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"A Detective's Job - to Speculate", 9 October 2011

Nice soap-opera-ish screen-story to send-off Season Five, as Detective Inspector Robert Lewis (Kevin Whately), Detective Sergeant James Hathaway (Laurence Fox), Forensic Pathologist Doctor Laura Hobson (Clare Holman), and Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent (Rebecca Front) to investigate the case of "Who Killed Mary? - Chapter 8," with DC Madge (Joy Blakeman) on this episode's computer duty.

In the back-story, Mary Keene, an innocent recruited as an agent for an IRA operative, is believed slain, and so her story, subsequently, becomes fodder for a non-fiction account penned by memoir author Dame Grace Orde (Cherie Lunghi), who arrives at Oxford one Monday for a book-signing event, attended by James Hathaway. But by Thursday, four additional victims of murder or attempted murder would surface, which quite naturally rates as par for the course for any given week at Oxford Campus.

Leon Suskin (David Westhead), Publisher at Suskin Press, attempts to negotiate to represent a reluctant Grace Orde for a follow-up book, while his second wife, Judith Suskin (Anna Chancellor), supervises the education of their teenage daughter, Zoe Suskin (Lucy Boynton), who receives a scholarship award for gifted children, as the element of soap suds come into play.

It would seem as though Andrea De Ritter (Elize du Toit), a young lady who founds the scholarship organization, plays Leon against Liam Cullen (Lorcan Cranitch), her associate from Belfast, as well as acrobatic student Elmo Woodeson (Matt Orton), who also shares an interest in Zoe, while Zoe and Elmo's tutor, Donald Voss (Mark Aiken), seems to play Zoe against her mother, Judith, who suspects Leon of cheating, who suspects Judith of cheating, before the trail of bodies begins to surface.

So, between Monday and Thursday, the first body is discovered upon a residence floor with various notes scattered about; the second body is discovered on outdoor steps before LSD is detected in the system (although acid is usually not detectable); the third victim receives arsenic poisoning, regularly and deliberately administered; and the fourth body is discovered outside of a park, a murder resulting from multiple stabbing wounds.

Inspector Lewis and Sergeant Hathaway interview surviving suspects, and also question Eileen Norman (Gabrielle Lloyd) a campus cafeteria waitress. Carly Cliff (Leanne Rowe) serves as secretary at Suskin Press, with Ronald Marsden (Charlie Roe) an associate of Leon Suskin. Doctor (Sagar Arya), Nurse (Michelle Luther), and Karolina (Natalia Ryumina) round out the cast.

Tensions mount, and plot twists develop at a rapid pace, climaxing in a compelling showdown scene, with one suspect aiming the barrel of a pistol toward another, as Hathaway and Lewis race on foot to attempt to prevent additional murders.

Matt Orton delivers an impressive turn as Elmo Woodeson here, in his first television (or film) role, while Clare Holman and Kevin Whately provide another hint toward the direction of their Laura/Robbie association. Laurence Fox also continues to add his nice professional touch to the series as the innocent, scholarly but ambitious James Hathaway.

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"Whom to Believe amid Much Conflicting Testimony?", 25 September 2011

This episode contains an interesting subplot, which begins one evening at a restaurant, when DS James Hathaway (Laurence Fox) observes Doctor Laura Hobson's (Clare Holman) dining with a sharply-attired male companion. As DI Robert Lewis (Kevin Whately) ponders Laura's subsequent unpredictable behavior and discusses this with Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent (Rebecca Front), Laura assumes that James has squealed to Robbie, whereas James maintains that whom Laura socializes with falls into the category of nobody's business except hers and his (and possibly millions of fans who wish the best for Laura and Robbie, whatever that may entail). The Department has further assistance this time around, by WPC Julie Lockhart (Kemi-bo Millar) on patrol, and PC Baynes (Michael Shelford), with Gurdip Sohal (Alton Letto) on computer analysis. Caroline Eagleton (Sylvestra Le Touzel) also assists the investigation as a member of Oxford's college staff.

And the plot centers around a group of patients under psychiatric care of Doctor Alex Gansa (Douglas Henshall), with a little help from his associate Doctor Julius Fisher (Alex MacQueen).

