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Not as bad as all the reviews make it out to be, 31 October 2015

I just watched the movie being sure to keep an open mind and not let all the bad reviews cloud my judgement and I have to say, although not as action packed with an as good of a story line than many of the other Marvel movies that have been released so far, Fantastic Four certainly doesn't merit a 4.2 rating or such bad reviews that critics have given it.

The acting was sub par at times and there were moments when the CGI looked like they ran out of their budget and so far I know I've only been negative but here is the positive part of it all. I was engrossed in the story, it was slow but as you can imagine, it is the case with almost all origin stories. This was not meant to be a one hit wonder. It was clearly meant to be a series of movies and this was just the start of it all. If given a chance, the sequel (which is highly doubtful now) could have possibly been much better.

A good example of this would be the X-Men movies. I found the first X-Men Movie to be quite slow with very little character development and a slow plot with a few great effect here and there. The second X-Men movie (X2) however, absolutely blew me away.

We are so quick to judge and dismiss but you can see that they were at least trying to entertain us and I for one although not overly entertained nevertheless was entertained and I'm the kind of person who can't keep his eyes on the screen if I find a movie boring withing the first 10 minutes.

I did not go for it in the Cinema and I'm glad I didn't. If you waited to watch it on Blu-Ray than perhaps you may not be as disappointed as the others who watched it in the theatre.

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A return to form, 13 October 2015

After watching his interview with Bill Maher, I finally got to see the old Colbert back in action. This was the whole reason I watched the Colbert Report. The fire in his eyes, that sharp tongue, maybe he just needed a guest like Bill Maher to re-ignite his passion for what he does.

He found his groove after trying to find himself for the show (his real self) and not his Colbert alternate personality as he portrayed on The Colbert Report.

I for one am very happy he has gone back to his old Colbert character, all the while keeping true to his views as the real Stephen Colbert. In the words of Bert Lance, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" and this quote aptly applies here.

From now on, Colbert can only keep getting better.

There are no awkward skits, getting celebrities involved for higher ratings, no game shows, no lip sync battles.

Just pure intellectual improvisation, quick wit and the skill and mastery of the verbal dialect as what a true talk show host should have.

EuroTrip (2004)
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Only 5 words including an exclamation!, 6 December 2014

5 words = WAY better than ROAD TRIP!

Yes indeed this movie is WAY better than ROAD TRIP or any other wild adventure based comedy!

It's not often that a sequel or spin off does better than its predecessor, but this movie is beyond its equal!

In fact, I wouldn't even consider it a sequel or a spin off.

Just cause it has a similar title doesn't Merritt the same quality of humor.

This movie far surpasses Road Trip, which.. sure was one of the movies to start off the whole "let's go on a wild adventure and make it into a comedy" (WAY excluding the first dumber and dumber!) but everything in this movie works! the chemistry between the VERY talented actors, dialogue and just plain acting chops from what was then a fairly unknown cast of actors.

These guys are amazing!

If you are a comedy buff, I dare you to watch this movie on a chilled night with some popcorn or (not required) perhaps some green absinthe ;) or "special brownies" and deny that you did not laugh through the whole movie!

It is one of my all time favorite comedies and will remain as such for a long time!

If you disagree, I would love to know why cause I can guarantee I will shoot down every one of your answers!

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Please don't waste your time with this., 17 December 2013

Dumb, racist, self-inflated ego etc. These are words I use to describe Arsenio and his show.

Everyone talks about how he has helped the black community and is a pioneer FOR the black community. Look I'm not black but I know he's NO Martin Luther King, Malcolm X or Nelson Mandela.

Just cause he helped a few rappers back in the early 90's rise to fame (most of whom are virtually unknown today) doesn't make him this amazing person that black people seem to think he's a God in the black community.

More over, his show has no eclectic mix, rather than fighting the war on racism his show seems to be pandering on towards racism. His guests mainly consists of African-Americans which is by no means a problem but it wouldn't hurt to mix it up. Instead it's almost as if he's trying to drive home a point.

I watch all the late night talk shows, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno, Conan, Craig Ferguson, David Letterman etc. and I've seen an equal ratio of ethnicities within the guests on every other talk show but the Arsenio Hall Show.

If you think I'm making this up, check out the stats on IMDb whom his guests were from the first episode of this show that aired to the latest episode and do the math with the ratio of black to white guests.

