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"E-Ring" (2005)
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Ignorant fools, 19 April 2006

OK. The people could ask if there is someone inside movie industry that actually read history books. What a hack was that? You don't use something until you check all the facts. It is offensive when someone uses the name of your nation in any contest he or she likes. Equaling Serbs with Kurds and Palestinians?! Never checking that Serbs does "not want" but already have their country for centuries now. Respect to US Special ops, but come on. That kind of ignorance helped us lend F-117 in a middle of corn field. Remember Americans! You are living in a World not in America. Course, I only think about people that write this kind of cr**, not about all those wonderful people out there that know the difference between Asia and middle of Europe. Respect to Americans, Kurds and Palestinians!