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Zehetgruber's last superbug-flick!, 29 April 2006

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"Zwei tolle räumen auf" was shot in ihe island of Lanzarote, Spain. And tells the story of "El Guancho" (maybe allusion to "Guanche", the natives from the canary islands) who was part of some kind of soldier of fortune team who stole a lot of money from a Sicilian clan! then the money is supposed to be hided in Lanzarote by a German Major who killed all the soldiers except of the drunken "El Guancho" (the Jimmy Bondie of the other dudu-films!)

20 years later, when the story takes place, "Guancho" is a Golf assistant of Don Fernando (Brad Harris!), the richest man of the island! But the Itallian Mafia return to Lanzarote like the old Mayor, all searching for the stolen money...things become interesting! In this movie Dudu is destroyed at the beginning during a Crash-Ralley, that means dudu looses his body and is now a little car with six wheels!!!! Gauncho also built the speaking robotic crab "Pitchu" which is the golf ball collector.

On the whole the movie a mixture of old scenes of the other bug films and new ones shot in Lanzarote! Brad Harris acts like usual, but without fighting! Sal Borgese turns from Jimmy Bondies partner in the other dudu-movies, to one of the bad mafia guys. The film always swings between a serious adventure film and poor slapstick! But is a must-see for all Dudu-lovers!

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Leonardi and Rodriguez, 28 April 2006

The film is "loyal" to the novel (Esquivel wrote the novel and the script). Reallized in an expensive way where the American character is NOT the bad guy!

Esquivels novel is very similar to "Las casa de Bernada Alba" from Garcia Lorca!

"Like water for chocolate" was shot in Ciudad Acuna, the town where Carlos Gallardo (the Mariachi from "El Mariachi"!) lived. Robert Rodriguez and him observed the shooting and learned from Araus techniques. In the following summer Rodriguez shot his "El Mariachi" in Ciudad Acuna, where he also made "Desperado" 2 years later.

The young Marco Leonardi who plays the roll of Pedro in "like water for chocolate" appears in Rodriguez' "From Dusk Till Dawn 3, the Hangman's Dauther" as the gunfighting protagonist "Madrid". In "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" he is the third drunken Mariachi next to Antonio Banderas and Enrique Iglesias!

All this because Rodriguez met him in "Like Water for Chocolate"!!!!!!!!1

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Barcelona meets Granada!, 27 April 2006

Yeah, like all the others, I also do love this picture! Although it is a low budget movie, the shootout-scenes (in the Alien-Bar) are very well done. It almost seems that John Woo has directed this scene! The humor of the film is actually comparable with Peter Jackson's Bad Taste! Have a look at the Alien-Bosses at the end of the film...they look like the puppets of "Sesame-Street"! (alluson of "Meet the Feebles"?) The actors are not so well known, but the locations (mostly in the "Comarca de Guadix", Granada) like the town Abla, where the Alien-Bar is, are known by Spaghetti-Western Freakes! Near Abla is La Calahora e.g. There were shot many scenes from "Once upon a time in the West" Must be seen!!!!!

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Zehetgruber's best Bug-Film!, 27 April 2006

The third Dudu-Flick begins in the Alpes of Swizerland where Dudu practices ski and flies through the sky (cool spacial effects for this time), goes on in Liverpool, where Jimmy Bondie, the owner of the superbug Dudu, is part of a car stunt show! There the show organizer Ivan Leskovic escapes to Switzerland with all the money of the show business by a hovercraft. Jimmy and Aldo Regozzani, the star of the show, follow Leskovic with Dudu passing London, crossing the English Channel but arriving in Lisbon. (here the director Zehetgruber, who also plays the roll of Bondie, employs older scenes of "Ein Käfer gibt Vollgas"!) From there a Truck drags them off to Zürich (Swizerland) using one of Dudu's gadgets (funny scene!) Later on Jimmy and Aldo begin to work in an oldtimer-garage in Bern. Then the plot becomes more complex. Some bank-robbers hide the money in the bug and so the bad guys want to get it back! At the same time Leskovic wants to sell an old Rolls Royce from the garage where Jimmy and Aldo are working, to a man called Hugo Stützli. Then Bondie constructs a fake Dudu to sell it to the one who offers more money, because Leskovic wants have it and the bank-robbers, too! It all ends in a kidnapping of Joe, the woman who own the garage, to finish with Jimmy and Aldo...