Amy Katz (Florence Brudenell-Bruce) has been a patient for analysis since her brother, Matthew, had lost his life in the Army, while serving in Afghanistan. David Katz (Jay Villiers), the father of Amy and Matthew, visits Oxford once the series of murders begins this time around.

A mounting list of suspects, along with David and Alex, includes Claire Gansa (Christina Cole), the second wife of Alex; Shauna Malin (Sophie Stanton), a group participant often seen walking her dogs; Bethan Vickery (Lucy Liemann), a filmmaker who videotapes many group sessions; Adam Douglas (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), a student drawn into the surroundings; Jack Collins (Jack Roth), a student at odds with Adam, while sharing similar circumstances; Karen Wilde (Nichola Burley) a fellow warehouse employee of Jack's, who goes with him; and Dane Wise (Sam Hazeldine) a British Army Veteran, who served in Afghanistan with Matthew Katz.

After the first victim is discovered in a garden at the base of a dormitory, the investigatory team must determine whether the fatality results from accident, murder or suicide. But there's also a fight on a staircase amount suspects, an overdose of prescription pain killers, a cyclist's becoming the victim of a vehicular hit-and-run, an attack outside of a trailer, a beating in a corridor, and a stabbing in the arm, all involving different victims, some of whom just may survive.

A round of conflicting testimony keeps the pace hopping continuously, as authorities and viewers alike contemplate the credibility of suspects as witnesses, wondering whom to believe and what to believe, as the finger of guilt seems to point back into once certain direction all over again. Will the team be able to solve the puzzle before additional victims surface? And will Laura, Robbie, James and Jean see any resolve generating from the initial misunderstanding of Laura's dining with the mysterious stranger? All of this and more will be addressed, as "The Mind Has Mountains."

Nice work from the regulars, as well as guest star Douglas Henshall in particular.

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Oh, those Guilt-Ridden Suspects and Tough, Tender and Secretive Detectives, 18 September 2011

In 1968, Oxford's Saint Gerard's College had expanded from strict Roman Catholic to interdenominational influence. While this academic institution remains headed by a priest, College Head Father Moreno Mancini (Ronald Pickup) decides to retire from his position, while consider naming a candidate from a non-Catholic faith as his successor.

Father Mancini narrows his roster of candidates to four: Brother Stephen Blackmore (Nicholas Sidi) and fellow Franciscan Friar, Vice-Regent Brother Jeremy Swain (uncredited actor), along with non-Catholic educators, Professor Joanna Pinnock (Sorcha Cusack) and Caroline Hope (Amelia Bullmore).

Caroline shares a checkered past with ex-convict Alastair Darlow (Paul Anderson), while Bishop Helen Parsons (Pamela Nomvete) visits from Portland, Oregon, while the mysterious Adele Goffe (Siân Phillips) receives an anonymous letter depicting Father Mancini in a negative light, while Gina Goffe (Amanda Ryan), daughter of Adele, and servant Felix Sansome (Daniel Ryan) tend to her care, while Ben Pinnock (uncredited actor), son of Joanna, plans his wedding for this very week.

But, before the week which Father Mancini assembles a gathering to announce his successor concludes, four bodies surface around Oxford, and fingers of suspicion point toward candidates at Saint Gerard's College and those around them.

Years earlier, in 1982, now-retired Detective Sergeant Barry Winter (Christopher Timothy) investigated the case of Sally Bond, in which a family of three perished as a result of arson. How will his return influence the case of "Wild Justice," which is translated from an Italian message found upon the body of a victim?

DI Robert Lewis (Kevin Whately) and DS James Hathaway (Laurence Fox) launch into two connecting subplots, as Robert confides with the sensitive Doctor Laura Hobson (Clare Holman) and the equally-concerned Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent (Rebecca Front) about the notion of retiring from the Oxford Police force, without revealing his reason to the audience, who learns about the possibility of a James' being suggested for an academic Julian research fellowship, which may, in turn, resign him from the force, as well.

Fans may quickly appreciate a mounting degree of tenderness being exercised by the authority figures as series regulars, here. While Laura remains invariably tender and caring, as well as James, most likely, Laura's kindhearted sensitivity seems to spread into Jean and Robert's direction, increasingly so, as the series progresses.

