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Road Rage (2000 TV Movie)
Sorry to say...a poor man's "Duel"
16 June 2002
Just when you thought it was safe to go out riding with a young woman, along comes the unknown driver trying to kill you! That's the premise behind this film, which resembles one of Spielberg's first films. At least in his film, the identity of the menace remained unknown. Maybe that would have been best for this film...but the writer and director choose to reveal the girl's ex-boyfriend/punk as the goon trying to kill her and the young chauffeur who offers her a ride. Van Dien has done better work for both screen and video.
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A great apocalyptic thriller.
16 June 2002
York and Van Dien are top-notch as Evil Incarnate and the young innocent who is duped under Evil's spell. Oxenberg (Mrs. Van Dien) has come a long way from "Dynasty"s alluring Amanda. Through all the murder and mayhem, there is still time for a spot of fun (Gillen repairing Cassandra's torn bra-strap with his name tag).
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The Collectors (1999 TV Movie)
Are hit-men supposed to be funny???
16 June 2002
Van Dien and Fox (of the L.A. Lakers and Vanessa Williams' other half) come off as mismatched hit-men in this off-beat drama. Oxenberg out of her element as an English-born detective sent from Louisiana to put an end to their reign of "terror" (?). This movie had me wondering halfway through it...WHERE THE HECK WERE THEIR SOUTHERN ACCENTS??? Maybe lost with their talents in the script.
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Chasing Destiny (2001 TV Movie)
Van Dien not only at his funniest...but sexiest as well!
16 June 2002
This movie will make anyone who sees it not only get belly laughs...but cry as well. Van Dien is in top form as the charming phone solicitor who unknowingly falls in love with the daughter of a dying rock star whose vintage Mustang he is attempting to confiscate for non-payment. Lauren Grahame (of TV's "Gilmore Girls") exchanges hilarious one-liners with the offscreen Van Dien ("Moritz...rhymes with ----!). Funniest scenes ever...from the look on Van Dien's when confronted with his boss pointing a pistol at his head to when he walks, rather stiffly, out to perform his duty; Van Dien searching through his mailbox with thick padded gloves for snakes; Van Dien joining Grahame in a quickly soaking Mustang during a rainstorm. Most touching scene...Van Dien (in a Sgt. Pepper jacket and bath towel) revealing to the dying father who he is and requesting to court his daughter. All in all, a touching and hilarious film.
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Some good talent is badly wasted.
16 June 2002
"Casper" scares most of the cast away while trying to save a house from being demolished. Look fast for "Starship Trooper" star Casper Van Dien as an applauding bystander. Take note: Van Dien also appears in the other video "Casper Meets Wendy" when he passes Wendy's aunts at a party.
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Sleepy Hollow (1999)
"One heck of a real scary film"
27 January 2001
Being from New York myself, I found "Sleepy Hollow" a real horrifying film. The writers' idea of making "Ichabod Crane" as a scientific policeman instead of a wimpy schoolteacher was brilliant. Johnny Depp was sensational as Crane. Christina Ricci has come far since her days as Wednesday Addams. Here she is, at 19, playing a good romantic role as Katrina Van Tassel, leading the constable on a roller coaster ride of "she loves me, she loves me not". Michael Gambon and Miranda Richardson are magnificent as Lord and Lady Van Tassel. Jeffrey Jones is as menacing as ever. Ian McDiarmid (Senator Palpatine of "Star Wars: Episode 1") delivers a fine role as the town doctor. Casper Van Dien comes across again as a romantic figure in the form of the town smithy (unfortunately, he shoes no horses). Young Marc Pickering is a talented youngster and will probably prove himself to be a fine actor in the future. An unbilled but recognizable Martin Landau gives a great, but all too short and silent, portrayal of Peter Van Garrett, one of the Hessian's first victims. "X-Men"s Ray Park delivers one heck of a performance as the Hessian (sans head) as does Christopher Walken (with bright blue eyes and saber-teeth), even though he does little more than growl and snarl. It was also a change of pace seeing Christopher Lee playing someone other than Dracula. Washington Irving's original story of an actual murder spree in upstate New York, circa 1735, is improved on, turning it from a light, scary Halloween story to a fantastic whodunit murder mystery.
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