The best superbug movie ever seen!!! The story is very complex but well understandable! The jokes are awesome, especially the mixture of German and Swiss-German makes the film interesting, too! The special effects are on a very high standard for this time! Dudu looks very cool with his tuning accessories! Most actors were very popular in Germany of the 70ies like Walter Giller, Salvatore Borgese and Evelyn Kraft (poular in Hongkong, too). The fist fight-scenes choreographed by Borgese who also worked out stunts with and for Terence Hill, are well done.

On the whole the flick keeps being an uncertain mixture of comedy and action, but entertaining and pleasant to see!

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Mixture of comedy and action film...funny 70ies feeling!, 27 April 2006

The direct sequel of "Ein Käfer geht aufs Ganze", which took place in Africa. "Ein Käfer gibt Vollgas" begins with Dudu's (Jimmy Bondie's computer-bug) arrival at the Algarve having swam from Dar-es-Salaam to south Portugal. There Bondie accidentally meets with Plato, some kind of an secret international cop, fighting some bad guys. Dudu, who's programmed to fight back when he's insulted, beats all the villains.

Bondie is in this film a member of "General Service", an underground foundation which accepts any mission which does not violate the law. Bondie, his team (Maggie and Cyril) and of course Dudu help Plato to fight the Gangster-Boss Senor Marchese de la Sota and his men, who are searching for the missing hallmark stamp to produce fake money.

The film is full of action and cheap but astonishing special effects and has a cool story with many German popular actors of the 70ies. E.g. Joachim Fuchsberger (Plato) who was a famous show-master in Germany and actor of most Edgar Wallace detective movies. Also Heidi Hansen (Tamara)who was known by every German in the 70ies, because she always acted in German 70ies music hit films.

The soundtrack of the movie is groovy and the punch-sound effects are like those from the Bud Spencer and Terence Hill films! I'm surprised that this typical German movie was shown in other countries, too. I recognize that it is considered as trash by not-Germans, because it is trash!!!! But good trash!!!!

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Awesome! ...For a German/Swiss adventure-film!, 27 April 2006

This film is the beginning of the mythic "Dudu-series"! Tansania, Africa is the location where Ben (in the following Dudu-films he's called Jimmy Bondie) meets with his ADAC*-Bug!

Why Tansania? It has been a German colony far in the past. In the 70ies there had been many so called "East-African-Safaries" and this film deals with one of those Ralleys through the whole country! Now there appears a greedy and ambitious Baron who is obsessed with winning the race for any price. His stupid wife, brought him "the fastest car in the world", the cheep Hollywood requisite "Herbie"!!! (here is built the connection between the famous 50ies/60ies "Herbie-Films" from Disney) But the Baron is disappointed, because the white bug with the number 53 only has scrap value! Anyway the Baron makes a road test through the Serengeti with the bug after having painted it yellow. But ex-Herbie has its own head and does what he wants, especially when it is insulted.

Dudu crashes against Ben's bike and stops when Ben shout "stop"! The Baron apologizes himself and changes the bug for the bike. Since then Ben is the new owner of Dudu, what means "bug" or "little insect" in Suaheli, the native language of Tansania. Ben decides to participate in the rally, but he only becomes the "Service-Car" of Mr. Buttler, a Scotsman who wants to win the race with a hovercraft! And because both motors are from Volkswagen Dudu is accepted to be the service car (therefore the allusion of ADAC, the famous German car insurance-company) Many times there appear some scenes of animal and rally documentations, which are mixed with the actual film. But I think that's done in a relatively good way although it often makes you smile anyway!

Maybe the plot is seems to be confusing, but in the German version it is almost clear and entertaining (later Dudu gets involved in a diamond smuggling problem etc.).

The cool thing is that Dudu becomes in the further films an own character or identity. He does not maintain the Herbie-Soul, but becomes a computer controlled car so that he stops being a total copy of Herbie!

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. Torrente he gets involved in a blackmailing against the mayor of Marbella., 26 April 2006

After I saw Torrente 2 in Spanish I didn't know what to say... I've never seen any comparable kind of humor in a movie before! But I realized that Mr. Segura tried to gather some typical "inpolite" attitudes of Spanish society concentrating them in the character of Torrente. So this movie can be seen as a very exaggerated reflection of the low-class-society in Spain (e.g. have a look at the low register language Torrente employs!). But just that makes the flick so funny in a (in Germany) never seen form before.

The German sync.-version is a catastrophe! The expressions Torrente uses are too hard in German and too unusual. That makes the character "Torrente" some kind of confusing. Anyway I recommend this movie, especially when you dominate the Spanish language!