so badly graded. And I'm not someone who likes stupid action films, I really think this movie is artistic, smart, and makes you think and feel for the heroes. It contains a lot of character development and human psychology. It also got some very nice twists. Yeah, it could maybe be a little better directed, but then it would be to perfect. A have no idea why it is worstly graded that saw franchise or some other totally worthless, but surprisingly successful films. Maybe it is that people were expecting to much from this film and were then disappointed, and graded it worstly that it deserves.
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It's not a bad movie
20 January 2007
The Ali G show was really something amazing - he was so stupid wannabe rapper, but no one he interviewed noticed that he was just pretending. Sasha Cohen is actually very intelligent guy, who pretends to be stupid, so he could get really honest answers from people... And it is very funny. So I didn't expect movie to be good, cause it was all acted - no real people or interviews. So the basic point of all show was lost. But I was wrong - I laughed all the time, it was one of the funniest films I ever saw. Sure it was stupid, but who cares if you can't actually brake in to safe with a car battery, like someone said? It wasn't supposed to be a realistic documentary... And it isn't like the show, it goes in totally different way, but that doesn't mean it is bad. When I finished watching I was totally impressed, but now when some time passed I realized that it was not that special anyway, But it still deserves a nine - well at least for what it is supposed to be.
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Rane (1998)
Greatest Serbian film
18 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the best films ever made. But it is underrated, how come "No mans land" was so successful in the world (it even got an Oscar), and this one is not? It is very realistic and tragic film, with a little dose of humor. But this humor is not funny if you know how it was and still is there.

The last lines of Pinki, when there is no more picture, only darkness left, and he dies when he said: "A sve mi se nesto cini, da sam prosao bolje od vas" or in translation: "I still have a weird feeling, that I came through better then you." - one of the best movie endings ever. Except maybe Fight club.
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18 August 2006
I watched this movie long time ago, not long after it was filmed, when I had about 10 years, and I loved it. But of course at that time I liked many movies and cartoons, that I don't like anymore at all. So recently I decided to watch this movie again, even though I was expecting disappointment. But it didn't happen. This is one of the rare movies that I liked then, and I still love now - I only have forgotten how good it really was - to me maybe even better now then it was before. It's just a beautiful story. Some people said that this is totally unrealistic film. Of course it is! What did you expect? It's not supposed to be realistic. Why should it be explained how exactly was he created? Does The lord of the rings explain where exactly is middle earth supposed to be? It's also not supposed to be a comedy or horror, it is just supposed to be a story, a story so touching that my eyes got wet many times in the film. It's also a moral film that teaches you shouldn't judge others by the way they look. But most of all it is a love story - pure and innocent love that happens so rarely. He couldn't even touch her, but he would do anything for her - even let her go... When Edward says that he knew it was Bill's house all along and then Kim asked; "so why did you do it then?" and he answers: "because you said so". This part of movie really blew me away. If you haven't watched this film yet, then what are you waiting for?
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Rezervni deli (2003)
A great movie
24 April 2006
First I would like to apologize for my possible bad English... I was reading some reviews of this movie, and I must say I was disappointed. There are some very good critics from London, and I don't know from wherever, but people in Slovenia don't like it? Why not? I think this is one of the best new Slovenian movies. Because if i'm honest almost all new Slovenian movies are crap. Old movies (from 60. or so) were ten times better, and still are, they could easily compete with all the Hollywood and other films. Offcourse, we were not independent yet at that time, we were part of Yugoslavia, so those aren't technically even Slovenian movies... So almost all Slovenian movies are crap... But not this one. This is just perfect example what a movie should look like. It has a really sad story, but not the mail plot, what is interesting in this movie, is that it shows what live in Slovenia looks like (especially in small towns). This is a film that I think more people should see, and it doesn't mather from where you are. The story is about 2 characters who make illegal transports of people from foreign countries to Italy-Europe through Slovenia. I wont tell you the rest of what story is about, cause I don't want to ruin it for you. But you really should see it!
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