"Wild Justice" may, therefore, exemplify an elevated degree of the tough but tender combination, as we see Jean Innocent's becoming increasingly soft and caring toward Lewis and Hathaway's methods and concerns, as well as Lewis and Hathaway's, themselves, exercising a growing concern for the well-being of each other. Oh, and yes, the return of the purple socks may be noticed here. Their absence has become a crucial concern upon the Inspector Lewis message board during recent seasons.

Extra points for the guilt-ridden behavior of surviving suspects during the compelling and exciting denouement sequence, in which the camera itself playfully teases the audience as to whodunit.

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"And Battles Long Ago" Continue to this Day, 4 September 2011

DI Robert Lewis (Kevin Whately), DS James Hathaway (Laurence Fox), Doctor Laura Hobson (Clare Holman) and Chief Superintendent Innocent (Rebecca Front) return as series' regulars for this episode, which begins "Lewis: Series Five," or the fifth season of "Inspector Lewis," which begins at a tenth reunion for alumni at Oxford's all-female Lady Matilda's College.

Ten years earlier, a brutal attack at a masquerade party results in the disappearance of a young man, as well as a coma for then 15-year-old Chloe Brooks (Antonia Campbell-Hughes), who remains unconscious in an Oxford hospital, under the care of Physician Doctor Copeland (Hassani Shapi) and Psychiatrist Doctor Beckham (Orlando Seale).

Ruth Brooks (Hattie Morahan), a student at Lady Matilda's at the time, remains on hand to visit her sister, Chloe, on a regular vigil basis, as she prepares to attend her class reunion, at which murder retains a likely chance to strike again, in this community of everyday customary serial killings. At the time, she had been going with Edward Florey (James Rochfort), who returns to become one of the few male suspects, as some suspect a female perpetrator to the slayings.

Alumni Freya Carlisle (Zoe Telford), now a noted newspaper columnist, and Lakshmi Eyre (Stephanie Street), return to the festivities along with Lady Matilda faculty and staff members Diana Ellerby (Juliet Stevenson), a Professor, and her roommate, Poppy Toynton (Kathryn O'Reilly), who, together with campus porter Pauline Turrill (Melanie Kilburn), help to plan the reunion.

So, as additional new bodies begin to pop up around Oxford, "Old, Unhappy, Far Off Things" affords a few sub-plots to develop elements of the unfolding series, such as one of the guest female's attempting to help Lewis to forget about his late wife, Valerie, who purportedly attended Lady Matilda's College, as he has proved unable to do during the past four seasons, plus Hathaway's determination to toss aside nicotine, through exercise and self-help procedures although he seems more relaxed and healthy this season than before, but little is given Doctor Hobson to do this time around, after Clare Holman has certainly proved her ability to develop her character's direction last season.

But this episode seems a bit more contrived than most from previous seasons, as the law enforcement agency and hospital staff alike await Chloe's potentially awaking from her ten-year coma in order to answer questions relating to the murders. Will she come to in time for the showdown? And what about the wintry weather? Do other Oxford campuses traditionally hold outdoor reunion activities while snow lies across the land in some scenes, but participants wear no jackets in others? And what about the new technical advances to portray the flashback sequences, while the department attempts to piece together a series of photographs from the costume party ten years prior?

Well, if "Old, Unhappy, Far Off Things'" resolve seems somewhat weak and implausible, then at least the acting seems rather strong here from regulars and guest stars alike, in order to hold viewer interest, as we hope for something encouraging to happen this time around.

Curiosity Machines the Craft and Crafts the Machine, 22 April 2011

First, in the City, Steve and Curious George study an Egyptology exhibition at the Museum, which affords Steve the idea to construct his homemade replica of an ancient Egyptian boat for his Fifth-Grade History class project, which he decides to prove workable, by sailing the craft in Endless Park Lake, but the rains cause the boat to sail away rapidly!

Now, Steve and Curious George attempt to stop the waves, by tossing a rock into the stream, but the rock sinks the boat, but the boat rebounds, but the current carries it down the stream; but, when Steve and Curious George chase after it, they slip down the hill in the mud; but then they climb onto a bridge, but they still cannot reach the boat before it sails into a gutter, which carries it down-steam; but then it once again slips from Steve's hands and sails into a sewage grate!

