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Dhoom 2 (2006)
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Super Flop!!!, 26 November 2006

When i saw movies like "RDB", "LRMB" and "The Departed" which were awesome, D:2 comes as a movie which totally depends on the star cast... D:2 came as a big disappointment. When i saw the movie it reminded me the old movie called "Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani" which was a super flop of 2002, some of the scenes in D:2 are just copy from the Hollywood movies like "Matrix", "The Fast & The Furious" & "Torque". In starting when Hrithik Roshan while fighting on the roof of the train falls down and comes up what was that i didn't understood is the director trying to show some superman movie! hehe... there is a limit to tolerate how much we can take and digest, the scenes in the movie has no logic... I don't understand how people go 2-3 times and watch such disgusting movies in cinema hall. The movie is just one time watch and that also if some one is going just for time pass. There is no story, no plot & no character development at all. The robbery which is been shown in the movie are just crap the movie is made for kids, movie will just hold the market for sometime just because of the star cast thats it. Hrithik Roshan & Aishwarya Rai Rock, Don't know why Bipasha and Uday Chopra are there, the songs are quite forgettable. Like the old Dhoom movie D:2 turn out to be a typical Bollywood movie - all action, all fancy stuff but no story. My suggestion please don't go and watch such a stupid movie and waste your time. There is no option to give 0 star otherwise would have done that so luckily this movie gets 1 star from me!!!

Don (2006/I)
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A Nice Remake with very awesome twist..., 21 October 2006

Well what to say about this movie guys when i heard review on the release day i was shocked when local public said it was flop but than also i thought i should go once for this movie and you know what according to me this movie rock's guys a entertaining movie which will not make you bored for a single minute when u say about songs they are awesome & movie is very good, SRK has done a decent role not very good but it was good overall, movie is very interesting whenever you are loosing some interest you found a twist which made climax shocking for the public cant say more just go and watch guys and don't listen to public opinion make your own opinion i know maximum people will say it rocks in the end...