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I've never laughed so much in my life!, 21 June 2009

I went to go see this film about a week ago not long after it released here in the UK and I have to admit I was expecting the usual comedy where the best parts are in the trailer! That was not the case:

The Hangover has got to be one of the funniest, well written and comically genius movies of all time!! It will have you laughing from beginning to end and if you don't go see this you are definitely missing out!!

Everything that you want in a comedy you will get with this movie and then some! I'm a big fan of eighties comedy when everything was new and unseen so i rarely find todays comedies as funny but this film has made it to the top of the list in my eyes and i will be very surprised if anyone doesn't love this movie as much as i do! it will definitely be making it into my DVD collection and i may do something i hardly do...i might go see it again at the cinemas!

Amazing! Brilliant! Just when you think you've seen it all in comedy 'The Hangover' blows everything out of the water!

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Beautiful art on human canvas's, 9 September 2008

Miami ink is probably one of my favourite TV programmes, even if you don't like or have tattoos you can still appreciate the programme for what it shows and that is beautiful artwork on living, breathing canvas's who have beautiful stories behind their tattoos. the show also shows that people who have and get tattoos come from all walks of life and get them for many different reasons. Tattoos are beautiful pieces of art (i have many!) that people get for many reasons, Miami ink shows this and also shows that being a tattooist is a hugely talented and special job. i love this show also because it has the ability to change people minds about tattoos in general and the people who have them, i get enough stick from people about mine and that annoys me as they think that I've eternally scarred myself! Miami ink shows that there's always a story behind them!

Stardust (2007)
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shining bright in my eyes, 25 October 2007

If your in need of some comedy, adventure, romance, fantasy or anything else you can find in a film then you should go see Stardust. This Star-studded fantasy adventure will have you smiling from start to finish. the start is a tad slow and nowt really happens until about 20 mins in but once it gets going the action is aplenty. By far the best character is Robert De Niro's Captain Shakespeare. He is soo funny that i was branded a geek and a loser for laughing so much! hehe.

Id recommend this to anyone for a good nights entertainment. it has laughs and romance aplenty and although not the best movie in the world it provides the entertainment throughout.

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THE highlight of my week!!!, 17 September 2007

Mock the week is amazinggg....its so entertaining that through a life that throws so much 'crap' at us this is the little thing that makes my week bearable!!! it never fails to deliver a smile on my lips and each comedian has their own flavour to add to the show making it a unique and superb show! Russell, Andy, Frankie and Hugh are the obvious faves but Gina and Ed are pretty cool too.

This is a show that i desperately want all on DVD and one that i never miss, keeps me smiling, lightens up my week and one i miss when it is between seasons!

The comedians don't get half the praise they should do for the entertainment they provide!!

so sit back, relax and laugh your freaking ass off!!! i certainly do!

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pay attention or you'll lose yourself, 31 May 2007

All those that go and see this film will not be disappointed; the storyline is full of twists and turns that would make a roller-coaster dizzy, the characters are well thought out and played to a tee and the special effects are exciting enough to stop a girl going to the ladies (well i didn't want to miss anything did i?!). However when watching the movie keep your wits about you as it is not an easy ride, with so many different plots and sub-plots it is easy to lose your head. Some said that the storyline would be predictable; it is far from it, they said it wouldn't be as good as the previous ones; they were wrong. if anything this movie only highlights why the previous films were such big successes. Finally there are only two more points i would like to make: 1. those who are hardcore romantics, try not to be too disappointed in the end 2. and those who like me wished that Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp would wear less clothes in the movie then I'm afraid more disappointment is in

Enjoy people.....

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Makes you more proud to be Indian, if thats possible...., 31 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The acting was so good from all parties (except maybe from Katrina's accent) that i found myself actually hating Katrina's character Jazz on screen. The idea is great and shows you how some Indians in Britain have lost their roots but i found this perception of British Indian girls rather insulting as i was born in the UK but would never consider myself anything but Indian first and foremost and then a proud Briton after ward. The humour was right on the money and was so good it completely ruined my make-up but you know what? it was completely worth it. the line in the beginning about Bradford was particularly amusing as i was sitting in a Bradford cinema when watching the film, and live in Leeds which is not far from there (must watch film to understand what I'm going on about). The rest of the movie was fantastically funny and the speech that Akshay gives about India was so moving that me and my cousin saluted, applauded and stood up for it, as it made us so proud of our country (India). I recommend this movie to anyone with good sense of humour and a taste of what India has to offer other than a fantastic cricket team. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC, ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES I'VE SEEN IN A WHILE!