Well, an Endless Park Sanitation Employee directs Steve and Curious George to the Waste Water Treatment Plant, where a Supervisor explains its three sorting treatment vats, one for liquids, one for sand, and one for solids; but, now that the treatment plant overflows, the excess debris bypasses the Plant and floats down the river and into the ocean.

Then, Steve and Curious George board a barge, where the female Navigator and male Captain teach them how to rescue a duck who's been caught into a plastic six-pack beverage ring; but, by the time that Steve manages to retrieve his boat with a net from the barge, the miniature wooden craft has become destroyed, and now Steve may fail Fifth-Grade History and have to repeat the year with Besty!

And then, Curious George accompanies Steve to his Fifth-Grade History classroom, where Steve explains the routing system of City waste materials, before classmates and a schoolteacher, who become greatly concerned about excess waste materials' bypassing the Plant, and polluting the ecological system.

So, after Steve decides upon recruiting his Fifth-Grade History class, along with Curious George, to perform ecological projects, will Steve be able to pass the course with a little assistance from Curious George, as they "Follow That Boat?"


Next, also in the City, on the perfect spring day, the Man with the Yellow Hat and Curious George begin their rooftop garden, but the Man with the Yellow Hat must leave to assist Professor Wiseman, and so Compass the Doorman's Almost-Homing Pigeon assists Curious George in planting, or, more to the point, in pecking at the seeds, along with his Pigeon friends!

Now, several pigeons land upon Curious George's garden, before Curious George chases them to scatter onto a clothes-line, but once Curious George attempts to exit, Compass and his friends flock back into the fledgling garden.

Well, Curious George now wishes that there were two of him, to guard the garden, but then he remembers that Farmer Renkins uses a scarecrow to fend off garden predators, which might work well except for the fact that the scarecrow which Curious George designs is not very scary.

Then, Curious George shakes his scarecrow, which, in effect, fends off the pigeons, so now Curious George must figure a way to allow his scarecrow to move.

And then, the Man with the Yellow Hat takes Curious George for a drive into the Country, during which time Curious George observes a giant windmill, operated by a Farmer Keoty to grind his wheat into flour and curds into churning, to produce bread and butter, he then offering Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat samples.

Well, Windmill Farmer Keoty explains that you could use a windmill to do just about anything, and so Curious George decides to construct his very own windmill upon the apartment rooftop to empower his scarecrow.

And, Curious George then salvages through the apartment's recyclable bins to assemble parts to create his windmill and sails, which do not seem to want to move, and so he attempts various methods to remedy the sails, by trying to remember Mr. Keoty's windmill design.

So, do you think that Curious George will somehow manage to hook a workable windmill to empower his scarecrow, and, if so, then how do you suppose that Curious George will feel about Compass and his Pigeon friends' not being able to dine upon his garden seeds, which, of course, was his point for designing the project in the first place as "Windmill Monkey?"

Curiosity Produces the Pin and Pins the Produce, 21 April 2011

First, in the City, the Doorman and Hundley, the Doorman's Dachshund, await a special delivery of the Doorman's miniature Western Town for his apartment railroad set, which Betsy, Steve and Curious George volunteer to set up, with Hundley's supervision.

Now, the Doorman admits Betsy, Steve and Curious George to his and Hundley's apartment, to show them his miniature railroad villages of Future Town, Farm Town and Mountain Town, before they establish Western Town.

Well, after completing construction, Steve discovers that the railroad track is missing a pin, which lands across the room into one of several potted plants, but as the trio searches, the pin is still lost, and now the apartment is a mess.

Then, Hundley watches in agony as Betsy, Steve and Curious George sift through the dirt all over the apartment floor, while the brother and sister sing "Clementine," leading to Hundley's vision of the Old West, where the Man with the Yellow Hat plays banjo to serenade Steve, Betsy and Deputy Hundley, before Sheriff Doorman arrives to mosey on over to the railroad tracks.

And then, the Man with the Yellow Hat, Steve and Betsy accompany Sheriff Doorman and Deputy Hundley to the station, as a stranger rolls into town on a stagecoach, who turns out to be Curious George!

But, when Professor Wiseman makes an announcement on the dais, she looses a jewelery pin, which flies across town, and lands in the dust, leading everyone to search for the pin as the Man with the Yellow Hat serenades to Betsy and Steve's vocal accompaniment.