What would be a more interesting calculation is doing the ratio of interesting to uninteresting guests i.e. 0:100 Other than the race card, he is also SO self involved and just LOVES when everyone goes on about how amazing it is that he's back and how much he made a difference in the black community. He just eats it up thinking he's the king of talk and probably considers himself better than Johnny Carson, the legend of talk himself. It's almost as if he pays his guest before the show to mention him and how great he is.

Finally, the show is just plain not funny or entertaining and lacks the true value of being a "Talk Show". Really if you're going to be a talk show host, learn to communicate better with your guests and pick better questions to ask.

I did not see any of his earlier shows until I did my research on youtube only to find that this guy is literally trying to bring the early 90's back to the 2010's?? Let it go! Come up with something new! I'm going to sum this up by saying, you are better off watching ANYTHING else. Even Chelsea Lately, The Pete Holmes Show and The Eric Andre Show are way better than this crap.

By writing this I can only hope I've saved someone's valued time by convincing them not to watch this complete drivel.

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David Blaine's BEST TV special to date!, 26 November 2013

I must have watched this at least 17 times now. I absolutely love David Blaine and have been watching him since his very first TV special aired. I have seen all his specials and even read his book.

This is by far his best and most entertaining special mostly because we get to see the reactions of many iconic celebrities and watch them be captivated and taken into a magical world and be mystified as many of us have been whenever we watch one of David's epic specials.

Even if his special didn't feature celebrities it would still remain epic but it's always fun to see some great celebrities be scared out of their wits, emotionally touched, mentally drained, laugh hysterically at something they can't believe they just saw and I could go on.

David is truly an artist, the pure fact that he is able to pierce objects right through his body (without a drop of blood to show for it) and drink kerosene just to entertain and push himself past his limits shows just how dedicated he is to his craft.

I await eagerly for his next special and performance.

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Inspirational, 8 October 2013

I'm half way through this documentary and have found it so far to be quite informative and inspirational, taking away all beliefs of how "easy" it is to transform your body into a walking lean mean body building machine that most ads on TV or websites claim to be.

No shortcuts, no special products, just the hard work, dedication and sacrifice of one man who's goal is to show the viewer just exactly what it takes "to look like that guy" in all those ads.

This has the potential to be the next Pumping Iron with great direction and editing along with constant dialogue from both Stuart (test subject) and Jeff (Gym Coach) that both motivates and encourages the viewer that no matter what, no matter how many times you slip, do not loose sight of your goal and just push on. One burrito is not a devastating set back.

We see the hardships that come with earning such a physique. It's all about sacrifice, whether it is food, family, friends, daily routine, It is completely life altering and not for the faint of heart.

The secret? If you want to look like that guy, be prepared for the worst.

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Not bad but needs a few changes..., 5 February 2012

At first when I heard of a Comedy sketch show starring 2 bi-racial (half black-half white) guys who's sketches coincide with them being bi-racial, it didn't sound too appealing.

However, I saw a small clip of "Key & Peele" on Conan and found the clip to be very funny. So, I decided to catch it on TV.

To my surprise, I was not disappointed. Not all of it is laugh out loud funny but it does make you smirk and at times you do indeed laugh out loud. The opening sequence was hilarious.

"Key and Peele" do grow on you. That being said, there is still a lot of work needed. For example, cutting out the whole stand-up bit they do in front of a live audience in between sketches.

The show should be purely a sketch show. Much like Portlandia. It is the same concept for Portlandia except for that it is the "black version".

The show is funny to all demographics especially black and white Americans which I believe was the main aim.

I will definitely be watching the next episode.

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No mountain to high, no ocean to deep, The Simpsons Movie conquers all!, 31 July 2007

No mountain to high, no ocean to deep, The Simpsons Movie conquers all! Just when you thought you've seen it all, The Simpsons Movie takes things to another level. Apart from the witty and hilarious dialogue throughout the movie that will keep you wanting more and without failure you get a whole lot more and then some, what caught my eye the most was the shock factor, being a HUGE Simpsons fan myself I never thought id see some of the things I saw in this movie. For most of you who have seen the movie will know exactly what I'm talking about, for those of you who haven't, be prepared for some shocking eye candy! The movie remains true to its form; it's your regular TV episode just a little longer and with a LOT of juicy treats you won't see or hear in the TV series. Even for those who aren't Simpson fans, the plot, comedy, action, Adventure and to some extent even drama is absolutely brilliant, as for the stunning visuals; let's just say The Simpsons Movie has raised the bar for 2-D films. There's no doubt you won't be able to get all the jokes cuz you'll still be laughing at the ones in the beginning, so you'll definitely be watching this at least 2 or 3 more times. As for me, I'm just waiting to see what the DVD will have to offer!