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Wow, 5 October 2010

From all the new series out there this season, 'The Big C' is definitely my favourite. Beautifully shot, emotionally scripted, impeccably acted. This episode is a good proof: We find Cathy and Sean taking a road trip together to visit their father, leaving behind the two boys (Adam & Paulie) so that they can misbehave. With plenty of room for laughs, tears and family bonding, it was an excellent installment for an excellent series.

Now, for me, the siblings' relationship is one of the best things about this show, so it was great to see an episode mostly dedicated to them. As the trip unfolds, they become tighter - something we have already seen throughout the series - and we learn a little bit more about them. They're even show in a similar light, something that, a few weeks back, didn't seem plausible - Cathy being so uptight and bourgeois, and Sean being... well, Sean - Nevertheless, it makes only sense, since they both grew up in the same house with the same family. It is in this kind of details that we begin to see the depth these characters possess and how fragile, yet funny, their whole lives are.

Kudos especially to Miss Linney, one of the only few actresses who can so masterfully play such a risky character without being histrionic. Kudos to John B. Hickey, for delivering both fun and emotions in such a poignant way. And thanks to the writers for providing us with such a warm, yet harsh, loving, yet hatred, funny, yet desperately sad, story: the ending of this episode brought tears to my eyes.


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Good Episode, 10 November 2009

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I really think this is one of the best episodes of the season so far. I think the way Robin and Barney's relationship was developed didn't quite fit with what we'd been shown in the previous seasons about these two characters. Yet, their breakup episode is a genuine example of HIMYM writing team talent, and therefore it must be praised. Even including such an absurd subplot such as Lily's plan to break them up, it still manages to deliver a somehow believable plot in a candid and funny way. Moreover, the return of Barney, ladies man, promises that the show is going to be LEGEN- wait for it - DARY once again (it had been a bit off these last episodes, IMHO)