And, when Curious George decides that all the crew needs is a sifter, Chef Pisghetti and Nettie arrive by covered wagon to cater the event with spaghetti, giving Curious George and Deputy Hundley the idea to sift through the dirt with a colander, with holes too large, and a pie plate, with holes too small to locate Professor Wiseman's pin.

So, will Hundley and Curious George be able to rediscover Professor Wiseman's pin, before Hundley awakens from his daydream, as well as the Doorman's train-set pin before the Doorman returns to examine his Western Town train setting, as they all "Go West, Young Monkey?"


Next, also in the City, the Man with the Yellow Hat and Curious George have a busy day, preparing to invite Professor Wiseman to dinner. As the Man with the Yellow Hat and Curious George make a shopping list of carrots, cucumbers and apples, the Man with the Yellow Hat gives Curious George a bag and money to run the errand to the Grocery Store,

Now, when Curious George arrives, the store is closed because the Grocer went fishing, so Curious George visits a Japanese store, where the male and female proprietors welcome Curious George to examine the beautiful store with delicious foods, but the fruits and vegetables look different from anything that Curious George has ever seen before.

Well, Curious George has no idea what the Japanese equivalent of apples, cucumbers and carrots would be, so he selects fruit and vegetables which appear similar to those upon his list.

Then, Daughter of Japanese Grocers arrives to inquire about Curious George, who returns to the apartment, where the Man with the Yellow Hat informs Curious George that he has purchased the wrong items, such as a pomegranate instead of an apple, along with the other unidentifiable produce items.

And then, Curious George returns to Japanese Store, where Daughter welcomes him to exchange his purchases, and offers him cheese, before substituting the items for other unidentifiable wares.

But, when Curious George returns to apartment, the Man with the Yellow Hat changes for dinner, he asking Curious George to add the produce to the cooking. But soon, the Man with the Yellow Hat suddenly realizes that the produce is all wrong, with eggplant in the cucumber soup and turnip in the carrot cake, plus something else to yield putrid aroma.

And, with ten minutes left before Professor Wiseman arrives, Curious George returns to the Japanese grocery store, where the family welcomes him back as their first and only customer.

So, what do you think will happen with the Japanese Grocery family's business once Curious George ruins the meal, before the Japanese family arrives to visit, and after Curious George, The Man with the Yellow Hat and Professor Wiseman "Meet the New Neighbors?"

Curiosity Freezes the Score and Scores the Freeze, 20 April 2011

First, in the City, Curious George attends his first baseball game, as he accompanies Marco to Endless Park, where Tiger Babies challenge Marco's Bear Cubs.

Now, as Marco's parents cheer Marco and Curious George, Bear Cubs Coach prepares Marco for batting practice, and Coach invites Curious George to warm-up with team

Well, Curious George plays outfield and tosses glove into air to catch flying baseball, leading Coach to comment about Curious George's nice glove-work and running speed.

Then, when Announcer reports that Score-keeper has boo-boo and can't make it to game, Coach and Marco recruit Curious George to keep score.

And then, Curious George loses the number cards when the bottom of the box falls open, and the numbers fall out of order! When Marco scores a home run, Curious George posts a "5," but when he is called to correct his mistake, Curious George posts an "8," leading Marco to take time from game to teach Curious George his numbers, with a song to identify the correct numeric order. (Curious George often learns his counting lessons, but evidently forgets the value of numbers from one season to another.)

But, when Concession Stand Vendor must leave, Curious George volunteers to substitute for her, but he has forgotten what numbers follow 10, and mixes up the customers' orders from 11 through 18.

Yet, when Concession Stand Vendor returns, she must teach Curious George how to count numbers in their teens, then allowing Curious George time to return to the scoreboard, but now Marco cannot run if he hits the ball, so Coach recruits Curious George to run bases.

So, do you think that Curious George will now be able to straighten the score and run bases to score "George's Home Run?"


Next, in the County, Curious George bundles up on a cold but sunny winter morning, to play in the ice and snow, to discover Bill the Country Neighbor Boy'd sawing ice blocks to construct an igloo, in order to spend the night inside, to earn his Winter Camping Scout merit badge credit.

Now, when Curious George flubs the project, Bill explains the proper method for fitting ice blocks, to fit together the igloo, and to shape and to smooth blocks, before fitting the keystone, and patching corners with snow.