Mansfield Park (2007) (TV)
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Enchanting........, 19 March 2007

The scenery breathtaking, the acting fantastic, the characters well portrayed but with added passion. If anyone has read all of Jane Austens books as i have, I'm sure that you will find that out of all her leading ladies, Fanny Price is the dullest therefore i am glad this production showed a more passionate story and although not a complete portrayal of Fanny Price i thought the story well put together and all together beautiful. I was so enchanted by it that i walked away at the end of the production beaming as i thought it so beautiful.

For a comment on the acting i thought that Billie Piper's Fanny Price was very well done and that Blake Ritson's Edmund Bertram was worth watching if not only but to drool over him.

Enchanting, beautiful and worth watching: this coming from a viewer who is not intellectually-challenged!

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Big Fan, Big Disappointment, 31 January 2007

Growing up with brothers and cousins (me the youngest girl) all obsessed with boxing and other sports, it was no wonder that i would follow suit and become a fan myself. so naturally i watched (and loved!) Rocky. i went on to watch the rest of the series and grew to like and even love those too. however when i went to go and watch Rocky Balboa i was expecting it to be the perfect ending to what has been a classic run of boxing disappointed i was. the story is predictable, the acting is predictable and the fight result is again predictable (so i will not reveal the result as it is predictable). The only good factor was the hot guy playing Steps.

However, in light of all these factors against the movie, i stress that any fans of the Rocky series watch this as it will perhaps give the closure needed.

p.s. if you go and watch this at the cinema be sure to drink some coffee, it put my friend to sleep...zzzzzzz

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The one of middle ground, 13 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Jack Sparrows back and looking as mad as ever but for some reason i still think that Johnny Depp looks yummy...Will Turner is also back and looks better than ever...yum to that too. The story pretty much picks up where it left off...Will and Miss Swann (Knightly) are still loved up and are about to get hitched when the new Idiot in a wig sabotages the entire affair by arresting them...their only hope lies with captain Jack Sparrow who, not surprisingly, has got got into a spot of bother himself...Will Turner's father makes a little comeback, neither is he dead or alive, to tell Jack that its time for wriggly beard man Davy Jones to collect what he's owed: Jacks soul. Will Turner races across the oceans trying to find Jack so he can free Miss Swann...Jack then tricks young Will into becoming captive by Davy Jones, where Will meets his Father;such a touching this is happening our own Lizzy (swann) has gotten free and caught up with Jack and the black pearl with the help of a certain dress and very stupid crew members...Jack manages to trick her also into helping him whilst it seems that miss Swann has become attracted to him...(was hating her at this point!!) With various different story lines going on and the fact that the characters hardly stay together for long...the second edition to the pirate trilogy sets us up for what I'm sure will be a fantastic 3rd finale movie. This movie is definitely the middle rest point of the trilogy as it seems to fill in gaps from the first movie whilst making new gaps to be filled by the 3rd. The movie is not short of action...romance...comedy and big monstrous creature things. All in all not a bad has just made me more anxious for the next one. Note to reader: please make sure that members of your party who are going to watch this movie have already seen the first otherwise they will just be confused.

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what a laugh! a great movie to watch and cheer u up after a hard day!, 21 April 2006

Shes the man is great. its funny, original and made me laugh so much i nearly wet my seat. the day i went to go see it at the movies i wasn't in the best of moods (man trouble)but leaving the movie i had a grin plastered on my face. The story is a bit out there with the whole no-one noticing that she looks way too much like a girl but hey who am i to say whats believable, the jokes are great and some of the one liners in this 2006 hit could go down in history. Amanda B. did a great job as the main role and Channing Tatum looks too good to be true as her opposite as the gorgeous Duke. So girls go see this because its a great laugh and there's a hot guy in it and boys u go see it because you might just learn something about girls!

All in all a brilliant,fantastic and fun movie which i will be buying on DVD when it comes out.