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Most of these are less than 10 minutes long and combined I doubt they are longer than a season of a half-hour television show.
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Unfinished list of 2012 movies ranked from best to worst. How many have you seen?
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Unfinished list of 2013 movies ranked from best to worst. How many have you seen?
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Also known as my blasphemy list. Does not include any sequel or remake of an original movie that I have not seen, stand-up comedies or similar events/specials, nor does it include multiple versions of novels, comics, or other source materials. Separated and in alphabetical order. Inspired by a list by dhdn1.
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Unfinished list of 2014 movies ranked from best to worst. How many have you seen?
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These are movies that I have seen before but did not rate at the time of viewing. Must be re-watched.
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From 1894 to the previous year, I rate my favourite films of their year, even if my favourite film is the only one I've seen from the year in question.
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This is it. My top list. These are the movies that reign above all others.
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I finally decided to make this list after watching Canadian 2011 foreign language nominee Incendies.
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Unfinished list of 2011 movies ranked from best to worst. How many have you seen?
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Because I never kept track of the books I have read, unlike how obsessively and thoroughly I do my movies, this list may forever be incomplete. Inspired by a list by nelly_2489.
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Unfinished list of 2009 movies ranked from best to worst. How many have you seen?
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These are a list of movies that are rated 7.0 or higher on IMDB that I gave a 1/5, my lowest rating. Listed in alphabetical order.
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Unfinished list of 2010 movies ranked from best to worst. How many have you seen?
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Only films that played in the towns I was residing in at the time are on this list; otherwise this list would be HUGE.
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These are DVDs I own but have yet to watch.
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a list of 59 titles
List does not include movies with the same source material (i.e. Journey to the Center of the Earth) or remakes (i.e. Friday the 13th).
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The store's lease wasn't renewed and they had to sell their stock fast. I heard the news and swooped in like a vulture ready to feed on a dying creature. At <$2/DVD including tax, I think I got a good deal.
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This list rates and provides a one-sentence review of the 13 movies in the Land Before Time franchise, many of which helped shape my childhood. Only the movies are rated, I have not seen the show. All ratings out of 10.

*Rated before I switched rating systems. The first movie is the only film on this list not rated on my 75pt system.
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Inspired by a similar list by iannaranjo. Only one character per movie or movie series. List would include The Deer Woman [The Deer Woman], Tommy Gander [The Ghost Train], and The American Client [Hostel] if they had their own pages.
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I was only able to see one film this year due to financial limitations: the 2012 documentary Detropia. I have since watched Killer Joe and Intouchables.
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I did not know that my city's libraries had such an extensive and varied movie collection. I've seen movies I had thought I would never see.
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Family Video took over a couple of old Blockbuster locations in my city just over a year ago (as of the making of this list) and completely rejuvenated my will to rent films. I have given them quite a bit of patronage since they opened.
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10 movies for $10? I'll take 50! And either by mistake or apathy I got a bonus DVD out of the deal. Arranged in alphanumerical order.
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These are the films I've seen from 2013's Windsor International Film Festival with rating and short review.
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These are the movies I've seen beginning with one of these three words. It's become a game of mine to seek out films with these titles because they tend to be enjoyably terrible films. Does not include movies whose original titles do not start with one of those words (Dead Alive [Braindead], Dead Snow [Død Snø], Death Rides a Horse [Da Uomo a Uomo]) or titles beginning with 'The' or 'A'.
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So many classics, both well-remembered (Casablanca) and completely forgotten (The Mystic Swing).
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I'm ranking Valve's 10 TF2 promotional shorts in order of preference here, yet I've never once played the game. Now that it's free I no longer have an excuse but as of the creation of this list I still haven't.
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Buy 1 get 2 free closing sale. This was a very bittersweet purchase for me; I loved that store.
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This is a mix of DVDs I was highly anticipating (most of which disappointed me) and VHS tapes already at the cottage.
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Sigh. Some of these I really regret losing. Alien quadrilogy in series order, not alphabetical.
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I broke a promise to myself not to buy another DVD until July 1st, 2011 to make this purchase. I hope I can forgive me.

Fun Fact: These films have 44 Oscar nominations and wins between them. That is more than one for every film here.
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I have yet to give a full-length fictional straight-to-video movie a perfect 5/5 score. These are all rated a solid 4.
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I also would have gotten Meet Bill, but I already owned it.