Well, once Curious George crawls inside with Bill, Curious George discovers its size much smaller than he anticipates. but now Curious George decides to construct his very own igloo, with help from the Man with the Yellow Hat.

Then, once complete, Curious George saws a igloo window and indicates to the Man with the Yellow Hat that he wants to spend the night inside his igloo, larger than Bill's, which stands across the fence from his very own.

And then, the Man with the Yellow Hat tells Curious George to be a good little monkey, as he spends the night outdoors in the frigid, snowy weather, so now Curious George must find a way to cover his open window. Curious George then hikes across the yards to see how Bill is doing, but Bill sleeps soundly, which is a good thing, so Curious George examines the exterior of Bill's igloo, to remember that Bill has patched its cracks with snow, to keep out the cold winter winds.

But Curious George decides to try a different idea, to carry his igloo into the living room, and then he turns off the furnace to cause the Man with the Yellow Hat to shiver beneath his covers, so the Man with the Yellow Hat returns downstairs to reactivate the thermostat, but does not notice Curious George's indoor igloo.

Yet, when Bill visits, he informs the Man with the Yellow Hat that Curious George is not in his igloo, the Man with the Yellow Hat discovers himself standing barefoot in puddles resulting from Curious George's melting igloo!

So, what do you think will happen during Bill's merit badge ceremony, as the Man with the Yellow Hat plays the tuba before various Country residents, to celebrate "Monkey on Ice?"

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Curiosity Plans the Surprise and Surprises the Plans, 11 April 2011

First, in the City, on the Man with the Yellow Hat's birthday, The Man with the Yellow Hat receives a card from his mother, which contains a photograph of him as the Boy with the Yellow Hat.

Now, when Curious George decides to plan a surprise party, the Doorman reminds him that Curious George will need, "A, B, C and D, for apartment, buddies, cake and decorations.

Well, the Man with the Yellow Hat plans to return at 7:00 PM, so Curious George has four hours to prepare. He already has an apartment, and then hands the Doorman the Man with the Yellow Hat's address book for the Doorman to invite his buddies. But he still needs C and D.

Then, Chef Pisghetti offers Curious George his largest ice cream cake and Dolson's Toy Shoppe offers Curious George balloons, decorations and a poster enlarged from the Boy with the Yellow Hat's photograph, but the balloons fly away!

And then, the Doorman proceeds to invite everyone in the Man with the Yellow Hat's address book and Hundley the Doorman's Daschund volunteers to assist decorating the apartment but the ice cream cake is too large to fit into the freezer and the poster is too large for Curious George and Hundley to manage to tape to the wall.

But, when Curious George dreams of a Curious George size world, he becomes enlarged, and able to drive the yellow convertible, but so are humans much larger than life. This time he selects the smallest poster and smallest ice cream cake.

And Chef Pisghetti, Aunt Margaret, Mr. Glass, Andie, Stig and Stew of Rescue Squad 86, Professor Wiseman, Doctor Einstein, Professor Pizza, Mr. Quint and Tina, Mr. and Mrs. Renkins and the Doorman welcome the Man with the Yellow Hat for his surprise birthday party even though they're also too over-sized to squeeze into the apartment comfortably.

So, when the bookshelf tumbles in the excitement, Curious George awakens from his dream and now must start all over again to prepare the party from his lessons learned. How do you think Curious George will handle the party arrangements this time, before The Man with the Yellow Hat returns to meet his friends, Plumber, Dentist and Barber, after Curious George decides to "Monkey Size Me?"


Next, at Professor Wiseman's beach house, Curious George vacations with the Man with the Yellow Hat and Yorbo, the friendliest robot ever.

Now, Yorbo helps Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat to pack a lunch, while the Man with the Yellow Hat listens to a scary audio-book on portable CD player, before hiking to the beach.

Well, Curious George plays upon outdoors with Yorbo, but the Man with the Yellow Hat warns Curious George that metal robot Yorbo would rust if wet.

But, before Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat jump into the ocean, a thunderstorm pours, and so Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat take refuge inside Professor Wiseman's beach house. But in the hustle, Curious George forgets to retrieve Yorbo from the sands!

Then, the Man with the Yellow Hat suggests a game of Tic-Tac-Toe, but Curious George is unable to keep his mind off the missing Yorbo, who is nowhere in sight once the rains cease.

And then, Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat rake seaweed in search of Yorbo, but he isn't found above the sand nor beneath the seaweed, so the Man with the Yellow Hat tells Curious George that Yorbo must have submerged beneath the sands.

But then, a female beach-comber happens by with her metal detector, to discover the Man with the Yellow Hat's CD player, and so she offers Curious George the use of her metal detector to search for Yorbo.

Yet, Curious George goes onto discover many metal objects before the batteries extinguish, with still no sign of Yorbo.

Now, when Professor Wiseman calls, she suggests for Curious George to create his very own metal detector, by taping a calculator to the back of an AM radio on high frequency.

Well, Curious George is excited to resume his search for Yorbo, still to no avail. Curious George then decides to grid a portion of the beach to resemble a Tic-Tac-Toe board, in order to track his search.

So, Curious George resumes, to find a trumpet and automobile grill, among several other objects, but with one square remaining, will Curious George finally be reunited with Yorbo? And will the Man with the Yellow Hat be able to resume his audio book after Curious George spends his vacation as a "Metal Detective?"

Curiosity Tackles the Notes and Notes the Tackles, 8 April 2011

First, in the City, the Man with the Yellow Hat takes Curious George to a Classical Music concert Curious George, where Curious George daydreams to the rhythm of the music. For one, Curious George and Hundley the Doorman's Daschund soar through space on skies or scooter. And for another, Curious George dives underwater with ducks and sea serpents, then all flying overhead into the clouds

Now, Curious George wins the drawing to conduct the band in Endless Park. Conductor teaches Curious George to count the tempo in four/four time and three/four time, and to read sheet music. The Man with the Yellow Hat relates that Curious George has seen his sheet music as he practices lead tuba in the Country band.

Well, Curious George takes conducting very seriously and practices all the time at his apartment building and with Hundley the Doorman's Daschund in the lobby, and with Charkie the Black Cocker Spaniel, who plays with Betsy in Endless Park.

Then, Charkie grabs Curious George's baton and breaks it during the shuffle, but Betsy provides a different toy stick for Charkie to back off.

And then, on the evening of the concert at the Endless Park grand-stand, the Conductor hands Curious George his baton, but Charkie also arrives with Betsy and Steve, to observe Curious George's conducting the orchestra.

But then, when Steve tosses Charkie's toy stick, it lands upon the grand-stand podium, causing a struggle between Charkie and Curious George during the concert, which goes haywire to the beat of Charkie!

So, as Betsy and Steve attempt to save the day, will Charkie steal the show by flipping for her toy stick while "Curious George Beats the Band?"


Next, in the Country, Curious George awakens at 7:00 AM one bright and sunny morning, to hear the sound of the Man with the Yellow Hat's digging outside. Curious George could not think of a better way to start the day than to help the Man with the Yellow Hat to dig.

Now, the Man with the Yellow Hat withholds the surprise of revealing the reason for his digging, before Mr. Clint Quint arrives to provide an appropriate shovel for Curious George to dig. Mr. Quint then retrieves his wheelbarrow and buckets, as well as red, blue and yellow hard hats (guess who wears which) to wear into the deep, dark hole, which the trio attempts to excavate.

Well, when Mr. Clint Quint attempts to climb from the hole to retrieve his brother Flint Quint's ladder, he tumbles and drops his lucky fishing tackle float, and then asks Curious George to handle the task for him.

Then, eventually, the Man with the Yellow Hat announces that the hole is deep enough, as Curious George wonders whether or not it's deep enough for what? But Flint Quint arrives to retrieve his ladder to change a light bulb at the railroad station, and so Clint Quint and the Man with the Yellow Hat accompany Flint Quint back to the depot to figure a way to try to assist with holding the ladder while Flint Quint changes the light bulb.

And then, Jumpy Squirrel arrives to watch Curious George, who is not permitted to climb into the hole without a helmet, but when playing with acorns, the red, blue and yellow hard hats all descend into the hole!

But, if no one is permitted to climb into the hole without a hard hat, and if the hard hats lie at the bottom of the hole, and if Flint Quint, Clint Quint and the Man with the Yellow Hat need extra time to figure how to turn the latter to change the light bulb, then how will Curious George be able to retrieve the red, blue and yellow hard hats from the hole? Now, what if he were to try filling the hole with water, for the hard hats to float to the surface?

So, while Clint Quint and the Man with the Yellow Hat prepare to return to the Country house with the ladder, another light bulb burns out at the railroad depot, and Flint Quint, Clint Quint and the Man with the Yellow Hat must figure how many Country residents it requires to change a light bulb all over again! So, how do you suppose that Curious George will manage to deal with Mr. Quint's lucky fishing tackle float, plus his red, blue and yellow hard "Hats and a Hole?"

Curiosity Farms for Wrecks and Wrecks the Farm, 7 April 2011

First, in the Country, Professor Wiseman arrives by helicopter to transport Curious George and The Man with the Yellow Hat to an astronomical research ship, upon which Rocket Scientists Doctor Alvin Einstein and Professor Anthony Pizza await, after a miniature weather satellite lands into the ocean and must be retrieved.

Now, Professor Wiseman, Curious George and The Man with the Yellow Hat must complete the mission in the miniature search engine submarine because Doctor Alvin Einstein finds the small submarine too confining, and Professor Anthony Pizza doesn't like fish looking at him. But water might be leaking through the satellite, and the leak may damage it.

Well, Professor Wiseman then transports Curious George and The Man with the Yellow Hat underwater, when a giant sea turtle awakens to greet the crew, before satellite-locating sonar discovers the satellite's location, which is surrounded by coral reef.

Then, Professor Wiseman, Curious George and The Man with the Yellow Hat return to ship, as Mr Quint arrives by tugboat, to explain that the coral reef is a very fragile environment, which could easily be damaged by the ship.

And then, Curious George volunteers to dive into the reef wearing scuba gear and easily glides into the reef, but soon becomes distracted by a playful octopus, while Mr. Quint communicates via radio, to explain the underwater coral environment, before Curious George decides to play with the giant sea turtle and a playful crab, all before Curious George discovers the satellite.

But then a school of small reef sharks begins to swarm over Curious George, before he releases his emergency marker, for Professor Wiseman to fly overhead to drop him a life-line!

So, will Curious George be able to retrieve the satellite, and would its data module remain intact, and will Professor Wiseman and the Man with the Yellow Hat be able to rescue "Curious George, Sea Monkey?"


Next, also in the Country, Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat visit Renkins' Farm, where Curious George plays with Mike the Pig, to feed him berries, and to teach him to shake.

Now, Mr. and Mrs. Renkins arrive to announce that Oscar the White Pig has placed as a finalist in the state fair, and they must take him there. But someone is needed to feed the pigs, to tend to the chicken eggs and to milk the cows, so Curious George volunteers to mind the farm.

Well, Mr. Renkins teaches Curious George how to milk Leslie the Cow into a gallon pail; Mrs. Renkins shows Curious George how to fill four quart milk bottles from the gallon; Mrs. Renkins then shows Curious George how to mind the hens and chicks; Mr. Renkins tells Curious George how to place a dozen of eggs into a carton.

Then, back at the Country residence, the Man with the Yellow Hat sets his alarm for 5:00 AM, but Curious George awakens at 4:45 AM to deactivate The Man with the Yellow Hat's alarm clock, to sneak en route to Renkins' Farm, when Curious George meets Jumpy Squirrel, who tags along to assist him with the chores.

But then, Curious George quickly forgets where to set the milk pail, causing the cows to attack, and the buckets to fly onto the chicken coop, causing the hens and chicks to awaken and a chick to land upon the hay tractor, causing Curious George to activate the tractor, which carries him back into the barn, to arouse the cattle once again, and to plow into a fence, causing Mike the Pig to flee, to awaken the Man with the Yellow Hat inside his bedroom at 6:30 AM, after his alarm has been deactivated!

And now, the Man with the Yellow Hat must rescue Curious George, and to assess plenty of damages which Curious George has created at Renkins' Farm, while Jumpy Squirrel nervously hides inside the chicken coop.

So, will the Man with the Yellow Hat be able to help Curious George to correct his many mistakes before the Renkins return with Oscar the White Pig, while Mike the Pig perches upon the roof of the Country residence, once "Old McGeorgie Had a Farm?"

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